Summary of Outcomes

NHMRC 2020 Equipment Grant Application Round

Mastercycler X50's

Project Team

  • Professor Murray Cairns
  • Dr Michael Geaghan
  • Dr Ebrahim  Mahmoudi
  • Dr Dylan Kiltscheskij
  • Mr Adam Graham
  • Ms Sarah Costa E Silva Ribeiro

MxP Quant 500 System

Project Team

  • Laureate Professor Clare Collins
  • Professor Lisa Wood
  • Associate Professor Matt Dun

High Performance Camera and Imaging Control Software

Project Team

  • Associate Professor  Brett Graham
  • Professor Alan Brichta
  • Associate Professor Rebecca Lim
  • Associate  Professor James  Welsh
  • Professor Chris Dayas
  • Dr Lizzie Manning

Maxwell 48 Sample DNA/RNA isolation and purification system

Project Team

  • Professor Simon Keely
  • Dr Emily Hoedt
  • Dr Bridie Goggins
  • Distinguished Laureate  Professor Nick Talley
  • Dr Kerith Duncanson
  • Associate Professor Stephen Smith
  • Laureate Professor Rodney Scott
  • Dr Jude Wiedenhofer
  • Dr Peter Pockney
  • Professor Lisa Wood
  • Dr Evan Williams
  • Dr  Heather Lee
  • Dr Danielle Bond
  • Associate Professor  Kelly Aver-Kiejda
  • Associate Professor Jay Horvat
  • Dr Gerard Kaiko
  • Professor Brett Neilan
  • Dr Caitlin Romanis
  • Dr Verlaine Timms
  • Dr Karl Hassan
  • Dr Emma Beckett
  • Dr Toby Mills
  • Dr Thava Palanisami
  • Associate Professor Ian Grainge
  • Professor Deb Hodgson

B├╝chi Nano Spray Dryer B-90 HP for the preparation of nanocomposite dry powders

Project Team

  • Dr Roger Liang
  • Laureate Professor John Aitken
  • Professor Lee Smith
  • Associate Professor Nathan Bartlett
  • Professor Xudong  Zhang
  • Associate  Professor Lei Jin
  • Professor Hubert Hondermarck
  • Associate Professor Christopher Grainge
  • Professor Ajayan Vinu

Eppendorf epMotion 96 bench top liquid  handling robot

Project Team

  • Associate Professor Nikki Verrills
  • Professor Hubert Hondermarck
  • Dr Severine Roselli
  • Dr Heather Murray
  • Dr Joshua Brzozowski
  • Dr Ryan Duchatel
  • Dr Abdul Mannan
  • Dr Ameha Woldu
  • Dr Chen Chen Jiang
  • Dr Sam Faulkner
  • Professor Ajay Vinu

NHMRC 2019 Equipment Grant Application Round

CHEMIDOC Imaging System

Project Team

  • Professor Brett Nixon
  • Dr Tessa Lord
  • Dr Elizabeth Bromfield
  • Distinguished Laureate Professor John Aitken
  • Dr Jessie Sutherland
  • Dr Geoffrey De luliis

NEPA21 Electroporator

Project Team

  • A/Prof Mark Baker
  • Professor Lee Smith
  • Professor Hubert Hondermarck
  • Professor Murray Cairns
  • Dr Heather Lee
  • Dr Shaun Roman

Formlabs 3B SLA printers

Project Team

  • Conj A/Professor Christopher Grainge
  • Professor Andrew Boyle
  • Dr Katie Baines
  • Doctor Punnam Chander Veerati
  • Dr Gerard Kaiko
  • Benjamin Vaughan

Compresstome® VF-310-0Z Tissue Slicer

Project Team

  • Professor Xu Dong Zhang
  • Associate Professor Susan Hua
  • Associate Professor Pardeep Tanwar
  • Dr Lei Jin
  • Associate Professor Ajay Karakoti
  • Dr Muhammad Jamaluddin (ECR)

NHMRC 2018 Equipment Grant Application Round

IVOS II - Animal-basic for computer assisted analysis of sperm from multiple species

Project Team

  • Associate Professor Mark Baker
  • Dr Zamira Gibb
  • Doctor Aleona Swegen
  • Doctor Geoffry De Iuliis
  • Doctor Benjamin Curry

Microinjection workstation to facilitate disease modelling organoids

Project Team

  • Associate Professor Pradeep Tanwar
  • Professor Xu Dong Zhang
  • Doctor Lei Jin
  • Professor Hubert Hondermarck
  • Associate Professor Susan Hua
  • Dr Muhammad Jamaluddin

The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 6 Flex Real-Time PCR System

Project Team

  • Associate Professor Kirsty Pringle
  • Associate Professor Simon Keely
  • Doctor Hannah Palliser
  • Doctor Jonathan Paul
  • Doctor Marina Ilicic
  • Doctor Lucy Murtha

NHMRC 2017 Equipment Grant Application Round

Multi-Channel Systems: Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) System: MEA2100-60-System-E

Project Team

  • Doctor Rebecca Lim
  • Professor Murray Cairns
  • Professor Alan Brichta
  • Professor Xu Dong Zhang
  • Professor Paul Dastoor
  • Professor Brett Neilan

Capillary Flow Two Dimensional High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system

Project Team

  • Professor Brett Nixon
  • Doctor Matthew Dun
  • Doctor Nicole Verrills
  • Professor Hubert Hondermarck
  • Associate Professor Mark Baker
  • Doctor Elizabeth Bromfield

NHMRC 2016 Equipment Grant Application Round

CELL-DYN Ruby Hematology Analyser (Abbott Haemotology)

Project Team

  • Professor Vanessa McDonald
  • Professor Peter Gibson
  • Associate Professor Jodie Simpson
  • Professor Peter Wark
  • Associate Professor Lisa Wood
  • Doctor Vanessa Murphy

Imagent system

Project Team

  • Associate Professor Juanita Todd
  • Associate Professor Rohan Walker
  • Associate Professor Frini Karayanidis
  • Associate Professor Sarah Johnson

Beckman Coulter Optima Max-TL, Benchtop Ultra Centrifuge, TLA-110 Fixed-Angle Rotor Package, TLS-55 Swinging Bucket Rotor Package

Project Team

  • Professor Brett Nixon
  • Laureate Professor John Aitken
  • Professor Eileen McLaughlin
  • Associate Professor Mark Baker
  • Doctor Jessie Sutherland
  • Doctor Elizabeth Bromfield

31P1H flexible surface coil for Siemens Prisma, Software version VE11B/C* coil for MRI

Project Team

  • Laureate Professor Roger Smith
  • Doctor Saad Ramadan
  • Professor Ron Plotnikoff
  • Associate Professor Stephen Oakley
  • Doctor Peter Lau
  • Doctor Christian Abel

NHMRC 2015 Equipment Grant Application Round

High throughput automated all-in-one laser scanning FLUOVIEW FV10i microscope

Project Team

  • Professor Xu Dong Zhang,
  • Professor Robert Callister,
  • Laureate Professor John Aitken,
  • Doctor Pradeep Tanwar,
  • Doctor Chen Chen Jiang,
  • Doctor Lei Jin.

Nose only inhalation smoke exposure system for mice

Project Team

  • Professor Phil Hansbro,
  • Laureate Professor Paul Foster,
  • Doctor Jay Horvat,
  • Doctor Janet Bristow,
  • Doctor Malcolm Starkey,
  • Doctor Rebecca Vanders.

The University of Newcastle acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands within our footprint areas: Awabakal, Darkinjung, Biripai, Worimi, Wonnarua, and Eora Nations. We also pay respect to the wisdom of our Elders past and present.