The University of Newcastle, Australia


We want to help you fast track your degree, and recognising your prior study is just one way we can do that. If your application is successful you can reduce the number of courses you need to study, saving you time and money.

What is credit?

We know that many of our students come to us with a wealth of knowledge, formal learning and experience. In recognition of this we award what we call “credit”.

Credit is awarded to students who can formally demonstrate that they have already achieved the learning outcomes of our subjects through either formal learning such as TAFE, previous University studies (complete or incomplete) or work experience (for some postgraduate coursework programs).

What’s the point?

Students who receive credit:

  • Can reduce the length of time they study WHICH…
  • Reduces the amount they pay in fees AND
  • Helps them to get their degree sooner

Choose from one of the of options below for more information about applying.

Information for domestic (Australia) students

At UON credit may be awarded for the following officially accredited programs:

  • Diplomas (completed)
  • Advanced Diplomas (completed)
  • Associate Degrees (incomplete or complete)
  • Bachelor Degrees (incomplete or complete)
  • Postgraduate Degrees (incomplete or complete)

So if you have studies from any of the above then you may be eligible for credit if you choose to study one of our undergraduate degrees.

Important: At UON applying to get in to study one of our programs and applying for credit are 2 separate processes. Don’t forget to apply for admission to the program you want to study before applying for credit! Click here for information on applying for admission .

Handy tip: Want to know what credit you might get without actually having to apply?

To get an official outcome on what credit you may be eligible for you will need to lodge a credit application BUT if you have done some study with TAFE or a different private provider (overseas or in Australia) you can search our Credit Transfer Catalogue. This will help you find out if we have any existing arrangements or established credit pathways for what you have already studied and will give you an insight into what you could get when you apply.