Peer study assistance (PASS)

Get help from fellow students who have succeeded in your course with our Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS).

What is PASS?

PASS = Peer Assisted Study Sessions

PASS is based on an internationally recognised program and is used by universities all across Australia. The program is FREE and provides a platform for you to compare notes, discuss difficult concepts and review weekly material with other students. PASS can be accessed through face-to-face weekly sessions or online. Sessions and materials are prepared and run by a student PASS Leader who previously achieved excellent results in your course.

Currently there are over 50 courses offering PASS across all campuses.

How does PASS help you?

Research has shown that PASS sessions can improve your grades, regardless of whether you are trying to get a high distinction or just pass your course by:

  • improving analytical skills
  • increasing motivation
  • improving time management skills
  • helping exam preparation.

PASS sessions are great. They make me study and bring my attention to what I need to know. They are also a place where I'm not ashamed to firstly admit I don't know something, and secondly, to get help - previous PASS student.

How can i attend?

There are a number of ways that you can get involved and experience the benefits of PASS.