Changing Your Degree

Changing Your Undergraduate Program

Domestic (Australian) students currently studying an undergraduate degree at UON can apply to change to a new undergraduate degree direct to UON for free*.

Final Round applications for Semester 1, 2019 are now closed. Applicants that successfully lodged an application by 21/01/2019 will have their outcomes released from Thursday January 24 2019.

Outcomes will be sent to your preferred email address - please keep an eye on your inbox, clutter and junk folders. Your preferred email address is the one you have nominated as “preferred” in MyHub.

Some degrees reached capacity and were full prior to the Final Round of applications and therefore no further transfers will be processed. See 'Quota Programs' below for more information.

*Students applying for B Music and B Music / B Arts are also required to complete the additional entry requirements before we can assess their eligibility for a place in these programs. Applicants should complete the Music Selection Process as early as possible so that we can assess your application. Students wishing to transfer to our Bachelor of Medical Science/ Doctor of Medicine (Joint Medical Program) or our Bachelor of Midwifery program were required to apply through UAC, however applications for these programs are now closed for 2019.

Please do not lodge one of these direct applications AND a UAC application as at the point of offer they may cancel each other out. If that happens you may need to re-apply and at that stage you run the risk of us not having places available in the program you would like to study.

Students who were not able to apply by the closing date of the final round may contact if they wish to request to have a late application considered. Enquiries and requests for consideration should outline the reasons why an application could not be lodged on time.

Changing Your Campus of Study

Students not in B Nursing and wanting to change their campus of study while staying in the same program can click here for more information. You can change your campus in myHub and do not need to use the application form.

Important Information:

  • Australian undergraduate students who are currently studying an undergraduate degree at UON and would like to study a different undergraduate degree at UON
  • Australian undergraduate students wanting to add a Diploma of Language to their studies
  • Australian undergraduate students wanting to go from a single degree to a combined degree
  • Australian undergraduate students wanting to go from a combined degree to a single degree
  • Australian undergraduate students studying nursing that would like to study nursing at a different campus

Who cannot use this free direct application?

  • Australian undergraduate students, who are not studying nursing, wanting to change their campus of study. Click here for information about changing campus
  • Australian undergraduate students who are on track to complete their program this term.  These applicants need to apply via UAC
  • Students wanting to study concurrently. Please see concurrent study
  • Students wanting to change from the old to the new version of their program. If this is you please contact your Program Advisor
  • Students wanting to change to the Bachelor of Medical Science/ Doctor of Medicine (Joint Medical Program) or our Bachelor of Midwifery program. For these programs you can only apply via UAC, however applications for 2019 are now closed.
  • International students (see below for the International Student process)
  • Postgraduate students (see below for the PG Student process)
  • Applicants who are not current UON undergraduate students (including past students). These applicants need to apply via UAC

The following scenarios for transfer will automatically be recognised as successful, with no further assessment required:



Any degree

Another campus for the same degree (excluding B Midwifery and B Nursing)

Combined undergraduate degree

Single degree within the existing combination. For combined Law programs, students can only drop the Law component.

Combined undergraduate degree

Another combined degree where one of the named degrees remains the same (excluding combined Law programs).

Combined Law degree

Another combined Law degree

Internal / External delivery mode

To the other mode

B Engineering (Hons) (any discipline)

B Engineering (Hons) (any discipline) excluding B Aerospace (Hons) and B Renewable Energy Engineering (Hons)

B Engineering (Mining Transfer Program)

B Engineering (Hons) (any discipline) excluding B Aerospace (Hons) and B Renewable Energy Engineering (Hons)

B Engineering (Hons) (any discipline)

B Computer Science

B Information Technology

B Computer Science

B Computer Science

B Information Technology

B Computer Science

B Engineering (Hons) (any discipline) excluding B Aerospace (Hons) and B Renewable Energy Engineering (Hons)

B Design (Architecture)

B Construction Management (Building) (Hons)

The following UON degrees have high demand and limited places, with more people applying than the number of places available. These are referred to as 'Quota Programs', and admission to these degrees is closely managed.

The following Quota Programs are now full and cannot be selected on the Final Round application form:

Final Round applicants are still able to apply for the following Quota Programs, however it is possible that these programs will become full when Round 2 applications are processed on January 10 2019:

Applications will be assessed on the basis of your Grade Point Average (GPA) from UON studies (from at least 20 completed units), previous qualifications submitted to UAC that we are able to locate on our records, and any other eligible qualifications you include in your application. The weighting of your GPA, for assessment purposes, depends on the number of courses contributing to the overall score. It is not a cut-off.

Your transfer will be approved if:

  • Any eligible qualifications provide a rank equivalent to, or higher, than the entrance rank cut-off applicable to the program you are applying to change to and for the year of admission;
  • You meet any additional admission criteria for the selected program, such as an audition, etc.

Educational Access Scheme (EAS): If you have experienced long-term educational disadvantage that has seriously affected your current UON studies, please read the EAS booklet for the seven broad categories recognized. Applications are to be lodged directly to UON using the EAS application form along with your supplementary evidence. Completed forms and supporting material should be attached to your direct UON change degree application.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Entry Scheme – if you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander you may be eligible for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Entry Scheme. Please visit our website for details. As part of the degree transfer application you will be asked if you would like to be considered as part of this scheme, and if you select 'yes' you will be invited to attend an interview with The Wollotuka Institute at one of our campuses.

If you have other assessable qualifications that can be used to generate an admissions rank, you have the option of attaching them to your application. Examples of qualifications that can be used to generate a rank include:

  • Certificate III
  • Certificate IV
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • STAT Test Results
  • Tertiary Preparation Certificate
  • Undergraduate Study at other Universities

If attaching qualifications to your application, please ensure you include any certificates of completion, as well as relevant transcripts. Please note that we can only accept colour copies of original documents, or copies that have been certified.

We will review any attachments and incorporate them in the assessment of your application where applicable.

Need help figuring out your options?

UON has a number of careers services and resources designed specifically for helping you reach your career goals. If you are thinking of changing degrees but are not sure what you want to study, or would just like to check out your options, visit our careers website.

Don’t forget, for any kind of advice about your studies you can drop in to Student Central. Our team there can put you on the right track and in touch with people who can help.

International Students

If you’re an international student and would like to apply for a degree transfer, please complete in full, the most relevant form from the options below:

Internal Transfer Application Form for International Students – this is for international students in Australia wishing to transfer from one degree program to another degree program, or between campus locations.

Transfer to Australia Application Form – this is for students wishing to transfer from a degree program at UON Singapore to a degree program at a UON campus in Australia.

If you have enquiries about applying for a transfer, you may e-mail International Admissions at UON Global or phone 02 4921 6236.

Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate students wishing to change programs must submit a new application for admission. Please refer to the How to Apply webpage.