Information about upcoming and recent Elections for the University of Newcastle


Elections are conducted by the University Secretary (as Returning Officer) for various positions on University bodies (Councils, Committees, Boards etc). Many other bodies conduct their own elections for positions on those bodies. This site only deals with those elections undertaken by the University Secretary.

Call for Self-Nominations

A casual vacancy exists for the elected Faculty of Science and Information Technology (FSCIT) Faculty Board representative on Academic Senate to
31 December 2016.

The eligible nominees for the casual vacancy are outlined below:

School of Design, Communication and Information Technology
MemberTerm of Office Expiry
Dr Judith Sandner                      31/12/2015
Dr Phillip McIntyre                     31/12/2016
Dr Mike McAuley                       31/12/2016
School of Environmental and Life Science
MemberTerm of Office Expiry
Dr Alistair Hack                            31/12/2015
Dr Paul Roach                               31/12/2016
A/ Professor David McCurdy 31/12/2016
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
MemberTerm of Office Expiry
Dr Frank Tuyl                                31/12/2015
Do Thomas Kalinowski31/12/2016
Dr Ian Renner                              31/12/2016
School of Psychology
MemberTerm of Office Expiry
Dr Kerry Chalmers                      31/12/2015
A/Professor Jenny Bowman  31/12/2016
Dr Dennis Rose                            31/12/2016

The Call for Nominations will be open from 14 July 2015, for a period of two weeks, closing at 5:00pm on 28 July 2015.

Eligible nominees are encouraged to download the Self-Nomination form here


If at the close of nominations, more than one valid nomination has been received for the casual vacancy, an electronic preferential ballot is proposed to be conducted from 6 - 20 August 2015. In the event an election is required, all members of the FSCIT Faculty Board will be eligible to vote and the result will be announced on 21 August 2015.

For further information contact Zoe Berzins on 4913 8777 or email

Notice of Nominations for Membership on Academic Senate

The University of Newcastle is calling for nominations for membership on Academic Senate to commence from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2017.  

Academic Senate is the primary forum for debate on academic issues in the University and has a major role in academic quality assurance processes. The Academic Senate has the mission to protect, promote and enhance the excellence of the University's core academic activities – teaching, learning and research.

The terms of office of a number of the members of Academic Senate expire on 31 December 2015.


Academic staff at the relevant level, who hold a substantive academic position of 0.5 full-time equivalent or above with a contract period of 12 months or longer, (except those who are ex-officio members of the Academic Senate) are eligible to nominate themselves as candidates and to vote in the election. Ex-officio members of the Academic Senate are not eligible to stand for election but can vote in the election.

Current members whose term of office expires on 31 December 2015 are eligible to nominate for a further term.

Pursuant to the Academic Senate Constitution, an election will be held for the purpose of electing academic staff to the following positions:

Professoriate from across the University

Members of the professoriate (academic staff appointed to Level D or E positions) elected by and from the professoriate of the University, with no more than two members in this category from the same Faculty. Three (3) positions
One Level E or D from non-Callaghan campus (elected by academics primarily located at a campus other than the Callaghan campus). One (1) position


Academic staff members from the following levels in each Faculty, elected by the academic staff at that level within the Faculty:

Faculty of Education and Arts (FEDUA)
Level A or B One (1) position
Level E One (1) position
Faculty of Health and Medicine (FHEAM)
Level A or B One (1) position
Level E One (1) position
Faculty of Science and Information Technology (FSCIT)
Level A or B One (1) position
Faculty of Business and Law (FBUSL)
Level E One (1) position
Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment (FENBE)
Level E One (1) position
English Language and Foundation Studies Centre (ELFSC)
One Academic Staff member elected by and from the academic staff of the English Language and Foundation Studies Centre (ELFSC) One (1) position


Nominations must be submitted on the approved form, available below. There must be a separate nomination form for each candidate.

When nominating, there is no need to identify the position(s) on Academic Senate for which you are nominating. The Returning Officer will allocate nominees to positions for which they are eligible in accordance with the Constitution of the Academic Senate.

Nominations must be received by 5:00pm on Monday 24 August 2015.

Download: Nomination Form

Completed nominations can be submitted by post or email to:

Returning Officer
Advanced Technology Centre
Callaghan Campus

By email to the Deputy Returning Officer:

Cricos Provider 00109J

Election of Non-academic Staff Member to Council to fill a Casual Vacancy

An election was held to elect one non-academic staff member of the University to the Council to fill a casual vacancy until 31 August 2016.

Download election result