The University of Newcastle, Australia

Occupational Therapy Clinic

The University of Newcastle offers a student-led occupational therapy (OT) clinic for children and young people.

OT students work with children, their families and teachers to develop programs specific to a child's needs enabling them to reach their full potential at home, school and in the wider community.


On-campus clinic

We provide clinic-based services for children from 4-10 years of age who have concerns in the areas of school readiness, handwriting and/or self-regulation. We provide assessment, therapy groups and individual therapy sessions.

Customised programs

We can customise programs with partner organisations such as day care centres, schools and other community agencies dependent on identified need. Some of these services may be able to be provided in the community.

School-based programs

The OT Clinic can provide school-based programs in the Hunter and Lake Macquarie region. These programs may include:

  • Comprehensive handwriting, gross motor and fine motor individual screening assessments for all school students.
  • Detailed individual full assessment for identified children.
  • In-class handwriting programs to support teachers in delivering handwriting instruction. We use the WriteStart model which is an evidence-based, co-taught handwriting curriculum that uses a work station model to develop foundation visual-motor, cognitive and fine-motor skills to improve handwriting acquisition in all students (regardless of identified need).
  • Tailored small group intervention for students identified as needing additional support in handwriting, motor and/or self-regulatory areas.
  • Occupational therapy consultation for schools including in service presentation for teachers and parent information sessions.

Referral and appointments

On-campus clinic      

  • Referral from parent, teacher, allied health professional or a GP
  • Our services are available three days per week
  • Email:
  • T: (02) 4921 5004

School-based services


  • Fees for the on-campus clinic are established on a sliding scale.
  • Fees for the school based and customised programs are determined in consultation with your school/organisation.
  • Please contact the Clinic directly to determine the fee structure.
  • Current fees (PDF, 1558.33 KB)


Our on-campus services are based in the Hunter Building on the Callaghan campus in room HA49: