The Centre for Secure and Reliable Communications contributes to developing telecommunication networks that are robust to eavesdropping attacks, interference, and noise.

Research focuses

  • Deriving fundamental limits for data transmission in multi-terminal communication networks
  • Designing near-capacity codes for various communications channel conditions
  • Developing transmission schemes that are information-theoretic secure (which are robust against attacks by quantum computers)
  • Enhancing the network capacity by exploiting side information available at the devices
  • Optimising and managing radio resources in 5G networks
  • Designing protocols to securely distribute data-encryption keys through quantum channels

Research Projects

  • Broadcast channel with side information
  • Multi-edge-type low-density parity-check codes
  • Index coding
  • Near-capacity rateless codes
  • Integrated Feedback Control in Future Wireless Communication Networks (with Ericsson)
  • Secure index coding
  • Quantum key distribution (with QuintessenceLabs)



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