Sexual Assault and Harassment

The University of Newcastle (UON) takes all allegations of misconduct seriously – including allegations of sexually based assault and harassment. UON will not tolerate behaviour that compromises the safety and wellbeing of staff or students.

Sexual misconduct is a term used within the University framework to describe any sexually based assault and/or harassment. It can affect anybody regardless of gender or sexuality. It includes behaviour that is not consensual, is threatening, intimidating or coercive. This includes but is not limited to; sexually based assault, sexual harassment, stalking, voyeurism and/or intimidation and may involve electronic forms of communication.

The NSW government defines sexual assault as any unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature to which you have not agreed or consented. This behaviour may cause you to feel uncomfortable, intimidated or afraid.

If you have experienced sexually based assault or harassment, you do not need to submit a formal report to access services at UON or talk to someone for support.

The decision about whether or not to report sexual misconduct is up to you. Information that might help you to decide is provided below:

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