Legal and Compliance is responsible for managing the University’s Trademark register, which includes managing the application and approval process for trademarks on behalf of responsible business units.

A trademark is a valuable type of intellectual property that gives the owner an exclusive right to use a name, phrase or logo in connection with specific kinds of goods and services. It is an asset used by the University to generate goodwill in the community and to differentiate its goods and services from similar ones offered by other providers in the market. For this reason, the University has a vested interest in ensuring the trademarks it holds are consistent with its branding and marketing strategy.

If you believe your activities in connection with your employment at the University require a trademark, please submit a request for a trademark application by Legal and Compliance via the Legal and Compliance serviceNow portal. In doing so, you’ll need to have a think about what the benefit of the trademark will be to your activities, what goods and services the trademark should cover, and how much your business unit is able to budget in paying for the application.