Undergraduate or postgraduate students may be eligible to transfer to another degree at UoN at no extra cost.

Degree transfers

Current and deferred undergraduate UON students who wish to transfer to another degree program, or to another campus can apply directly to UON online instead of applying through UAC. There is no cost to submit your application.

The application will be available on this page until midnight 9th July.  Not all programs have mid-year entry, so please check our degrees page to find out which degrees are available.



Please note that vacancies in programs cannot be guaranteed, especially for mid-year transfers. Undergraduate applications will be assessed on the basis of your Grade Point Average (GPA)^ from UON studies, and any other previous eligible qualifications you include in your application (if necessary). The criteria below will apply:

  • There are vacancies available in the program;
  • The program has a mid-year intake;
  • Any eligible qualifications included provide a rank equivalent to, or higher than the entrance rank cut-off applicable for the year of admission;
  • You meet any additional admission criteria for the selected program, such as an audition, etc.

If you would like to be considered for mid-year entry into one of the below listed programs, and think you have completed enough studies to begin the second semester of that program, please email admissions@newcastle.edu.au with your name, student number, current program and the program you want to transfer to by midnight 9 July. You also need to submit a credit application by midnight 9 July.

  • Bachelor of Biotechnology
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Ourimbah)
  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Combined (for existing combined Laws students seeking a combination change only)

Note: if your transfer is approved, you will be automatically entered into your new program; there is no offer/accept process.

*submitting a transfer application requires you to agree to the conditions outlined in Section 20 of the 2017 Admission and Enrolment Procedure Manual

^the weighting of your GPA, for assessment purposes, depends on the number of courses contributing to the overall score. It is not a cut-off.

For postgraduate students there are limited opportunities for internal transfer between postgraduate coursework programs. Most students will need to re-apply for their preferred program by lodging an online application through GradSchool or UAC.

The following scenarios for transfer are automatically recognised with no further assessment:



Any degree

Another campus for the same degree (excluding B Midwifery and B Nursing)

Any UG combined degree

Single degree within the existing combination. For combined Law programs, students can only drop the Law component.

Combined UG degree

Another combined degree where one of the named degrees remains the same (excluding combined Law programs).

Combined Law degree

Another combined Law degree

Internal / External delivery mode

To the other mode

B Engineering (Hons) (any discipline)

B Engineering (Hons) (any discipline)

B Engineering (Mining Transfer Program)

B Engineering (Hons) (any discipline)

B Engineering (Hons) (any discipline)

B Computer Science

B Computer Science

B Engineering (Hons) (any discipline)

B Design (Architecture)

B Construction Management (Building) (Hons)

Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma

Masters in a nested degree (limited opportunities, and all entry requirements must still be met)

Educational Access Scheme (EAS): If you have experienced long-term educational disadvantage that has seriously affected your current UON studies please read the EAS booklet for the seven broad categories recognised. Applications are to be lodged directly to UON on the UAC EAS application form with your supplementary evidence. Completed forms and supporting material should be uploaded when you submit your application for admission.


If you're an international student and would like to apply for a degree transfer, e-mail International Admissions or phone 02 4921 7745.