The University of Newcastle, Australia

An invitation to reconceptualise widening participation through praxis

A series of contributions from across practice and research will be launched throughout 2020; reflecting the multidimensions of the collective and ongoing work within CEEHE and the international field. The collection articulates key concepts in the project of reconceptualising widening participation inviting us to reexamine and launch new lines of praxis-based inquiry through ongoing conversations across the theory/practice nexus.

Approximately thirty contributors explore international and national higher education landscapes and questions, and the complexities of generating praxis-based widening participation within and across local communities and programs, through sharp think pieces, personal reflections, and in live discussions. By drawing together the multiple voices engaged in the project of reconceptualising widening participation (researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and students) this new publication will celebrate existing work, problematise policy and institutional structures, and extend the invitation for ongoing conversation and sustained commitments to praxis.

Links to available publications are included in the below. Contributions will be released gradually over the coming months.

Citation details are provided on each paper.

'I have learned that achieving meaningful and sustained change requires a more intentional collaboration and shared reflection between researchers and practitioners, an understanding that reflects the mission and vision of CEHEE.' - Professor Linda Sax

'In response, I suggest a new discourse is required to generate equity in, through and beyond higher education for those who identify or are identified as disabled. Core to this work is the reconceptualization of WP or its equivalent policy and practice/s, and the bringing together of research, practice, action and reflection within fully representative communities of praxis.' - A Prof. Suanne Gibson

'The Australian Writing for Equity Practitioners Program has provided rare opportunity for some of the most important but unsung people in the University, those in the equity sector, to have their experiences and expertise legitimised in the processes of publication.' - Dr Steven Threadgold

'As one academic colleague pointed out, this was the first event they had attended with professional services staff where they worked together to support each other’s development.' - A/Prof. Anna Mountford-Zimdars

'Drawing upon the concept of an arts-based pedagogy for grass-roots practice, this paper outlines the development of a Widening Participation program for women which interweaves feminist principles and decolonising practice to open up spaces for fostering equity, through the provision of participatory visual opportunities for learning'.- Felicity Cocuzzoli

'Through the sharing of multiple voices and types of pieces, this text shares deep insights into the possibilities of reframing reductionist, norm-referenced models of determining post-secondary higher education participation...' - Professor John Fischetti

'Imagine an education system or institution where all staff and graduates understand the role they could play in improving life outcomes for marginalised groups.' - Nathan Towney

'‘Fixed’ measures of student success are problematic as they fail to capture students’ experiences and personal perceptions.' - Kristen Allen


  • Theory and practice conversation: Shaye Bourke, Natasha Burns, Ave Chadwick, Larissa Johnston, Ellen Monaghan, Selina Darney
  • Children's University Evaluation Team: Dr Rhyall Gordon, Matt Lumb, Penny Jane Burke, Shaye Bourke
  • Emily Fuller, Live, Learn, Grow, Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education, University of Newcastle
  • Addressing gendered violence conversation: Penny Jane Burke, Felicity Cocuzolli, Emily Fuller
  • Associate Professor Lauren Misaszek, Beijing Normal University
  • Andrew Brown, Senior International Research Advisor, Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education
  • Dr Anna Bennett, Interim Director, Pathways and Academic Learning Support Centre, University of Newcastle
  • Inclusive pedagogies conversation: Bonnie McBain, Anne Croker, Chris Krogh, Simon Munro, Mark Quinan, Hollie Tose
  • Sheena Roberts, Callaghan College Waratah
  • Louis Ndagijimana, Strategy Undergirding Participation and Empowerment for Refugee Backgrounds in Education, Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Anne Croker, UON Department of Rural Health Tamworth