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International students sexual health

Sexual health includes a range of things that can affect your physical and emotional health and wellbeing. It includes relationships, sexuality, sexual contact and practices with another person, pregnancy and more.

Sexual relationships should be pleasurable, safe and not fearful. They should not cause feelings of shame. Sexual activities should not be forced; no one should be intimidated or pressured into any sexual activity that they do not wish to engage in.

In Australia, sexual health is viewed in a positive way and is openly discussed. The University of Newcastle is committed to helping all students to access information regarding their sexual health, and to providing information to help them access supportive sexual health services.

UON’s multi-lingual sexual health factsheets provide this information in six languages.

This website has been designed by International students for international students. It includes information about services that can help if you have questions about sexual health.

Multi-lingual sexual health factsheets

UON acknowledges and thanks Allianz Global Assistance for support in the development of these web pages.

Be Safe, Stay Well

The videos below have been developed for international students, and provide information and advice about sexual health and the health care system in Australia. They look at things such as the importance of safe sex, discussing STIs, health service costs, and sex and the law.

UON would like to thank the Western Australian Department of Health for kindly sharing the video resources below.

Importance of Safe Sex

Sex and the Law

Health Service Costs