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Year 12 Subject Spotlight

We believe that your ATAR doesn’t define who you are – it is your unique passions, abilities and ambitions that matter. Our Year 12 Subject Spotlight program rewards you with an offer for your hard work and strong results in one or more subjects related to your degree. So, you can take some of the stress out of your final school exams, knowing your ATAR isn’t all that matters. There is no separate application for the program – simply apply through UAC and have the University of Newcastle listed as your first preference to qualify.*

Choose your preferred degree from the drop-down menu below to see what subject marks you’ll need to receive an early offer.

Relevant HSC Subjects Minimum Band
English Standard B4    
English Standard   B6   
English Advanced B4     
English Advanced   B6   
English Extension 1    E2  
English Extension 2    E2  
English Extension 1     E3
English Extension 2     E3
Chemistry B4     
Physics B4     
Mathematics B4     
Mathematics  B5    
Mathematics General B4     
Mathematics General  B5    
Mathematics Extension 1    E2  
Mathematics Extension 2    E2  
Business Studies B4     
Economics B4     
Design and Technology B4     
Engineering Studies B4     
Industrial Technology B4     
Information Processes and Technology B4     
Construction (VET BOSTES) B4     
Dance B4     
Drama B4     
Music 1 B4     
Music 2 B4     
Music Extension    E2 
Music 2 and Music Extension B4     
Visual Arts B4     
Textiles and Design B4     
Society and Culture B4     
Software Design and Development B4     
Geography B4     
Agriculture B4     
Biology B4     
Earth and Environmental Science B4     
Aboriginal Studies B4     
Ancient History B4     
French Advanced B4     
French Beginners B4     
French Continuers B4     
Modern History B4    
Science (Extension)    E2

*This opportunity is open to all Australian high school students completing Year 12 in Australia in 2019. It is also open to Australian students who completed Year 12 in Australia in 2018 provided they have not undertaken any tertiary study since completing their Year 12 studies. Faculty of Health and Medicine degrees are not included in this program.

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