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The PASS timetables for both face-to-face and Online Interactive Sessions can be found below. You can also view session times by logging in to UONline (Blackboard) and selecting 'Online PASS' from the 'My Other Sites' list. The Blackboard site will give you access to both PASS session times and Online PASS resources.

PASS Timetables

PASS times and locations are available via the Web Timetable for individual courses, and this is the most accurate way to check when and where your sessions will be. Times and locations should be allocated for your courses by the commencement of Orientation week, so please check the Web Timetable before commencing semester - it's usually a good idea to make sure your regular lecture times and locations are correct anyway. The links below will provide you with information about all available PASS for your campus.

Medicine timetable changes each week. Your PASS Leaders will keep you updated via your Blackboard site or Facebook groups.

PASS Exam/Revision sessions will be scheduled for Week 13 and into the exam period, if required. The timetable for these sessions should be available here at the beginning of Week 12 of semester.

PASS Notices

PASS Sessions begin in Week 2.

Questions about PASS? Visit the PASS FAQs page for more information about PASS.

Open Foundation Student? Please visit UONline to view your Open Foundation PASS timetable

Business and Law Student? Please visit UONline to view your PASS site.