Equipment Grants

Research Office contact:

This scheme is CLOSED.

Completed applications must be submitted to by 5:00pm Thursday 27 February 2020

The NHMRC provides funding annually to NHMRC approved Administering Institutions to facilitate the procurement of equipment designed to support high quality health and medical research, as supported by the NHMRC or other competitive grant support.

The NHMRC Equipment Grants are allocated annually to Administering Institutions that hold competitively awarded NHMRC health and medical research grants in a particular funding year. The total amount offered to Institutions is calculated by allocating funds pro rata based on the NHMRC health and medical research grants held by each Institution in the calendar year.

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How to Apply

  • Applications must be made using the application template (DOC) provided.
  • One electronic copy of the full application including quotes, written evidence and confirmation of additional funding, if applicable, as a single pdf file, should be sent to by 5:00pm Thursday 27 February 2020
  • In the subject line of the email please use the format "NHMRC Equipment Grant Application – CIA Name" e.g. NHMRC Equipment Grant Application – Smith.