Our corporate values include honesty and accountability and these underpin the work we do to prevent fraud and corruption.

Fraud and corruption

Our corporate values include honesty and accountability and these underpin the work we do to prevent fraud and corruption.

As university staff, we are considered public officials. We have a responsibility under the (NSW) Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Act to contribute to a culture that does not tolerate corrupt conduct whilst actively supporting a fair and equitable process to prevent, report and investigate acts of corrupt conduct. Allegations or complaints of corrupt conduct against the University of Newcastle may be investigated by the ICAC.

We all have a responsibility to create an environment that prevents corruption from taking place. You should:

  • act within the principles set out in the Code of Conduct (PDF, 211KB)
  • be aware of and abide by policies and procedures
  • review and improve existing procedures to minimise corruption
  • ensure an appropriate level of supervision and training is provided to staff under your supervision
  • ask yourself "would I be happy to defend this in public?".

In your everyday work:

  • ensure that appropriate University expenses are charged to University credit cards, including checking that expenses are appropriately documented
  • properly dispose of surplus and/or obsolete equipment
  • use University equipment, services and finances for University endorsed functions only
  • keep your leave and timesheets up-to-date and accurate
  • work to the roles and responsibilities as outlined in your position description
  • keep information confidential regarding University activities, business decisions and sensitive information, such as student and staff details
  • comply with the recruitment process, including checking referees
  • keep passwords safe and secure. Do not share with others.

Training is available:

  • register for fraud and corruption awareness training through HRonline

If you are concerned about corrupt conduct or the potential for corrupt conduct:

If you want to maintain protection under the Public Interest Disclosures Act, it is important that you only discuss your concerns following the process outlined in UoN's policy.

You can remain anonymous, however for your report to be properly assessed and investigated, you need to supply enough detailed information regarding the incident/event to enable a thorough and fair investigation.To report concerns directly, please complete the Corrupt conduct report form (DOC, 20KB) and email to the Disclosures Co-ordinator.

If you voice a concern/report an allegation

  • You will be asked to support the investigation by providing as much factual information as possible.
  • The University will make every effort to ensure that your identity remains confidential. If we need to release information that may disclose your identity, we will discuss this with you first.
  • You can receive periodic updates/progress reports of the investigation process.
  • You may be advised that the investigation has been finalised if you have requested this information. However, it may not be possible to advise the outcome if other avenues, such as criminal or misconduct proceedings, are being pursued.

If an allegation is made against you

  • If a preliminary assessment of the allegation finds no evidence to support the allegation, you will not be advised of the matter.
  • If evidence is found and further review is required, you will be informed of the allegation and what is required of you.
  • It is a requirement as an employee of the University that you will cooperate with the process.
  • The University will make every effort to ensure confidentiality is maintained throughout the investigation process. Investigations are conducted fairly and without bias.

If you are asked to contribute to an investigation

  • You may be asked to make statements and/or contribute information.
  • As a staff member, you must cooperate with the process.
  • The University will support your contribution by ensuring you are not discriminated against or harassed as a result of your cooperation.

We review allegations of fraud and corruption in accordance with the ICAC Act. We make every effort to ensure that investigations are conducted impartially, fairly, expediently and discreetly. Where appropriate, we appoint experienced investigators, either internally or externally, to perform investigations. Investigators will have no conflicts of interest that may impact or alter the course of the investigation.