Our aim is to ensure that complaints are addressed quickly and resolved fairly at UoN.

Student Complaints

Our aim is to ensure that complaints are addressed quickly and resolved fairly.

If you are unhappy with a decision that has been made, or the way someone has behaved, steps you can take are:

  • discuss your concerns directly with the person involved and attempt to resolve the matter
  • approach their supervisor or another member of staff you trust for advice
  • talk confidentially to a manager in one of the Student Hubs, or the Dean of Students
  • submit a feedback form in Ask UoN to receive advice from one of our customer service officers
  • read the complaints process page for more information in relation to making a formal complaint.

Academic Matters

If you have a complaint or concern about your studies, you should seek advice from one of the following

  • course coordinator
  • program convenor
  • program officer

If you are unable to satisfactorily resolve your concern, you should contact the Dean of Students.

Non-Academic Matters

If you have a concern or a complaint relating to non-academic matters you can submit your feedback via the student feedback form.

You can also check out answers to frequently asked questions.

Where else can I go?

You also have a right to use external agencies to resolve a complaint such as the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW, the NSW Ombudsman, Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) or legal process. Please tell us if your complaint is referred to an external agency. We may have to stop the internal complaints resolution process while your complaint is investigated by an external agency.