Peer assisted study sessions (PASS)

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) provide a platform for you to compare notes, discuss difficult concepts and review weekly material with other students.

Sessions are led by a trained PASS leader who previously received great grades in your course.

It’s free, it’s proven to work, and it’s for everyone – you don’t even need to book ahead, just turn up! Students can contact PASS, or find out more about PASS below.

Courses and timetables

Exam sessions will run in Week 13 and into the exam period for selected courses. For further information you can view all sessions time here or you can search for your course in the 2021 Web Timetable.

Semester 1, 2021 PASS offerings are listed by campus below. A full list of times will be available by the beginning of Week 1 of semester (22 February 2021) and provided here or you can view them by looking up the course in the 2021 Web Timetable.

You can also find us in Blackboard under 'My Other Sites' in PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions). This Blackboard site will give you access to PASS resources and information about session times and locations.

  • ARBE1101
  • BIOL1001
  • CHEM1010
  • CRIM1010
  • EDUC1048
  • ENGG1003
  • ENGL1000
  • ENVS1001
  • HASS1000
  • HASS2000
  • HIST1051
  • HUBS1105
  • HUBS1406
  • HUSE1001
  • INFT1004
  • LING1111
  • MATH1002
  • MATH1110
  • MATH1120
  • MATH2310
  • MEDI1011A
  • MEDI2011A
  • PHAR1201
  • PHSY1200
  • PHYS1210
  • PSYC1010
  • SCIE1002
  • SENG1110
  • SENG1120
  • SOCA1010
  • STAT1070
  • BIOL1001
  • CHEM1110
  • EDUC1048
  • ENGL1000
  • ENVS1001
  • HIST1051
  • HUBS1406
  • HUSE1001
  • INFT1004
  • MATH1001
  • PSYC1010
  • SCIE1002
  • SOCA1010
  • STAT1060
  • ACFI1001
  • ACFI1002
  • ECON1001
  • ECON1002
  • IBUS1000
  • LAWS1010
  • LAWS1020
  • LEGL1001
  • MKTG1001
  • MNST1001
  • STAT1060
  • ACFI2070
  • ACFI2080
  • LAWS3040
  • LAWS4004

If you are studying Open Foundation, Newstep or Yapug and you are interested in PASS, visit your relevant Course Site in Blackboard or visit your personalised support page at

Why attend?

PASS is used by universities all across Australia for the simple reason that they improve the grades of students who regularly attend. PASS sessions:

  • improve analytical skills
  • increase motivation
  • improve time-management skills
  • help exam preparation

It has also been shown that one hour of face-to-face PASS is the equivalent of up to three hours of solo study – so if you’re busy, like most students, this is an awesome way to streamline your habits and make sure you’re making the most efficient and successful use of your time.

Plus it’s a great way to make friends with other students in your course.

PASS sessions are great. They make me study and bring my attention to what I need to know. They are also a place where I'm not ashamed to firstly admit I don't know something, and secondly, to get help” - previous PASS student.

PASS in Blackboard

You can find PASS in Blackboard under 'My Other Sites' in PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions). This Blackboard site will give you access to PASS resources, information about session times and locations and provide the link to "LIVE" sessions.

To access your PASS course group(s), the first time you visit the site you will need to follow the instructions in PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) to Join your PASS Course. Each time you visit after this you will only see the course(s) you have joined.

Each course page includes:

  • course-specific tips
  • session times
  • a link to a Teams site for PASS participants to collaborate
  • a link to the "Live" sessions.

The "LIVE" sessions are the same as on-campus PASS sessions, just online, making some courses accessible to students who study off-campus and students who find it difficult to fit on-campus sessions into their schedule. The sessions are conducted by the same PASS Leaders who run face-to-face sessions, and have been trained to manage an online classroom.

Most "LIVE" sessions will be run in Blackboard Collaborate and can be accessed by clicking on the Join PASS Session button.

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