Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students

The Joint Medical Program welcomes applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants, and offers students a culturally supportive educational environment.

Each year, up to 17 places are set aside for admission into the Joint Medical Program for applicants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. Currently there are 75 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled in our degree. To date 105 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander doctors have graduated from our program.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates have the opportunity to apply for the Joint Medical Program through the Miroma Bunbilla Pre-Entry pathway. Applicants are required to submit the completed Miroma Bunbilla Program application form by 31 October 2020. Applicants aren't required to sit the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT). For further information please refer to the Applying as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student page.

For further information regarding the Joint Medical Program:

Thurru Indigenous Health Unit
School of Medicine and Public Health
T: 02 4921 5023
E: deadlydocs@newcastle.edu.au

Preparing for your university studies

The University of Newcastle and the University of New England offer tertiary preparation programs (Yapug at UON and TRACKS at UNE) to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants to develop the academic skills required for undergraduate study.

These programs are for school leavers and mature age students who want to build on their current knowledge base and prepare themselves for further studies at university. On completion of the Yapug or TRACKS program, students will be eligible to participate in the Miroma Bunbilla program.

For further support and information regarding the tertiary preparation programs:
The Wollotuka InstituteOorala Aboriginal Centre
The University of Newcastle

02 4921 6863
The Wollotuka Institute
University of New England

02 6773 3034
Oorala Aboriginal Centre