Salary packaging

A range of items can be salary packaged including vehicles, parking permits and superannuation contributions. This means that you give up part of your salary in exchange for certain fringe benefits. Salary packaging can also provide tax benefits as the salary sacrificed item, including any fringe benefits tax (FBT), comes off your wage before income tax is taken, meaning you may pay less tax.

Salary packaging is available to all staff in accordance with the Salary Packaging Policy (PDF, 136KB).

It is recommended that you see an independent financial advisor to see if salary packaging might benefit your situation before making any decisions.

We have an agreement with LeasePlan Australia to manage the administration of salary packaging at UON. See the SalaryPlan user guide (for general information about salary packaging). View the Fees and charges for each benefit item.

If you would like to start salary packaging, please read the relevant information below and complete the benefit authority form (DOC, 189KB).

To enquire about salary packaging a vehicle please contact LeasePlan:

When registering via LeasePlan Online the University of Newcastle customer number is 1000157071

To apply to salary package a vehicle please complete the novated lease application form (DOC, 181KB).

Staff can salary sacrifice childcare at the KU Kooinda Work Based Child Care Centre. For more information and to claim see the in-house childcare form (DOC, 188KB).

If you would like to commence salary packaging to UniSuper, please email with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your six digit staff/employee number (and relevant job number/s)
  • The percentage amount of your salary you wish to have deducted and forwarded to UniSuper (please note this cannot be a fixed $ amount)
  • The pay day you wish the deduction to commence from
  • If applicable, the end pay date for the deduction.

To set up an arrangement for funds other than UniSuper, complete the form below:

Staff parking permits can be salary sacrificed. See the salary packaging of parking deductions form (PDF, 28KB).

If you have moved from your usual place of residence to work at UoN, you may be eligible for a living away from home allowance which can be salary packaged.

After you buy a new laptop you can apply for reimbursements by instalments or salary package the cost of the laptop (including software) over the fringe benefits tax year (1 April to 31 March). For more information see the LeasePlan user guide (PDF, 361KB). To apply please complete the laptop salary sacrifice form (DOC, 194KB).

The cost of a mobile phone or electronic diary/PDA can be salary packaged and is exempt from fringe benefits tax. For more information see LeasePlan user guide (PDF, 361KB). To apply please complete the mobile phone/PDA form (DOC, 185KB).

You can also salary package some items where the principal use of the item is business or work related. Examples include:

  • brief case (or similar carry bag)
  • professional association/trade union fees (can also include associated journal subscriptions)
  • taxation/financial advisor expenses
  • income protection insurance

To apply please complete the miscellaneous benefits form (DOC, 188KB).

For more information see LeasePlan user guide (PDF, 361KB).

For more information about salary packaging at UON see the Salary Packaging Policy (PDF, 136KB).

If you would like to cancel your salary packaging arrangement please complete the benefit cessation form (DOC, 201KB).