All past award recipients

The Alumni Medal recognises outstanding excellence in leadership, knowledge and professional practice. The Alumni Medal is the highest honour of the University’s Alumni Awards.

Previous recipients include exceptional global leaders in international diplomacy, urban renewal, trade and commerce and life changing medical research.

2019Dr Ruth Lopert (Recipient)Master of Medical Science (Clinical Epidemiology) 2001, Bachelor of Medicine 1995
2019Steven McArthur (Achiever)Bachelor of Science 1993
2019Liesl Tesch AM (Achiever)Graduate Diploma in Education 1996, Bachelor of Science 1991
2018Gary Quinlan AODoctor of Letters 2007, Bachelor of Arts 1973
2017Carla TreloarDoctor of Philosophy (Medicine) 1995, Bachelor of Science (Honours) 1991
2016Professor Er Meng HwaHonorary Degree - Doctor of Engineering 2017, Doctor of Philosophy
  Electrical and Computer Engineering) 1986
2015Laureate Professor Kevin GalvinBachelor of Engineering 1987
2014Geoffrey BentleyBachelor of Arts 1961
2013Ross WattsBachelor of Commerce (Accountancy) 1966
2012David CurrowBachelor of Medicine 1987
2011Mark ParsonsBachelor Of Medicine 1991
2010Dato'ir DrAbu Bakar JaafarBachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) 1973
2009Cheong-Chua Koon HeanHonorary Degree - Doctor of Architecture 2010, Bachelor of Architecture 1981, Bachelor of Science (Architecture) 1979
2008Peter SilburnBachelor of Science 1980
2007Sue McNeilBachelor of Engineering (Civil) 1977, Bachelor of Science 1975
2006Nicholas TalleyMaster of Medical Science (Clinical Epidemiology) 2003
2005Peter StutchburyBachelor of Architecture 1979, Bachelor of Science (Architecture)
2004Joan CooperDoctor of Philosophy 1975, Bachelor of Mathematics 1972
2003Warren PengilleyDoctor of Science (Law) 1988, Master of Commerce 1974
2002Trevor WaringHonorary Degree - Doctor of The University 2011, Master of Science 1977, Bachelor of Arts 1972
2001Chris RawlingsDoctor of Philosophy (Geology) 1982, Bachelor of Science 1976
2000Ian HarrisMaster Of Arts 1971; Diploma In Education 1968; Bachelor Of Arts 1967
1999William JonasHonorary Degree - Doctor of the University 1998, Master of Arts 1970, Diploma in Education 1964, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) 1963
1998Ken MossDoctor of Philosophy 1974, Bachelor of Engineering 1968
1997Wan Rafaei Abdul RahmanMaster of Science 1975, Bachelor of Science 1970
1996Graeme HalfordDoctor of Philosophy (Psychology) 1969
1995Katherine HeinrichDoctor of Philosophy (Mathematics) 1979, Bachelor of Mathematics 1976
1994Eileen DoyleDoctor of Philosophy (Mathematics) 1986, Master of Mathematics 1980, Bachelor of Mathematics 1977
1993Terry CaelliDoctor of Philosophy 1975, Bachelor of Arts 1972
1992Ron MacDonaldBachelor of Science 1962
1991Marlene NorstDoctor of Philosophy 1972
1990Peter RamadgeMaster of Engineering 1979, Bachelor of Engineering 1978
1989Alex HarrisonDoctor of Philosophy (Mechanical Engineering) 1984
1988Robert EatherBachelor of Science 1962
1987Peter CummingsBachelor of Mathematics 1976

The Newton-John Award recognises innovation and creativity of alumni who have achieved excellence in arts, creative sectors and culture.

The community has been inspired by past recipients working in film and television, leading animation studios and world class photography.

2020Heath JohnsMaster of Marketing, Master of Business Administration 2006
2019Nick Mitzevich (Recipient)Graduate Diploma in Education 1995, Graduate Diploma of Art 1993, Bachelor of Visual Art 1992
2019Gavin Langley (Achiever)Bachelor of Architecture 1992, Bachelor of Architecture Design 1988
2019Rosemarie Milsom (Achiever)Graduate Diploma in Education 1995, Bachelor of Arts 1994
2018Dr John Doyle AMHonorary Degree - Doctor of Letters 2001, Bachelor of Arts 1982
2017Susie PorterBachelor of Arts 1993
2016Conjoint Associate Professor Douglas AbsalomDoctor of Philosophy (Linguistics) 1977, Master of Arts 1971, Diploma in Education 1968, Bachelor of Arts 1967
2015Jonathan BigginsBachelor of Arts 1985
2014Christian HeimBachelor of Medicine 2000
2013Anton MonstedBachelor of Arts (Honours) 1995
2013Karin CattBachelor of Arts 1991
2012Linda BergskasBachelor of Visual Communication Design 2002
2011Julie SquiresMaster of Fine Art 2006, Graduate Diploma in Art 1996, Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) 1994
2010Yasser HamedBachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) 2003
2009Robin McDonaldBachelor of Commerce 1977
2008Philip MatthiasDoctor of Philosophy (Music) 2005
2007Alexia SinclairMaster of Fine Art 2008; Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) 2003
2004Samantha MartinMaster of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations 2001, Bachelor f Business 1995
2003John O'DonoghueBachelor of Arts 1975
2002Janice VadnjalBachelor of Nursing 1993, Diploma in Applied Science Nursing 1991
2001Eileen DoyleDoctor of Philosophy (Mathematics) 1986, Master of Mathematics 1980, Bachelor of Mathematics 1977
2000Helene O'NeillBachelor of Education 1990, Diploma in Teaching 1987
1999Geoffrey Leonard AMHonorary Degree - Doctor of Business 2002, Bachelor of Commerce 1968
1998Paul Walsh OAMGraduate Diploma in Education 1978, Bachelor of Mathematics 1977, Bachelor of Engineering 1964
1997Paul BroadMaster of Commerce 1981, Bachelor of Commerce 1974
1996Luise DiesselGraduate Diploma in Education 1989, Bachelor of Arts 1984
1995Ken Longworth OAMBachelor of Arts 1962
1994Marion Halligan AMDiploma in Education 1962, Bachelor of Arts 1961
1993Kevin McDonaldMaster of Educational Studies 1982
1992John RobsonMaster of Arts 1977
1991Marjorie BigginsBachelor of Arts 1981
1990John MathiesonDoctor of Philosophy 1971, Bachelor of Science 1967
1988Kevin SnellBachelor of Architecture 1975, Bachelor of Science (Architecture) 1973
1987Anne von BertouchHonorary Degree - Doctor of Letters 2002
1986Brian GilliganHonorary Degree - Doctor of Science 2004, Master of Arts 1979, Diploma in Education 1972, Bachelor of Arts 1969
1985Vic RooneyBachelor of Arts 1976
1984Robert BealBachelor of Arts 1980
1983Roy GilbertBachelor of Arts 1969
1982Trevor Waring AMHonorary Degree - Doctor of The University 2011, Master of Science 1977, Bachelor of Arts 1972
1981Jess DyceMaster of Arts 1971, Doctor of Philosophy (English) 1984
1980Colin AndersonBachelor of Arts 1963
1979Alex Young 
1978Mary CallcottBachelor of Science 1965
1977Brian Suters AMHonorary Degree - Doctor of Architecture 2000, Bachelor of Architecture 1962
1976Errol Hodge Bachelor of Arts (N.E.) 1959
1975Allan MorrisBachelor of Arts 1968

The Exceptional Community Service Award recognises the work of an outstanding community member who has made a significant impact, and has enhanced the reputation of the University of Newcastle and its relationship with the wider community.

Previous recipients have enriched society through their work in community fundraising, establishing arts and culture, and embedding sustainability models in local society.

2019Lee Shearer APM (Achiever)University of Newcastle Open Foundation Student
2019Philip Sketchley OAM (Achiever)Bachelor of Education 1988
2019Renée Bianchi (Achiever)Bachelor of Law / Diploma of Legal Practice 2007, Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) 2004
2018Dr Bernard Curran AMDoctor of Philosophy 1974, Bachelor of Arts 1968
2017Dr Joanne McCarthyBachelor of Arts 2003, Honorary Degree - Doctor of Letters 2015
2016Dr Neelam PradhanangaDoctor of Philosophy (Architecture) 2011
2015Dr William TanBachelor of Medicine 2005
2014Judy White AMDoctor of Philosophy (History) 2002, Honorary Degree - Master of Arts 1988
2013Maree Gleeson OAMDoctor of Philosophy (Medicine) 1988
2013William Edward John Paradice AMHonorary Degree - Doctor of Letters 2009
2012Jennie Thomas AMDoctor of Philosophy (Behavioural Science) 2001, Master of Medical Science (Health Promotion) 1997, Graduate Diploma in Health Social Science 1993
2011Pauline Chiarelli 
2010Robert Nelson 
2009Pippa RobinsonBachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) 1986, Associate Diploma in Art And Craft 1983
2008Greg Hays

The Alumni Award for Regional Leadership requires demonstration of leadership and/or entrepreneurship initiatives with significance in the regions of the University of Newcastle (Newcastle, Sydney, Hunter Valley, Port Macquarie and the Mid-North Coast and the Central Coast).

Past recipients include dynamic leaders in influencing business and commerce, regional health and government.

2020Dr Jaelea Skehan OAMBachelor of Arts (Psychology) 1998, Doctor of Philosophy 2019
2019Dr Kristin Molloy (Achiever)Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry) 1998, Bachelor of Science (Honours) 1993
2019Graeme Irwin (Achiever)Diploma of Teaching 1982
2018Bernard CollinsBachelor of Architecture 1981 Bachelor of Design (Architecture) 1978
2017Professor Jenny May AMBachelor of Medicine 1984
2016Andrew DonaldsonBachelor of Architecture 2005, Bachelor of Design (Architecture) 2001
2015Stewart DowrickMaster of Business Administration 1997
2014Susan IvensMaster of Business Administration 2001, Graduate Diploma in Education 1979, Bachelor of Arts 1978
2013Patricia Forsythe AMBachelor of Arts 1973
2012Frances Gentle AODoctor of Philosophy (Education) 2012, Master of Special Education (Sensory Disability) (Honours) 2006
2011Mohammed Faiz Bin KamaludinMaster of Aviation Management 2011
2011Anne WakatamaBachelor of Medicine 1982
2010Andrew HedgesBachelor of Medicine 1986
2009Jeff McCloyBachelor of Engineering 1973

The Alumni Award for National Leadership requires demonstration of leadership and/or entrepreneurship initiatives with national reach across Australia.

Past recipients include national level leaders across the sectors of arts, health, innovation and public service.

2020Kevin YoungBachelor of Engineering 1979, Master of Business Administration 1991
2019Tandin Wangmo (Achiever)Master of Educational Studies 2010, Graduate Certificate of Educational Studies 2010
2019Noni Purnomo (Achiever)Bachelor of Engineering 1995
2019Dr Eileen Doyle (Achiever)Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics) 1986, Master of Mathematics 1980, Bachelor of Mathematics 1977
2018Professor Thomas BorodyDoctor of Philosophy (Immunology and Microbiology) 2005
2018Kyle LoadesMaster of Business Administration 2015; Graduate Certificate in Business Administration 2000
2017Dr Richard DennissBachelor of Commerce 1993
2016Dr Andrew WalkerBachelor of Medicine 1986, Bachelor of Medical Science 1985
2015Neima CandyMaster of Public Health 2013
2014Paul GrahamBachelor of Economics (Honours) 1996
2013Idris AbasBachelor of Architecture 1980
2012Peter HallidayDoctor of Business Administration 2009, Master of Business 2006
2011Denise GoldsworthyBachelor of Metallurgy 1989
2010Nick MitzevichGraduate Diploma in Education 1995, Graduate Diploma in Art 1993, Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) 1992
2009Ross Gittins AMBachelor of Commerce 1970

The International Leadership Award Recognises and honours globally based alumni who have excelled in their chosen field with international influence and whose achievements enhance the prestige of the University of Newcastle.

International Award recipients have included global CEOs, influencers in public health, innovators in engineering and energy champions.

2020Dr Kira MilehamBachelor of Science 2006, Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) 2006, Doctor of Philosophy (Physics) 2011
2019Dr Isiye Ndombi (Achiever)Master of Business Administration 2009
2019Sherrill Whittington (Achiever)Diploma of Education 1970, Bachelor of Arts 1969
2018Professor Richard Wortley AMBachelor of Arts 1978
2017Dr Bryson BatesBachelor of Engineering 1978
2016Dr Suzanne HillGraduate Diploma in Epidemiology 1997, Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine) 1994, Bachelor of Medicine 1982
2015Sein-Way TanBachelor of Commerce 1993
2014Leonard Brennan AMBachelor of Medicine 1988
2014Glenn KellowMaster of Business Administration 1993, Bachelor of Commerce 1989
2013William LilleyDoctor of Philosophy (Environmental Science) 2008, Bachelor of Science (Honours) 1997
2012Tiffany SeeBachelor Of Commerce 1997
2011Andrew MearsHonorary Degree - Doctor of Engineering 2015, Bachelor of Arts (Economics) 1973, Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial) 1972
2011Peter TayMaster of Engineering (Electrical and Computer Engineering) 1992, Bachelor of Engineering 1987
2010Wang ShuguangDoctor of Philosophy (Psychology - Science) 1998

The Indigenous Alumni Award recognises alumni whose outstanding contribution has demonstrated engagement and impact working with Australian Aboriginal and/ or Torres Strait Islander communities.

Previous recipients include leaders who have made an impact in indigenous education, health and society.

2020Shahni WellingtonBachelor of Communication 2014
2019Dr James Charles (Achiever)Doctor of Philosophy 2017
2019Dr Mark Wenitong (Achiever)Bachelor of Medicine 1994
2019Luke Pearson (Achiever)Bachelor of Teaching / Bachelor of Arts 2004
2018Dr Kristopher Rallah-BakerBachelor of Medicine 2002
2017Associate Professor
Aunty Kerrie Doyle
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) 1999, Graduate Diploma in Health Science 1993
2016Professor John MaynardDoctor of Philosophy (Aboriginal Studies) 2003, Diploma in Aboriginal Studies 1996
2015Professor Sandra EadesBachelor of Medicine 1989
2013Craig RitchieBachelor of Arts 1988
2012Donna Odegaard AMDoctor of Philosophy (Aboriginal Studies) 2011, Master of Philosophy 2002
2011Sarah McEwanBachelor of Medicine 2004
2010Jaquelyne HughesBachelor of Medicine 1999

The Beryl Nashar Young Researcher Award recognises the emerging research accomplishments of early- and mid-career alumni researchers.

Past recipients achievements include impactful research across health, medicine, sport science and the environment.

2020Dr Kcasey McLoughlinBachelor of Arts (Honours) 2007, Bachelor of Laws / Diploma in Legal Practice 2009, Doctor of Philosophy (Politics) 2016
2019Dr Serene Yoong (Achiever)Doctor of Philosophy Behavioural Science 2014, Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics 2009
2019Dr Georgina Ramsay (Achiever)Doctor of Philosophy Sociology and Anthropology 2016, Bachelor of Science (Honours) 2011
2019Dr Emma Beckett (Achiever)Doctor of Philosophy (Food Science) 2016, Master of Science Management 2011, Graduate Diploma of Clinical Epidemiology 2010, Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) 2007
2018Dr Jessica AllenDoctor of Philosophy (Chemistry) 2011, Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) 2008
2017Dr Andrew BivardDoctor of Philosophy (Medicine) 2013, Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) 2009
2016Dr Andrew GardnerDoctor of Philosophy (Medicine) 2015
2015Dr Natalie BeveridgeDoctor of Philosophy (Experimental Pharmacology) 2011; Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) 2006
2014Alison ThorburnDoctor of Philosophy (Immunology And Microbiology) 2011

Recognises outstanding achievements and contributions by a graduate aged 35 years or younger at the time of nomination.

2020Luke HawthorneBachelor of Arts (Honours) 2010, Bachelor of Laws / Diploma in Legal Practice (Honours) 2012
2019Dr Bhavi Ravindran (Achiever)Bachelor of Medicine 2018, Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) 2017
2019Brendan Swansborough (Achiever)Bachelor of Business 2008, Bachelor of Economics 2008
2019Jessie Porteus (Achiever)Bachelor of Law / Diploma in Legal Practice 2011, Bachelor of Economics 2009
2018Peter McArdleBachelor of Engineering (Civil) 2009
2017Dr Xanthe SpindlerDoctor of Philosophy (Immunology and Microbiology) 2014, Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) 2008
2017Dr Malcolm StarkeyBachelor of Science (Forensic) (Honours) 2006
2016Dr Vincent CandrawinataDoctor of Philosophy (Food Science) 2015, Bachelor of Science (Food Technology) (Honours) 2011, Bachelor of Food Science and Human Nutrition 2010
2015Rhys CourtneyBachelor of Architecture 2005, Bachelor of Design (Architecture) 2002
2014Jacob CassBachelor of Visual Communication Design 2009
2013Chandra ClementsBachelor of Business 2001, Bachelor of Science 2000
2012Glenn PlattMaster of Business Administration 2010, Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Engineering) 2005, Bachelor of Engineering 2000
2011Nikola BowdenDoctor of Philosophy (Medical Genetics) 2006, Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) 2001
2010Sarah KempGraduate Certificate in Business Research 2011, Master of Business Administration 2009

The Convocation Medal for Exceptional Contribution recognises members of convocation or the wider community who have contributed to the University of Newcastle as an influencer, advocate, advisor, or supporter.

Nominees must demonstrate an outstanding contribution to the University of Newcastle, enhancing its commitment to be a world-leading University for all its regions through the values of excellence, equity, engagement, and sustainability.

2020Friends of the University

The University of Newcastle acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands within our footprint areas: Awabakal, Darkinjung, Biripai, Worimi, Wonnarua, and Eora Nations. We also pay respect to the wisdom of our Elders past and present.