Admission to the Joint Medical Program is highly competitive and require application to JMP directly, UAC and completion of the UMAT test.

How to apply

To apply to the Bachelor of Medicine - Joint Medical Program in 2016, you must complete the following three steps. Remember, our Joint Medical Program is world-class and entry is competitive. Each year, 170 places are available in the program across both the University of Newcastle and the University of New England; more than 3000 people apply for those spaces. Your application will go through a rigorous selection process. If your application isn't successful, we encourage you to apply again the following year or to consider one of the many alternative degrees offered by the University of Newcastle or the University of New England.

Click here to download an overview of the Joint Medical Program. 

Step 1: Register and sit the UMAT  

Register with the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) office and attend a UMAT session at the nominated test site. A standard fee of $240 applies.

Tests were held on 29 July 2015. Applications are now closed. All enquiries concerning UMAT should be directed to the UMAT office.

Step 2: Apply online to the Joint Medical Program 

Apply to the Joint Medical Program by clicking the link below. You can also review your application after it has been submitted. For details and instructions on how to apply, please download these step-by-step instructions.  

Applications close on 30 September 2015. Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Apply Now Review your submitted application

Step 3: Apply through UAC 

Submit your on-time application through the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) by 30 September 2015. Late applications may be accepted by UAC, but late fees apply. 

You must include Bachelor of Medicine - Joint Medical Program (UAC Code 780000 - CSP) at the University of Newcastle/University of New England among your preferences. You can't change your preferences to add Bachelor of Medicine (Joint Medical Program) after 30 November 2015.

Please visit the UAC website for more details.