Access a range of help files about different activities in HRonline.

HRonline help

If you are a manager requiring assistance with HRonline or other staff systems, see the manager help section.


By section

Payroll details

In this section you can view your current payslip, look at past payslips, edit your bank account details and access your payment summary. If you have any general enquiries about your pay please email Payroll.

Current payslip

Your current payslip will be available in HRonline on the morning of the pay day (every second Thursday).

Payslip history

To view previous payslips, click on the date, which is red and underlined, in the period end column.

Payment summaries

To view and print your payment summary, click on the serial number, which is red and underlined, and follow the instructions on the screen.

Bank account details

If you would like to update your bank account details see the instructions (PDF, 323KB).

As part of our security policy, when you make a change to your bank account details in the HRonline system, you will then be notified by an automated email message that this change has occurred.

For changes to your bank account details to take effect on payday, any changes should be made before midday on the Tuesday of each pay week.


In this section casual staff can submit timesheets.

Casual Professional/Academic timesheets

Click here for assistance with submitting your Casual Academic Timesheet help file (PDF, 1MB). Assistance for for professional staff is available in the professional guide (PDF, 548KB)

2015 HRonline cut off dates for timesheets (PDF, 169KB)

Personal details

In this section you can edit your personal details, list emergency contacts and supply EEO information. See the overview guide (PDF, 788KB) for help with this section.

Personal contacts

See the help file (PDF, 40KB) for how to update your personal details including home and work phone numbers, your home address and postal address.

Emergency contacts

Use the help file (PDF, 19KB) for instruction on how to update your emergency contact information,

EEO information

See the help file (PDF, 22KB) for updating your Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) details.

Information about Aboriginality, language background and disability are collected by the University for statistical purposes. EEO statistics are collected by Universities to provide information about the employment profiles of designated EEO groups. They provide key indicators of EEO program outcomes and are a core component of EEO annual reports to the Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment (NSW) and are the basis for DETYA staff statistics.


In this section you can look at leave balances and submit, check and reverse leave requests.

Leave bookings request/Leave balances

See the help file (PDF, 788KB) for information on how to book leave and view your leave balances.

Academic annual leave bookings and approvals

See the help file (PDF, 1.3MB) for information on booking academic annual leave and how to approve bookings.


In this section you can check the days worked, change your staff directory details, check the employee calendar and add your qualifications. For help with this section see the overview guide (PDF, 788KB).

Appointment details

In this section you can view the details of your current and previous contracts. 


In this section you can view your roster for a definable time period. This is particularly useful if you work on a part-time basis and want to verify your days of work.

My staff directory details

See the help file (PDF, 152KB) for instructions on how to update personal details regarding work phone and fax numbers, building , room numbers, areas of academic focus and also critical incident SMS mobile number (to be used only in the event of an emergency).

Outside work

If you are conducting work external to the University of Newcastle, you must record this information via HRonline. To access the form, select My HR / Employment / Outside Work. The Outside Work Policy is available here: Outside Work Policy - D12/26657P

Training and development

In this section you can view the training calendar, submit a nomination for a training course, look at your training history and load your qualifications.

Training nominations

See the help file (PDF, 474KB) for how to nominate for a course.

Training history

See the help file (PDF, 20KB) for information how to view your training history.


This option allows you to view your qualifications attained.

If this information needs to be updated, and your degree is from The University of Newcastle, please email the HR Support Team with your student number and details. They will be able to cross-reference with the NUSTAR student system, and update your qualifications in the HR system. If this information needs to be updated, and your degree is from another University, you should complete the staff qualifications record (PDF, 175KB).

Once completed, ask one of the nominated officers on the form to sign the declaration section and send the form to Human Resource Services with a copy of the original documents as evidence of the qualification. The form and a copy of your original documentation will be used for processing purposes and placed on your personal file within Human Resource Services.

Pending requests and current vacancies

My pending requests

Pending transactions are those requests you have submitted, eg leave bookings and timesheets that are awaiting approval.

Current vacancies

Some vacancies are advertised internally where only current UON staff can apply. In most cases these are only advertised in HRonline. External positions are advertised on our Jobs at UON pages. For help applying see the application instructions.