Priority Research Centre for

Becoming a Member

The Priority Research Centre for Health Behaviour Research welcomes new members. 

1. Membership

An individual is able to become a member of the PRC through an application to the PRC Executive demonstrating that they meet the following criteria:

  • demonstrated interest in health behaviour research through research activity and/or practice
  • willingness to comply with the principles and policies governing the conduct of research at the University of Newcastle
  • willingness to have their research outputs attributed to the PRC

2. Capacity to apply for/receive PRC funding/access to resources

The PRC has clearly stated objectives relating to the enhancement of health behaviour research outputs. The PRC has agreed on merit-based mechanisms for the disbursement of its funds in a manner that is directed at the achievement of these objectives.

The ability of a PRC member to receive PRC funds, or to access PRC resources is determined by:

  • the research being aligned with the PRC objectives of enhancing peer reviewed publications, PhD completions, establishment of research fellowships, and/or successful competitive grants in the field of health behaviour research
  • the research being worthy of support according to agreed PRC assessment procedures

Health behaviour research is defined for the purposes of the PRC as research undertaken to produce knowledge regarding:

  • the behavioural, psychological, social and environmental factors that influence how people stay healthy, why they become ill, and how they respond when they are ill
  • the development of reliable and valid measures of those factors and of health-related outcomes
  • the design, development and evaluation of interventions, at both individual and systems levels, to  modify such factors and/or improve wellbeing and quality of life

The ability of a person to receive PRC funds, or to access PRC resources is not defined or constrained by the organisational unit, professional discipline or field of research to which they belong.