We want to help you fast track your degree, and recognising your prior study is just one way we can do that. If your application is successful you can reduce the number of courses you need to study, saving you time and money.

What is credit?

We know that many of our students come to us with a wealth of knowledge, formal learning and experience. In recognition of this we award what we call “credit”.

Credit is awarded to students who can formally demonstrate that they have already achieved the learning outcomes of our subjects through either formal learning such as TAFE, previous University studies (complete or incomplete) or work experience (for some postgraduate coursework programs).

What’s the point?

Students who receive credit:

  • Can reduce the length of time they study WHICH…
  • Reduces the amount they pay in fees AND
  • Helps them to get their degree sooner

Choose from one of the of options below for more information about applying.

Information for domestic (Australia) students

At the University of Newcastle, credit may be awarded for the following officially accredited programs:

  • Diplomas (completed)
  • Advanced Diplomas (completed)
  • Associate Degrees (incomplete or complete)
  • Bachelor Degrees (incomplete or complete)
  • Postgraduate Degrees (incomplete or complete)

So if you have studies from any of the above then you may be eligible for credit if you choose to study one of our undergraduate degrees.

Important: At the University of Newcastle applying to get in to study one of our programs and applying for credit are 2 separate processes. Don’t forget to apply for admission to the program you want to study before applying for credit!

Information on applying for admission

Handy tip: Want to know what credit you might get without actually having to apply?

To get an official outcome on what credit you may be eligible for you will need to lodge a credit application BUT if you have done some study with TAFE or a different private provider (overseas or in Australia) you can search our Credit Transfer Catalogue. This will help you find out if we have any existing arrangements or established credit pathways for what you have already studied and will give you an insight into what you could get when you apply.

Step 1: If you are hoping to gain credit for previous TAFE or other private provider studies check our Credit Transfer Catalogue to see what you might be eligible for (this might save you some work during the application process). Otherwise you can move on to step 2.

Step 2: Visit our degrees page and click on the degree program you want to study i.e Bachelor of Arts. Scroll down the page until you can see the “Program Plans” heading. Select the program plan most relevant to what you want to study i.e the campus/ major.

You will need to know what subjects are in your degree that you want to apply for credit for so you can’t skip this step!

When you have accessed your program plan click into each of the subjects on that plan that look like something you have already studied. After you have read the subject details if you decide that they do seem like what you have studied then make a note of each of the course codes for that UON subject (i.e INFO1010) and then a note of the subject you studied that you think is the same. You will need this information when you fill out your application to map the courses you want credit for.

For example:

UON subject in the Bachelor of Business

Equal to the subject I studied at X university


Introduction to Marketing Mark100


Introduction to  Law LAW100


Foundations of Business studies BUS100

Don’t forget to include your electives. If some of the subjects you have studied don’t translate exactly into specific UON subjects but you have electives in your UON degree, you may be able to map some of your previous studies into an elective

Step 3: Make sure you have scanned colour copies of the documentation you will need to supply during your application. You will need:

  • Colour scanned copies of your official transcripts (not screen shots or unofficial copies)
  • Colour scanned copies of your official award certificate (the certificate you hang on the wall)
  • Official copies of the course/ subject syllabus for each course/ subject you are using to apply for credit. These need to include:
    1. Total hours for the whole course, assessment weighting scheduled (e.g 25% mid semester exam, 75% final exam etc)
    2. Weekly topic schedule
    3. Textbook materials used
    4. If you are seeking credit for studies you completed at UON you don’t need to provide any copies of transcripts, course outlines or awards.

    Step 4: Complete the online application form making sure you submit it with all your documentation attached at least 2 weeks before the start of term (but the earlier you apply the earlier you get an outcome…). Visit our key dates page to find out when terms begin.

    Important: As part of this process you will need to map the courses you have studied against the courses in the UON degree you want to study. You can use the work you did in Step 2 above. We only consider what you have mapped so make sure you map everything you think you might be eligible to receive credit for.

    Handy tips for filling out the online application

    • Get your application in as early as possible but no later than two weeks before the start of term
    • Make sure you have all the documentation you need. If you don’t have some of your documentation yet, because you are waiting to finish off some of your studies, you can still apply and get a conditional outcome on your credit application which will tell you what credit you will receive when you complete your studies and successfully apply to study at UON. Then if you supply us with your final official transcript and award certificate as soon as you have them (but no later than 2 weeks before the start of term) we will award your credit.
    • Make sure you have had a look at the Program Plan for the degree you want to study and have mapped out the credit you think you might be eligible for.

    And then if you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to apply for admission to the UON degree program you want to study.  Many degrees are applied for through the Universities Admission Centre. However there may be some that you apply with us directly. For help read our Application FAQ.

What happens next?

After you have completed and submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email. Then you can track your application online.

Once we receive your application we:

  • check to see if there are any existing credit agreements (as you may have already seen in our Credit Transfer Catalogue).
  • check to see if there are any precedents i.e we have already given someone credit for the courses you are seeking credit for
  • then if none of the above can be applied to your application they may need to forward your application to the staff who teach our degrees so that they can assess your application
  • once we have details on the credit you can be awarded we send you an email with the outcome of your application
  • when you have successfully applied for admission to the UON degree you nominated in your credit application and have enrolled, we then apply the credit you have been awarded to your official UON record.

You may see some of the following notes on your application:

  • WDOCS – More documents are required (we will send you an email if we need you to supply any additional documentation – so keep an eye on your inbox)
  • Being assessed – means we are working on your application
  • Sent to Fac - Sent to Faculty (this means your application requires assessment from the Academics that teach the degree program)
  • AOH – Approved on hold (which means we are waiting for you to successfully apply and enrol in the degree program so that we can apply the credit you have been awarded to your official record)
  • Model created in NUSTAR – credit has been recorded on your official UON transcript

When the application has been assessed we will email you the outcome.

When you have successfully applied for admission and are ready to enrol you won’t need to study the subjects you have been given credit for so you can cross them off your program plan and enrol in the subjects you have left on that plan that need to be studied in order to get your degree. If at any time you need help with deciding what to study please feel free to contact us.

For the majority of people that apply and fill out the form correctly and apply early, credit outcomes are available within 3 to 4 weeks of the complete application being submitted (this may take longer in peak periods – so get your application in early!).

If you are seeking credit for studies you completed at UON you do not need to supply copies of your UON transcript and/ or award.

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