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Sample Standard Letter Requests

Sample letter - Student enrolment pattern

Sample letter - Student Enrolment Pattern

Sample letter - Verification of enrolment

Sample letter - Verification of Enrolment

Sample letter - Verification of Award

Sample letter - Verification of Award

Sample letter - Official GPA Letter

Sample letter - Official GPA Letter

Sample letter - Eligibility to Complete

Sample letter - Eligibility to Complete


Campus Environment

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Candidature Variation Forms

To request a variation to your candidature please PRINT and COMPLETE the My Details and Signatures & Approvals pages, PLUS the relevant variation form from the list. Most variations must be received at The Office of Graduate Studies by the census dates of 31 March (for semester 1) and 31 August (for semester 2) in order for them to take effect that semester. Once a variation form has been received and processed by the Office of Graduate Studies, we will notify you and your supervisors via email. In the instances of a leave of absence, or transfer of program, a letter will also be posted. Please ensure your contact details are correct in myHub.

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