The Centre for Prevention, Implementation and Population Health uses intervention and service delivery to promote healthy behaviours and good quality healthcare across communities.

Led by Professor Luke Wolfenden, the Centre brings together a number of separate research groups to harness their combined wealth of research expertise. The major groups include:

  • Hunter New England Population Health
  • Hunter Medical Research Institution
  • Health Behaviour Research Collaborative
  • Physical Health in Mental Illness
  • Mental Health Research, Evaluation, Analysis and Dissemination
  • Discipline of Health Behaviour Sciences
  • The School of Psychology
  • Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics

The Goals of the Centre for Prevention, Implementation and Population Health are to increase understanding of and solutions for:

  1. reducing preventable risk factors for communicable and non-communicable diseases
  2. improving health and psychosocial outcomes for people affected by chronic and other diseases
  3. improving the effective translation of evidence into policy and practice by health and other services.

The Centre brings together researchers from a variety of fields to carry out high quality, intervention-focused health behaviour research targeting key public health issues.

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