Your Professional Surname

Changing or maintaining it in HR Records

Many University Staff, particularly female Academics, have a ‘Professional Surname’ that differs from their ‘Legal Surname’. Following the Commonwealth Government introducing Single Touch Payroll  Reporting this year, the Human Resource Services Remuneration and Benefits Team are required to provide payroll information to the Australian Taxation Office during each pay cycle, using the staff member’s Legal Surname as registered with the ATO.

The Legal Surname is held in the HR Ascender system for these purposes, however HRS and IT have collaborated to implement a solution which allows for a separate HR Online notation of a staff member’s Professional Surname to be recorded, which will report through to all public facing University systems such as the University website staff directory, NEXUS Researcher Website profiles, Blackboard, Office 365 applications and telephone identity.

What do I need to do to reflect my Professional Surname?

You should complete the Staff Change of Details Form (this form can also be used for change of gender).

You may need to provide certified copies of documentation as explained in the form, if you have not previously provided these to HRS.

The form should be returned with any supporting documentation to Human Resource Services:

If you need to update your email address to reference your Professional Surname, you will need to submit a Service UON request to ‘Change Email Address’. This should occur after updating your HR Record.

Further Assistance:

If you require further assistance with adjusting your Professional Surname, please contact Human Resource Services on:

(02) 4033 9999 (Option 6 – HR Support).