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Admissions - Australian students

If you are interested in studying Music at UON through the Bachelor of Music or the Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, additional selection criteria apply.

Video auditions can be sent online at any time. If you would like to audition face-to-face, we encourage you to apply to audition as soon as possible. Face-to-face auditions will be held on the below dates:


  • Mid-Year: Tuesday 5 JUNE and Friday 8 JUNE 2018 (Application due 21 May 2018)
  • Video auditions accepted until 9 JULY 2018


  • Early Round: 24 SEP - 26 SEP 2018 (Application due 7 SEP 2018)
  • Main Round: 26 NOV - 7 DEC 2018 (Application due 9 NOV 2018)
  • Video auditions accepted until 31 JAN 2019

For more details, please refer to the Music audition FAQs below.

Music application process

Direct online applications for current students

Current UON students* who wish to transfer into either the Bachelor of Music or the Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Arts double degree can apply directly through the University instead of applying through UAC*. There is no cost to submit your application.

Apply for direct transfer Learn more

*Applications via UAC and UON International Admissions (IA) only apply for applicants who are currently not enrolled at the University of Newcastle.

Domestic applicants

Music applicants are now able to apply and audition online. The table below outlines the application process for domestic and international applicants.

Step 1

Register and apply through UAC*

Step 2

Submit your audition form - domestic (100KB, PDF) to UON. Refer to the Auditions FAQs for updated audition schedule dates and details.

Step 3

Complete the online music knowledge test. Details will be sent to you after step 2.

Step 4

Domestic applicants can either:

(1) Audition face-to-face - refer to FAQs for updated schedule and details; OR

(2) Audition online (OPEN year-round)

  • Upload your audition video
  • Have an online interview.

For more details: Audition FAQs

Application requirements for your area of study

To apply for a music degree, you will need to provide requirements that display your abilities and interest.

Portfolio requirements

Performance applicants are required to present two pieces demonstrating contrasting styles and genres.

Face-to-face auditions

Face-to-face performances may include in part, a short masterclass or interaction with staff member(s), providing valuable feedback to applicants

Duo or group auditions
  • If you have friends who also wish to audition (perhaps members of the same group/ensemble), you may audition together.
  • The length of the audition will be adjusted accordingly.
  • A separate Audition Application Form must be completed by each applicant.

Performance styles

  • The choice of styles can include contemporary, classical, early music, jazz, world music or other styles. Original compositions and improvisations are permitted.
  • A demonstrated expertise and understanding across any of the styles performed is expected by the audition panel.

Instruments and systems

  • You may audition on up to two instruments. Each instrument may require a separately scheduled appointment. Please specify details on the audition application form (section II)
  • Applicants must arrange their own accompaniment. The accompaniment may utilise piano, band, guitar, recorded backing, etc.
  • A sound playback system, standard band set up (amplifiers, vocal PA, drum kit, playback) will be available in the audition room. Electric guitar applicants must supply their own guitar leads.

Audition duration

  • Performance auditions are generally limited to approximately 20 minutes in duration (including set up time).
  • Please keep this in mind if you are bringing in your own equipment and tuning, and accompanied by people to assist in your set-up.

Applicants must present a portfolio of two creative works. Depending on your chosen area of concentration, the requirements are outlined below.

Composition portfolio requirements

Objective: Your composition works should preferably display contrasting forms or diversity. If possible, please accompany any scored compositions with a recording.

Examples: A chamber, orchestral, vocal or solo work, jazz arrangement, a soundscape recording, or multi-track recording exploring texture or timbre.

Songwriting portfolio requirements

Objective: Recordings demonstrating different approaches to song writing. If recordings are not possible, you may perform your songs live at the interview.

Examples: An arrangement, different styles, approaches to production, approaches to words and music, etc.

Format requirements

  • Scores may be provided as PDF, MUS or SIB files
  • Audio files on a USB drive should be in MP3 format.

If you choose Creative Production (Music Technology) as the focus your study, the table below outlines the requirements you will need for your application.

Requirements for domestic and international applicants

Portfolio requirements

Applicants must present a portfolio of two creative activities. These should be evidenced with audio or video material.


Material on a USB drive may be provided as MP3, WAV, AIFF, MPG, MOV or similar formats.

Demonstrate interest in creative production

Demonstrate your interest in creative production (music technology) through discussions about:

  • Productions you may have been involved with such as recording sessions, live shows, and other similar undertakings.
  • Creative works such as software compositions, soundscapes, video clips, studio recordings, and others.

Technology requirements

  • Applicants should provide their own computer where specific software is required.
  • Internet access will be available on a computer in the audition room for accessing material.

Portfolio requirements

All applicants must present a portfolio of either:

  • Two examples of their music research or analysis; OR,
  • Write a proposal addressing the reasons they want to do music research.

Please provide printed and electronic copies of your material.

Examples: An essay on some aspect of music, a critical review of a band or musician, publications about music, a concert review, musicology paper, music analysis, written or recorded interview with a musician, etc


  • Scores may be provided as PDF, MUS or SIB files.
  • Audio files on a USB drive should be in MP3 format.

Music audition FAQs

Music applicants at the University of Newcastle can audition face-to-face or online.

Online video auditions are open all year round. Face-to-face music auditions for 2018 Semester 1 entry are scheduled to align with early round, main round and later round applications. Please refer to the FAQs section below for audition dates and details.

Audition FAQs - Domestic applicants

Download, complete and submit the relevant audition form following the processes provided on this page.

Music audition form - domestic (100KB, PDF)

Closing dates depend on whether you would like to audition face-to-face or online through video auditions.

Face-to-face Audition Dates (Semester 1 - 2019)

If you are intending to apply for semester 1 next year and would like audition face-to-face, we encourage you to apply to audition as soon as possible. Face-to-face auditions will be held on the below dates:

  • Early Round Auditions: Monday 24 SEP – Friday 26 SEP 2018 (Application due 07-SEP)
  • Main Round Auditions: Monday 26 NOV – Friday 07 DEC 2018 (Application due 09-NOV)
  • Video auditions accepted until 31 JAN 2019

Online video auditions (open year-round)

Alternatively, we welcome online auditions throughout the year* so you may submit your video auditions at any time.

For more details please refer to the details outlined on this page and in the audition forms.


Music Audition Coordinator

*Audition applications are subject to availability as well as admission timelines.

As a domestic applicant you can choose to audition online or face-to-face.


Domestic applicants are welcome to audition face-to-face. Dates and conditions apply. More details are provided in this FAQ section.


If you are located a long distance from Newcastle or find it more convenient, you may audition online. This process has two parts:


  • You will need to produce a video of yourself and upload it to the audition portal.
  • The requirements for your audition video will be provided after you submit your audition application form.


  • A short online interview will also be arranged as part of your audition process.
  • During the interview, you can discuss your musical and academic achievements and present your aspirations for the future.

Face-to-face auditions are normally held at Newcastle Conservatorium though they may also be scheduled in regional centres of NSW where there is demand. You may select to audition by yourself or together with a group of other musicians.

If you selected to attend an audition in person, you will be notified of your specific audition date within 14 days after the audition application closing date. Rescheduling of auditions within the audition period may be possible but is not guaranteed.

If you are attending an audition at the Conservatorium, the University will supply guitar amplifiers, a vocal PA system, music stands, etc, but it is up to you to supply your instrument (with the exception of piano, pipe organ and drum kit) and any leads, plectrums, drum sticks, computer and software, etc. and to organise any accompaniment.

No. You must apply for the music program via the University Admissions Centre (UAC) prior to attending your audition. Please include your UAC number at Section Two of the application. Further details are available from the UAC website. Applicants who do not undertake an audition will not be considered for an offer via UAC.

No, you do not require an ATAR for admission to the Bachelor of Music*.

Selection of applicants will be made on the basis of:

  1. UAC/International Admissions/ Internal Transfer application
  2. Audition (performance)
  3. Interview (oral assessment)
  4. Application (written assessment)

UAC/International Admissions/ Internal Transfer Application is based on:

  • Completed Year 12 studies - NSW HSC or equivalent qualification – irrespective of age of qualification. There is no minimum ATAR requirement.
  • Completed or partly completed higher education studies; or
  • TAFE/VET qualifications, with a minimum of a completed Certificate II (AQF level 2); or
  • Completed recognised enabling program; or
  • Overseas qualifications equivalent to Australian studies (International); or
  • Post-secondary professional qualifications.
*An ATAR is still required for Admission to the Bachelor of Music/ Bachelor of Arts program.
  • Depending on your specialisation/s you will either perform (individually or in a group) or present a portfolio of material. Please refer to the information above outlining the requirements based on your chosen study area.
  • Short interview - Face-to-face and video auditions both involve a short interview where you are able to discuss your musical and academic achievements and present your aspirations for the future. Interviews for the video audition option will be held online.

Within a few weeks of your audition you will be notified if you were successful. The audition results are used for determining suitability for tertiary music study at UoN. You will be notified of an outcome when UAC announces University offers (released in several rounds).


After you submit your audition application you will be sent a link to an online music knowledge test to complete in your own time prior to the audition. The results of the test will help to determine the pathway you may take in first year. A sample test will be available on this page soon.

No. There is no fee applicable for an audition to study music at the University of Newcastle.

Contact details

Music auditions

Music Audition Coordinator
T: +61 2 4921 8900

Program enquiries

Music Program Advisor
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International admissions

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