Campus care

Our Campus Care program provides information, advice and support in managing inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviours in a safe and confidential environment. (We are not an emergency service. All emergencies should be reported to Security immediately).

If you experience any of the following please call us on 49218600:

  • feel threatened or unsafe
  • have concerns about someone else's behaviour or well-being
  • have received unwanted attention
  • are worried about someone harming themselves or someone else
  • have experienced sexually based assault or harassment

Our aims are to:

  • identify potential concerns early
  • minimise the impact of mental illness and psychological distress
  • ensure appropriate and timely referral to clinical services
  • reduce the stigma of mental illness and promote a University culture that supports individuals and those with concerns about peers and colleagues
  • reduce the incidence of serious incidents

Our staff will investigate all reports and liaise with relevant services both within and outside the University adhering to privacy laws and University policy.

*Campus care is a best practise initiative and has close links with the Tertiary Education Safer Community Network in Victoria.

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