The University of Newcastle, Australia

Beryl Nashar Young Researcher Award

The Beryl Nashar Young Researcher Award recognises the emerging research accomplishments of early- and mid-career alumni researchers.

Past recipients achievements include impactful research across health, medicine, sport science and the environment.

2019Dr Serene Yoong (Achiever)Doctor of Philosophy Behavioural Science 2014, Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics 2009
2019Dr Georgina Ramsay (Achiever)Doctor of Philosophy Sociology and Anthropology 2016, Bachelor of Science (Honours) 2011
2019Dr Emma Beckett (Achiever)Doctor of Philosophy (Food Science) 2016, Master of Science Management 2011, Graduate Diploma of Clinical Epidemiology 2010, Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) 2007
2018Dr Jessica AllenDoctor of Philosophy (Chemistry) 2011, Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) 2008
2017Dr Andrew BivardDoctor of Philosophy (Medicine) 2013, Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) 2009
2016Dr Andrew GardnerDoctor of Philosophy (Medicine) 2015
2015Dr Natalie BeveridgeDoctor of Philosophy (Experimental Pharmacology) 2011; Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) 2006
2014Alison ThorburnDoctor of Philosophy (Immunology And Microbiology) 2011