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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Yapug programIf you're an Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander person and aged 18 years or over, Yapug is your key to university! Offered at the Newcastle campus at Callaghan, Yapug is a pathway program designed to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people gain skills for entry into undergraduate degrees at the University of Newcastle.

Yapug will help you develop the academic skills and self-discipline required for success in undergraduate study.  This specialty pathway program is specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders wanting to:

  • Gain admission to any undergraduate degree at the University of Newcastle
  • Develop the academic skills necessary to succeed at university level;
  • Become familiar with the University of Newcastle and its environment; and
  • Develop different learning methods and skills, including problem-based learning, whilst enjoying a supportive learning environment (culturally, personally and academically).

Yapug offers flexible study options. You can choose to study:

  • Full-time over one year (two semesters); or
  • Part-time over two years (three or four semesters).

When you embark on the Yapug pathway program at the University of Newcastle you will benefit from a range of support services offered by the Wollotuka Institute. Some of the key services offered by the Wollotuka Institute include counselling, tutorial assistance, a well-equipped resource centre, audio and visual materials on Indigenous topics and issues, health support and cultural programs.

What does it cost?

There are no fees for the Yapug program. You will not be liable for HECS-HELP during the Yapug program, but will be liable for HECS-HELP once you are enrolled in an undergraduate degree.


There are lots of scholarships available to support you during your studies. Although there are no course fees for Yapug, students might need assistance with purchasing textbooks, a computer or even relocation costs. Visit our scholarships page to see what you're eligible for.

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Financial assistance

The Yapug program is Centrelink approved and as a full-time Yapug student you may be eligible to apply for financial assistance through the ABSTUDY scheme.