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Applications to change your program are usually opened twice a year – in May and October – but check the key dates for specifics.

Applications for Semester 2, 2020 are now CLOSED. Applicants that successfully lodged an application by Sunday 5 July 2020 to change degrees should have their outcomes released from Friday 10 July 2020.

Outcomes will be sent to your preferred e-mail address - please keep an eye on your inbox, clutter and junk folders. Your preferred email address is the one you have nominated as “preferred” in MyHub.

There was only one round of transfers available for Semester 2, 2020.

The application is free, provided you apply before the application deadline.

Read the detailed information below before proceeding with your application.

NOTE: With the adjustments put in place around the rescheduled Semester 1 exams and Fully Graded Date (FGD) some students' transfer outcome may be delayed. We will do our best to finalise and process as many as possible using the information we have available to us when applications close. Students who we cannot deem as eligible prior to the Semester 1 FGD (31/07/2020) will be notified from 10 July that their application outcome remains pending. Outstanding applications will be reviewed and re-assessed following the release of final grades.

Eligibility for an internal transfer

Current students can apply for an internal transfer to:

  • change from one undergraduate program to another at the University
  • add a Diploma in Languages to your studies
  • move from a single degree to a combined degree, or vice versa

If you are eligible to submit an internal transfer application, then there is no need to also apply via UAC.

Semester 2, 2020 application dates

Applications will open from Tuesday 9 June 2020

Applications will close at midnight Sunday 5 July 2020

Transfer outcome notifications will be provided to students from Friday 10 July 2020

    Please be aware that not all undergraduate programs will be available for selection, as some do not have mid-year entry.

    Although Combined Law does not have a mid-year intake, current students already in a combined law program are permitted to apply online to change the combination of their law program.

    Note: If you apply for a transfer and meet all requirements, there is no offer/accept process. You will be admitted and made active in your new chosen degree program for Semester 2, 2020 and discontinued from your current program of study. Please do not apply simply to test if you will be eligible.

    Any course enrolment in place for Semester 2, 2020 will be withdrawn at the time of processing your transfer, if approved. It is then your responsibility to review the program plan of your new degree and complete enrolment after you receive confirmation of the transfer being processed. For courses with multiple class options you will need to register your preferences in MyTimetable. Further details on enrolment dates can be found on our website.

    Additional information

    Students applying for B Music and B Music / B Arts are also required to complete the additional entry requirements before we can assess their eligibility for a place in these programs. Applicants should complete the Music Selection Process as early as possible, and by the specified audition closing dates. This will help ensure that the results from the additional selection criteria can be assessed, and we can determine a final outcome on your application.

    The following scenarios for transfer will automatically be recognised as successful, with no further academic assessment required:

    UON program currently enrolled in

    Transfer to

    Combined undergraduate degree

    Single degree within the existing combination. For combined Law programs, students can only drop the Law component

    Combined undergraduate degree

    Another combined degree where one of the named degrees remains the same (excluding combined Law programs)

    Combined Engineering (Honours) degree

    Another combined Engineering (Honours) degree

    Combined Law (Honours) degree

    Another combined Law (Honours) degree

    B Engineering (Honours) (any discipline)

    B Engineering (Honours) (any discipline) excluding B Aerospace Systems Engineering (Honours) and B Renewable Energy Engineering (Honours)

    B Engineering (Honours) (any discipline)

    B Surveying (Honours) excluding B Aerospace Systems Engineering (Honours) and B Renewable Energy Engineering (Honours)

    B Engineering (Honours) (any discipline)

    B Computer Science or B Engineering (Mining Transfer Program)

    B Engineering (Mining Transfer Program)

    B Engineering (Honours) (any discipline) excluding B Aerospace Systems Engineering (Honours) and B Renewable Energy Engineering (Honours), or B Surveying (Honours) or B Computer Science

    B Computer Science

    B Engineering (Honours) (any discipline) excluding B Aerospace Systems Engineering (Honours) and B Renewable Energy Engineering (Honours)

    B Computer ScienceB Information Technology or B Surveying (Honours) or B Engineering (Mining Transfer Program)
    B Design (Architecture)B Construction Management (Building) (Honours)

    B Surveying (Honours)

    B Engineering (Honours) (any discipline) excluding B Aerospace Systems Engineering (Honours) and B Renewable Energy Engineering (Honours), or B Engineering (Mining Transfer Program) or B Computer Science

    Any UON undergraduate degree

    B Arts

    Any UON undergraduate degree

    B Business

    Any UON undergraduate degree

    B Commerce

    Any UON undergraduate degree

    B Science

    Any UON B Education degree

    Any UON B Education degree

    If your program transfer application requires assessment, this will be based on your educational qualifications and the program’s admission requirements. Your educational qualifications may include UON studies (at least 20 units completed from two different courses to calculate a Grade Point Average), completed qualifications submitted to UAC that we can access, or any other eligible studies you include in your application.

    Eligible qualifications that are assessed as part of your application will have a selection rank allocated. This must be equivalent to, or higher than, the selection rank cut-off that applies to your preferred transfer program, based on the year of admission.

    You must also meet any additional admission criteria for the transfer program. For example: students applying to transfer to a Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music / Bachelor of Arts will be required to complete the Music Selection Process as early as possible.

    The University supports students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage and recognises nine broad categories as outlined on the UAC website.

    If your current studies have been affected then please refer to the information available on UAC about EAS categories of disadvantage and required documents. A paper application form is available in the UON change degree application. Please complete this and upload, along with supporting documentation, as part of your internal transfer application.

    If you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you can indicate that you would also like to be considered under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Entry Scheme.

    The Student Engagement team at The Wollotuka Institute can provide advice and assist with your application to change programs.

    Need help figuring out your options?

    The University has a number of careers services and resources designed specifically for helping you reach your career goals. If you are thinking of changing degrees but are not sure what you want to study, or would just like to check out your options, visit our careers website.

    Don’t forget, for any kind of advice about your studies you can drop in to Student Central. Our team there can put you on the right track and in touch with people who can help.