Information about upcoming and recent Elections for the University of Newcastle


Elections are conducted by the University Secretary (as Returning Officer) for various positions on University bodies (Councils, Committees, Boards ect). Many other bodies conduct their own elections for positions on those bodies. This site only deals with those elections undertaken by the University Secretary.

Election of Non-Academic Staff to Council to fill a Casual Vacancy until 31 August 2016.

Nominations were called to elect one non-academic staff member of the University to the Council to fill a casual vacancy until 31 August 2016.

Notice of Ballot

At the close of nominations, more than one valid nomination have been received.

Nominations were received from (in alphabetical order):

  • Mr Greg Anderson
  • Mr Paul Chojenta
  • Ms Jackie Cobbold
  • Mr Dan Conway
  • Ms Yelena Dawson
  • Ms Jennifer Flinn
  • Mr Brian Jones
  • Ms Jodi McLean
  • Ms Lea Petrovic
  • Mr Michael Robertson
  • Ms Megan Sharkey

Consequently a preferential ballot will be conducted by postal vote.

Eligibility to Vote

All non-academic staff of the University who hold full-time or half-time or greater fractional appointments are eligible to vote in this election.

How to Vote

Voting papers will be dispatched to eligible staff members by Wednesday 13 May 2015. For votes to be included in the ballot, all completed voting papers will be required to reach the Returning Officer by no later than 5pm on Monday 1 June 2015.

Candidate Statements

These will be sent to voters with the voting papers. They are also available for downloading.

For further information, contact:

Mrs Jackie McIntosh
Telephone 0249 216565
Fax  0249 217417


Ms Zoe Berzins
Telephone 0249 138777
Fax 0249 217417

Election of Students to Faculty Board for 2015

Nominations for these student positions have closed. An electronic ballot has been been held for:

  • One postgraduate research higher degree student on Faculty Board, Faculty of Health and Medicine.

The successful candidate was Ryan Duchatel.

Election of Students to Academic Senate for 2015

Nominations for these student positions have closed. Electronic ballots have been held for:

  • One undergraduate student from Callaghan Campus
    The successful candidate was Nicholas Moor
  • One postgraduate research higher degree student
    The successful candidate was Sharlene Leroy-Dyer
Election of Academic Staff to Academic Senate

Elections were recently help for a number of positions on Academic Senate from 1 January 2015 and two ballots were held.