A safe UON - it's your call

Every member of staff, student and visitor to UON has a right to a safe environment. With that right comes responsibility. It is up to all of us to pay attention to safety issues and to take appropriate action.

Heed the warnings

For every lost time injury there have been 29 minor injuries and 300 near misses

For every major injury there are literally hundreds of warnings. These come in the form of minor incidents and near misses.

Statistics show that for every lost time injury, there have been 29 minor incidents and some 300 near misses.

These are warnings. Don't waste them.

Take the time to speak up

We are calling on all staff and students to help reduce the rate of injury by reporting all near misses or hazards so steps can be taken to reduce risk. This is a simple and quick process.

ALL injuries should be immediately reported to the HR Health and Safety Team on x39999.

What is a near miss?

Alert triangle

Near misses and hazards come in all shapes and sizes.

It might be a slip or trip, that doesn't result in injury - but could have. It might be an obstacle that hasn't caused harm - but could if left. It might be a leak, a broken rail, a large tree branch that has fallen down.

If you think it is potentially dangerous, then it probably is and remember, false alarms are good.