The University of Newcastle, Australia

2019 Scholars

2019 scholarship recipients

Ma & Morley Scholar Jasmine Stuart

Jasmine Stuart

Lambton, Newcastle NSW
Bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering (Honours)
Scholarship Category: Academic Excellence

Bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering (Honours) student Jasmine is passionate about creating environmental change. She believes that creating a more sustainable and just world is not only about grand gestures from powerful leaders, but rather ordinary people stepping up and creating change in their community. At school, she got behind many local and global issuesbased campaigns, including Waterwatch, Earthwatch and other leadership activities to promote environmental awareness. In 2016, Jasmine built a tiny house out of waste materials for the Transition Newcastle Fair Share Festival – challenging people to rethink their views on ‘waste’. She has also volunteered at the Living Smart Festival with Upcycle Newcastle and continues to work with others on political, environmental and social goals which she hopes to further develop through her studies.

Ma & Morley Scholar Kieran Shipp

Kieran Shipp

The Junction, Newcastle NSW
Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine
Scholarship Category: Educational Disadvantage
Enabling Pathway: Yapug

As an Aboriginal man and aspiring general practitioner, Kieran plans to lead, inspire and empower others, starting from the ground up.

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Ma & Morley Scholar Daniel Turner

Daniel Turner

Wyong, Central Coast NSW
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
Scholarship Category: Educational Disadvantage
Enabling Pathway: Open Foundation

Daniel says if you see a problem, no matter how enormous the task to fix it seems, you can’t sit on the sidelines. Luckily, sitting on the sidelines is not Daniel’s forte. He believes that leadership is having the courage to reach, work and fight for a better future – and using your voice to speak up for others. As Youth Minister for Roads and Ports in the YMCA NSW Youth Parliament program, Daniel has lobbied on behalf of his community on a diverse range issues including roads, infrastructure, health, education, and in particular his passions of disability and mental health issues. He was named Youth Parliamentarian of the Year for his contribution to campaigns including petitioning for a new high school in the Warnervale area. The combined Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Laws (Honours) student is dedicated to speaking up for society’s most vulnerable people, promoting inclusiveness and hopes that through his studies and work he can contribute to a more socially just society.

Ma & Morley Scholar Renae Lamb

Renae Lamb

Swan Bay, Port Stephens NSW
Bachelor of Education (Primary)
Scholarship Category: Indigenous

A young Wiradjuri/Wollabung woman, Renae feels it’s part of her duty, passion and spirit to be an educator.

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Ma & Morley Scholar Katherine Waria

Katherine Waria

Jesmond, Newcastle NSW
Bachelor of Music
Scholarship Category: Immersion

Katherine is a proud descendant of the Woppaburra people of the Keppel Islands and Argun tribe of Badu Island, Torres Strait Islands. Bachelor of Music student Katherine has more than music in her heart.

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Academic Excellence scholars

Ma & Morley Scholar Sophie Draganic

Cardiff Heights, Lake Macquarie NSW
Bachelor of Environmental Science & Management
Scholarship Category: Academic Excellence

Sophie believes communication and collaborative action are the way forward. Her passion for caring for the environment started early on. Helping out on her grandmother’s small-scale vineyard gave Sophie a deep connection to land and working with volunteers during the harvest offered a strong sense of community. With the effects of climate change and habitat destruction increasing at an unprecedented rate, Sophie understands the need to take immediate global action. Motivated to lead the way, she is always looking at new ways to contribute to the change she would like to see. From working with communities in Vietnam to construct roads and buildings from recycled materials to working on bush regeneration projects, she works to bring people together to act on a common cause. On completing her Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management, Sophie hopes to work with others to create a world that is healthier, more sustainable and better for all.

Ma & Morley Scholar Annie Simpson

Ninderry, Sunshine Coast QLD
Bachelor Medical Engineering (Honours)
Scholarship Category: Academic Excellence

Annie grew up in to contrasting environments: the dry, red earth of the Pilbara in Western Australia and the moist green hills of the Shetlands in Scotland. Both of these isolated places helped shape her values and the person she is today. Annie learnt the value of local action and support from a young age. She believes that conscious individual decisions are the best way to make the world a better place and plans to enact this through her work. Annie was hands-on in her community on the Sunshine Coast, volunteering for various projects and charities. Some significant highlights for her include a friendship volunteering in Timor-Leste, renovating a homeless shelter and maintaining gardens for people battling illness and injury. When asked what she did in Timor-Leste she replies “built friendships”. Annie has a passion for serving others and caring for the environment – particularly the native wildlife around the family property. Annie is currently studying a Bachelor of Medical Engineering (Honours).

Ma & Morley Scholar Gabrielle Smart

Forster, Mid North Coast NSW
Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
Scholarship Category: Academic Excellence

Gabrielle is motivated by social justice and leading positive change. She hopes to represent the interests of vulnerable people, such as women and children in detention, who may not have the opportunity to speak for themselves. She has already established herself as a leader in social justice and youth issues in her local community. To date she has pursued work experience in the Parliament of NSW, been selected for the UBS Young Women’s Leadership Academy in 2017 and joined the YMCA’s Youth Parliament Program in 2018. These experiences have reaffirmed her aspiration to work with children from marginalised communities in the future. Gabrielle has embarked on a Bachelor of Education (secondary) majoring in English and looks forward to contributing collaborative and compassionate solutions to global issues.

Ma & Morley Scholar Amy Stephens

Glendale, Lake Macquarie NSW
Bachelor of Science
Scholarship Category: Academic Excellence

Amy has always been interested in the environment. But it was raising her young children that renewed her sense of wonder and curiosity about the world. A newfound interest in gardening led to research into native bees and Amy is now the proud keeper of two stingless beehives. Her current area of interest focuses on native plants, ecology and entomology – a passion she developed after completing Open Foundation courses in environmental studies and chemistry in 2018. She is now completing her Bachelor of Science and is looking forward to making her own contribution to science in years to come. She believes that good leadership comes from an attitude of service, not greed, and hopes to show her sons and others that learning is a lifelong process. It’s never too late to pursue a dream.

Ma & Morley Scholar Jacqui Sharah

West Pennant Hills, Sydney NSW
Bachelor of Communication
Scholarship Category: Academic Excellence

Caring about issues is one thing – inspiring action is quite another. Jacqui learnt the difference as a leader tasked with motivating her school community around environmental sustainability issues. Using her talents in digital production, she created videos to raise awareness and incite change among her peers. As a result, her video about youth attitudes towards plastic pollution in the ocean ended up being shared with the United Nations at the 2017 Greenpeace Summit. Jacqui is passionate about gender equality, using her skills to create advocacy advertising that raised record-breaking funds to provide education for girls in South Sudan. Currently studying a Bachelor of Communication, she hopes to contribute to global and intergenerational equality among people and the environment.

Educational Disadvantage scholars

Ma & Morley Scholar Jaida Damstra

Cardiff Heights, Lake Macquarie NSW
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)
Scholarship Category: Educational Disadvantage

Jaida believes empathy and compassion are essential for effective healthcare. Inspired by the doctors who cared for her mother, she saw firsthand how they helped improve her mother’s life. It was this experience that motivated Jaida to explore an area of health she was passionate about – deciding on a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours). Persevering through difficult times growing up, Jaida learned compassion and understanding and gained satisfaction from helping others. Now, she hopes to use these same qualities to provide medical care to people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds – focusing on providing easier access to healthcare and health education.

Ma & Morley Scholar Samantha Beverley

Port Macquarie, Mid North Coast NSW
Bachelor of Arts
Scholarship Category: Educational Disadvantage

Samantha believes in the power of words to change the world. Her dream of becoming an author stems from her desire to inform world issues and shine a light on human rights and individual freedom. Born with a radial limb deficiency, Samantha says her disability taught her how to be resilient, but she wasn’t going to let it limit what she could achieve. While she might not be able to use her physical strength to change the world, she is determined to use the power of her mind to help make a meaningful impact. Currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, Samantha believes that through her learning and education she can create positive change which will not only benefit today’s global community but future generations as well.

Ma & Morley Scholar Clare Sephton

Forster, Mid North Coast NSW
Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)
Scholarship Category: Educational Disadvantage

Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) student Clare believes in the potential of education and respectful discussion to facilitate justice, elicit compassion and spark change. Throughout high school, Clare embodied this thinking – leading initiatives to raise awareness around human rights issues and highlighting global concerns such as human trafficking and domestic violence. Being able to contribute to and shape discussion on these topics strengthened Clare’s faith in the role of education in combating oppression. As a speech pathologist, Clare hopes to use her career to help other people find their own voice.

Killarney Vale, Central Coast NSW
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)
Scholarship Category: Educational Disadvantage

Sarah believes that leadership involves small acts of change that have a ripple effect beyond just the individual. During her school years, Sarah dedicated several hours a week volunteering for children’s programs in her local community. Through this, she was able to see the positive impact a safe and secure space has for all children in particular those experiencing social disadvantage. Also working as a gymnastics coach for children with physical and learning disabilities – Sarah is inspiring kids to unlock their potential no matter their abilities or circumstances and is instilling a can-do approach to tackling obstacles and new experiences. Sarah hopes to use the skills and knowledge she learns throughout her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) degree to increase her ability to promote physical change and accessibility for those who are physically disadvantaged. She believes every interaction between people can be a positive opportunity for change and seeks to encourage others to grow in confidence, self-worth, and strength of character and to find their own voice for positive change.

Ma & Morley Scholar Georgina Thompson

Greta, Hunter NSW
Bachelor of Environmental Science & Management
Scholarship Category: Educational Disadvantage

Georgina believes that you should never allow limited resources to dampen your desire to change the world. Instead, she does everything she can to set an example for others through small acts of generosity, sacrifice and a willingness to change. Currently studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management, she hopes to contribute simple and affordable solutions to address the public health and human rights challenges affecting so many of the world’s population. Her focus is the intertwined relationship between poverty and environmental pollution – with nearly 92% of pollutionrelated deaths occurring in low to middle income countries (the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, 2017). She strongly believes she can positively contribute to this issue and hopes to use her studies to fight for equity, justice and the conservation of a natural, safe and mutually beneficial relationship between humans and our planet.

Ma & Morley Scholar Tara Tolhurst

Stroud, Mid North Coast NSW
Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Scholarship Category: Educational Disadvantage

Born walking distance from the University of Newcastle and raised in rural NSW, Tara is well on her way to making a difference. She’s inspired by heroes who changed the world and women taking a stand for what they believe in. The idea of her being able to find a cure for cancer in the future was first introduced when she was a child, thus planting a seed early on that a career in research was for her. Over the years, her career goals have continued to grow to include equity in health, education and issues around social wellbeing at a global level. As a school leader, she was introduced to the concept of leadership, dedicating her time to raising awareness and funds for important issues such as White Ribbon Day, drought relief and Cancer Council campaigns – earning recognition for her positive contribution to the school and community. As she starts her first year of a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Tara is motivated to become a leader, not just a good student. She plans to take every opportunity she can – big or small – to make a difference.

Indigenous scholars

Ma & Morley Scholar Mia Bowden

Gloucester, Mid North Coast NSW
Bachelor of Medical Science
Scholarship Category: Indigenous

As a young Aboriginal woman, Mia believes it’s important for Indigenous Australians to speak loudly and proudly about their heritage. When she was just 16 years old, Mia got the chance to do this on a global stage through a year-long Rotary Youth Exchange to France. As an ambassador for Australia she was able to share her Aboriginal culture with students from all around the world and formed deep relationships built from shared passions and a desire to change the world. The experience had a profound impact on Mia and challenged her to look at the world through a different lens. Currently studying a Bachelor of Medical Science, Mia’s goal is to pursue a career in the medical field and ultimately help make the world a more peaceful, equitable and environmentally sustainable place. She also hopes to inspire other Indigenous students to fulfil their dreams, just as she has.

Ma & Morley Scholar James Burt

East Gosford, Central Coast NSW
Bachelor of Medical Science
Scholarship Category: Indigenous
Enabling Pathway: Yapug

A proud Wiradjuri/Wannarua man, James’ path to university has not been an easy one. Growing up, he faced numerous hardships including homelessness, poverty and domestic violence. A nomadic childhood saw him change schools many times which effected his education and confidence and led to him dropping out after year 10. Despite these challenges, James was determined to better his future. He worked his way up in the construction industry, becoming a role model in his community and decided to enrol in the Yapug enabling program as a pathway to higher education. Now studying a Bachelor of Medical Science, James plans to use his insight into the unique problems facing Indigenous communities to advocate for change on issues beyond just healthcare.

Ma & Morley Scholars Donna Marzinotto

Cherrybrook, Sydney NSW
Bachelor of Global Indigenous Studies
Scholarship Category: Indigenous
Enabling Pathway: Yapug

Donna has spent a lifetime giving back – as a mother, foster carer, volunteer, coach and community leader. She’s raised seven children, including her sister’s four special needs children, and provided unwavering support to her school and local community. Her contribution has been far reaching, working with the Red Cross as a volunteer in disaster relief teams and as a volunteer suicide intervention telephone counsellor for Lifeline amongst other things. Donna’s lifelong commitment to helping vulnerable people has given her the drive to pursue her dream of further studies. She hopes to follow her Bachelor of Global Indigenous Studies with a Master of Education before travelling to Central Australia to teach in the local community. Her ultimate goal is to explore the world teaching English in developing countries.

Ma & Morley Scholar Paul Olson

Wauchope, Mid North Coast NSW
Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
Scholarship Category: Indigenous

For Paul, respect for culture is a key quality of modern leadership. A desire to honour his Birpai heritage, and passion to create positive change, motivates his outlook on life and learning. Paul has regularly demonstrated his ability to lead – within both his Indigenous community and school community. Using his experience as a pastoral care leader at high school and community event volunteer to connect with people from all walks of life and build cultural sensitivity and respect. Currently studying a combined Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree, Paul is committed to using his experience as a Ma & Morley scholar to contribute to his community.

Ma & Morley Scholar Marli Wright

East Maitland, Maitland NSW
Bachelor of Psychological Science
Scholarship Category: Indigenous

Marli is a proud Dunghutti women from Kempsey committed to closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and hopes to find new ways to do this through her Bachelor of Psychological Science. From an early age, Marli has been recognised as a leader among her peers. She has worked hard to influence attitudes around the importance of reconciliation and recognition of Aboriginal people and given back to other causes important to her, like fundraising for Alzheimer’s disease. According to Marli, her contributions are small building blocks that help to address much broader global issues. As a young Aboriginal person, she believes that breaking down racial and social barriers at a local level can and will contribute to a change on a global scale.

Immersion scholars

Ma & Morley Scholar Elyssia Gasparotto

Terrigal, Central Coast NSW

Bachelor of Aboriginal Professional practice/bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Diploma in Practical Legal Training

Scholarship Category: Immersion

Elyssia is passionate about advocating for Indigenous rights and has a key interest in 21st Century dispute resolution surrounding commercial and cross-cultural contexts. As the next generation tasked with building inclusive and harmonious societies, she believes in empowering young people to be effective leaders. Humanitarian action has been a focus of hers for some time now. She has been recognised as an emerging leader and has represented the University on the global stage at Bangkok for the University Scholars Leadership Symposium with iLEAD Plus to promote an awareness of global citizenship, social justice and the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations; and to the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition held in Paris. Elyssia also supports and leads in various University association roles as Director of Social Justice for the University of Newcastle Law Students’ Association (UNSLA), Director of Events for the University of Newcastle Business and Commerce Association (BusCom), Vice President of University of Newcastle Water Polo Association (NUWP) and the Secretary of University of Newcastle United Nations

Ma & Morley Scholar Tully Hambridge

Redhead, Lake Macquarie NSW
Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Diploma of Legal Practice
Scholarship Category: Immersion

Tully is finding ways to connect innovation, sustainable development and access to justice on a global scale. As a global citizen, she believes in making meaningful connections and finding technology-driven solutions. She’s challenged herself throughout her degree, pitching innovative ideas to tackle complex issues – from sustainable infrastructure in Jakarta to artificial intelligencedriven solutions in aged care. As a New Colombo Plan scholar, Tully completed a legal externship in the Cook Islands in 2018 working for the Ministry of Justice. She helped create policy and programs to make vital legal and aid services more accessible for local people. Now in her final year of a Bachelor of Laws (Honours

Ma & Morley Scholar Peter Lin

Cherrybrook, Sydney NSW
Bachelor of Medical Science
Scholarship Category: Immersion

For Peter, being a global citizen means standing up and taking action on issues that threaten our humanity. Since high school, Peter has been committed to serving his local community – organising charity days and volunteering as a driver’s assistant for patient transport. In 2016, he was recognised with an award from the Order of Australia Association NSW for his outstanding work in community service. Most recently, Peter has been taking a stand on issues affecting mental and public health, promoting messages of self-care and seeking help for those who may need it. And he is the current Advocacy Officer for WakeUp! – the University’s forum to promote global health issues. Looking to the future, he hopes to use his Bachelor of Medical Science and experience to enact meaningful and enduring change for the betterment of the global community and wants to inspire future generations to do the same.

Ma & Morley Scholar Olivia Gallimore

Cardiff Heights, Lake Macquarie NSW
Bachelor of Social Science / Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
Scholarship Category: Immersion

For Olivia, her passion for international affairs is the driving force behind her career aspiration of working in the Sino-Australian space. As a combined Bachelor of Social Science/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) student, Olivia has actively worked to deepen cross-cultural relationships. During her time with the Global Office Speed Conversations program she helped international students improve their English. Through the University’s annual Model United National Conference, she collaborated with young people from Australia and abroad to promote a better understanding of global equality and justice. She has also worked with youth leaders in the Asia-Pacific to celebrate and preserve minority and indigenous cultures. She hopes that being part of the immersion program will deepen her understanding of challenges facing Australia and China so she can work to better the relationship for the benefit of both sides.

Ma & Morley Scholar Jarrod Sansom

Medowie, Port Stephens NSW
Bachelor of Communication (Honours)
Scholarship Category: Immersion

Jarrod is a Bachelor of Communication (Honours) student steadfast in using his skills to help others. He knows that to be a leader you need to be proactive and he aims to do just this by shining a light on local, national and global concerns, and to holding those in power to account. Jarrod’s desire to contribute daily to the common good of communities led him to pursue a career in journalism and completing internships with Fairfax and the ABC only strengthened his resolve to be an agent of change in the world. He has pioneered the creation of an education program to prevent domestic violence in regional areas. And recently, he has provided a voice for communities living in contamination zones in Williamtown, Oakey and Katherine which is an issue he continues to fight for. Jarrod is a 2019 Young Achiever Award NSW/ACT finalist.

Ma & Morley Scholar Liam Scanlan

Raworth, Maitland NSW
Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Scholarship Category: Immersion

Just three weeks into his degree, at age eighteen, Liam started his own surf brand – Eat Your Water. The brand’s mission is to promote environmental conservation, using the t-shirts as walking billboards of positivity. Today, Eat Your Water is one of the largest independent surf brands in Australia. Liam hopes that through his actions he can show others how small gestures can create a ripple effect of positivity. The Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship student wants to create a ripple effect in the wider community by sharing his knowledge and experience with other young people who are eager to start businesses. Through the experience as a Ma & Morley scholar, he hopes to grow in his capacity as a change leader and continue to encourage today’s youth to play an integral role in creating a sustainable future.

Ma & Morley scholar Samuel Sebastian

Mayfield East, Newcastle NSW
Bachelor of Medical Science
Scholarship Category: Immersion

Samuel prides himself on being of service to others and acting as a role model for peers and future generations. At school, he raised awareness and funds for social justice initiatives including Mission Australia’s SleepOut, United Nation’s Tolerance Day, 40 Hour Famine and helped raise funds for the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter and was recognised for his commitment to community service with various awards. While studying a Bachelor of Medical Science, Samuel has immersed himself with WakeUp! – the University’s forum to promote global health issues – where he advocates for social change on issues like refugee rights and concerns regarding offshore detention. As a Ma & Morley scholar, Samuel hopes to channel his passion for global health into creating tangible solutions for problems affecting the wider community.

Ma & Morley Scholar Danielle Simmonette

Merewether Heights,  Newcastle NSW
Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)
Scholarship Category: Immersion
Enabling Pathway: Open Foundation

Danielle has always had a desire to enact social change and so after hearing a talk at an open day at University of Newcastle, she knew the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) program was for her. ShapeA regular volunteer and activist, Danielle spends a lot of time patiently educating others on human rights and social justice issues. Currently working in mental health as a support facilitator, Danielle has seen the impact that systemic and structural disadvantage can have on vulnerable people. In particular this work highlights for Danielle the reality of intergenerational trauma and stigma faced by people with mental illness. Through both her work and her studies, Danielle’s passion for social justice and her desire to enact positive change continues to grow. After completing her degree, Danielle intends to pursue postgraduate study with aspirations to one day work for the United Nations