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University students' intentions to report cyberbullying
Kelly Wozencroft, Marilyn Campbell, Alexandria Orel, Melanie Kimpton, & Eliza Leong
Pages 1-12
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Transitioning to secondary school: The case of mathematics
Colin Carmichael
Pages 13-23
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Interpretation of errors made by Mandarin-speaking children on the Preschool Language Scales – 5th Edition Screening Test
Yonggang Ren, Nan Xu Rattanasone, Shirley Wyver, Amber Hinton & Katherine Demuth
Pages 24-34
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Early childhood development over time for a cohort of Australian Aboriginal children living in an urban environment
Rebekah Grace, Emma Elcombe, Jennifer Knight, Catherine McMahon, Jenny McDonald & Elizabeth Comino
Pages 35-52
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Critical links between arts activity participation, school satisfaction and university expectation for Australian high school students
Antoinette Geagea, Judith MacCallum, Lynette Vernon, & Bonnie L. Barber
Pages 53-65
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The unconscious allocation of cognitive resources to task-relevant and task-irrelevant thoughts
Seffetullah Kuldas, Shahabuddin Hashim, Hairul Nizam Ismail, Mohd Ali Samsudin & Zainudin Abu Bakar 
Pages 1-16
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The role of goal importance in predicting university students' high academic performance
Vanessa A. Kyle, Katherine M. White, Melissa K. Hyde & Stefano Occhipinti
Pages 17-28
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Using Rasch analysis to examine the dimensionality structure and differential item functioning of the Arabic version of the Perceived Physical Ability Scale for Children
Sabry M. Abd-El-Fattah, Yousra AL-Sinani, Sahar El Shourbagi & Hessa A. Fakhroo
Pages 29-44
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Does tracing worked examples enhance geometry learning?
Fang-Tzu Hu, Paul Ginns, & Janette Bobis
Pages 45-49
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Special Issue - Collected papers from the 2013 SELF International Conference

Philip D. Parker, Herbert W. Marsh, & Majorie Seaton
Page 50
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"Because teaching is like a plantation of dakwah": Understanding complexities in choosing to be a teacher in Indonesia
Pages 51-59
Full text (PDF, 398.17 KB)

What predicts teachers' acceptance of students with special educational needs in kindergarten?
Frances Lai Mui Lee, Danielle Tracey, Katrina Barker, Jesmond C.M. Fan, & Alexander Seeshing Yeung
Pages 60-70
Full text (PDF, 469.17 KB)

Measuring the impact of students' social relations and values: Validation of the Social-Relational Support for Education instrument
Margaret Vickers, Linda Finger, Katrina Barker, & Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews
Pages 71-92
Full text (PDF, 704.67 KB)

Sustaining young people's enrolment intentions in relation to physics: Development and validation of a tool
Jeddy Abraham, & Katrina Barker
Pages 93-116
Full text (PDF, 404.77 KB)

Influencing of mastery goal and perceived competence on educational outcomes
Alexander Seeshing Yeung, Rhonda G. Craven, & Gurvinder Kaur
Pages 93-116
Full text (PDF, 352.4 KB) Enhancing reading skills and reading self-concept of children with reading difficulties: Adopting a dual approach intervention
Samantha Hornery, Marjorie Seaton, Danielle Tracey, Rhonda G. Craven, & Alexander S. Yeung
Pages 131-143
Full text (PDF, 308.52 KB)

Self-regulated learning in teacher education: The significance of individual resources and learning behaviour
Manuela Keller-Schneider
Pages 144-158
Full text (PDF, 804.77 KB)

What good teachers do to promote effective student learning in a problem-based learning environment
Karen Goh
Pages 159-166
Full text (PDF, 226.82 KB)

The effect of Karate practice on self-esteem in young adults with visual impairment: A case study
Samir Qasim, John Ravenscroft, & John Sproule
Pages 167-185
Full text (PDF, 477.41 KB)

Seeding science success: Psychometric properties of Secondary Science Questionnaire on Students' Self-Concept, Motivation, and Aspirations
Wanasinghe Chandrasena, Rhonda G. Craven, Danielle Tracey, & Anthony Dillon
Pages 186-201
Full text (PDF, 529.56 KB)

Measuring social capital: The development of the Social Capital and Cohesion Scale and the associations between social capital and mental health
Natasha R. Magson, Rhonda G. Craven, & Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews
Pages 202-216
Full text (PDF, 476.1 KB)

Book review
Positive Psychology at the Movies 2: Using films to build character strengths and well-being (2nd edn.)

Melissa Monfries
Pages 217-218
Full text (PDF, 213.54 KB)

Cognitive-behavioural treatment of anxiety in children and adolescents with Autism-Spectrum Disorders
Lauren MacKinnon, Bronwynn Comerford, Jessie Parham & Clare Roberts
Pages 219-231
Full text (PDF, 273.2 KB)

The effect of age-correction on IQ scores among school-aged children born preterm
Rachel M. Roberts, Wing Man George, Carolyn Cole, Peter Marshall, Vanessa Ellison & Helen Fabel
Pages 1-15
Full text (PDF, 380.86 KB)

An alternative approach to identifying students with learning disabilities in Australian schools
Jason L. Skues & Everarda G. Cunningham
Pages 16-27
Full text (PDF, 278.41 KB)

Examining the domain-specificity of metacognition using academic domains and task-specific individual differences
Brianna M. Scott & Ashleigh F. Berman
Pages 28-43
Full text (PDF, 401.35 KB)

Personal epistemological and metacognitive awareness in first year preservice education students
Erika Spray, Jill Scevak & Robert Cantwell
Pages 44-57
Full text (PDF, 246.31 KB)

Self-regulated learning: Key strategies and their sources in a sample of adolescent males
Gerard Effeney, Annemaree Carroll & Nan Bahr
Pages 58-74
Full text (PDF, 419.53 KB)

Negative life events, distress, and coping among adolescents in Botswana
Einar Baldvin Thorsteinsson, Sigrun Sveinbjornsdottir,Motshegetsi Dintsi, & Sally E. Rooke
Pages 75-86
Full text (PDF, 389.12 KB)

Psychometric evaluation of a brief parent- and teacher-rated screen for children at risk of conduct disorder
Melissa Duncombe, Sophie Havighurst, Kerry Holland & Emma Frankling
Pages 1-11
Full text paper

The longer they stay the less talented they perceive they are:  Females' talent based on approaches to learning
Terry Bowles
Pages 12-20
Full text paper

Goals for teaching: Towards a framework for examining motivation of graduating teachers
Caroline Mansfield, Marold Wosnitza & Susan Beltman
Pages 21-34
Full text paper

Feuerstein's mediated learning experience as a vehicle for enhancing cognitive functioning of remedial school learners in South Africa
Joseph Seabi
Pages 35-45
Full text paper

Student conceptions of assessment by level of schooling: Further evidence for ecological rationality in belief systems
Gavin Brown & Lois Harris
Pages 46-59
Full text paper

Spelling instruction through etymology:  A method of developing  spelling lists for older students
Greg Hutcheon, Marilyn Campbell & Judith Stewart
Pages 60-70
Full text paper

An instrument to assess beliefs about standardized testing: Measuring the influence of epistemology on the endorsement of standardized testing
Robert Magee & Brett Jones
Pages 71-82
Full text paper

Changes in children's beliefs about everyday reasoning: Evidence from Greek primary students
Panayiota Metallidou, Eleni Diamantidou, Eleni Konstantinopoulou & Kalliopi Megari
Pages 83-92
Full text paper

From self-theories of intelligence to academic delay of gratification: The mediating role of achievement goals
Sabry M. Abd-El-Fattah & Hilal Z. AL-Nabhani
Pages 93-107
Full text paper

Belonging as a Guiding Principle in the Education of Adolescents
Kelly A Allen & Terence Bowles
Pages 108-119
Full text paper

Self-regulation: A new perspective on learning problems experienced by children born extremely preterm
Lisa N. Lynn, Monica Cuskelly, Michael J. O'Callaghan & Peter H. Gray
Pages 1-10
Full text paper

Sub-lexical reading intervention in a student with dyslexia and Asperger's Disorder
Craig Wright, Elizabeth Conlon, Michalle Wright & Murray Dyck
Full text paper

Text-messaging practices and links to general spelling skill: A study of Australian children
Catherine Bushnell, Nenagh Kemp & Frances Heritage Martin
Pages 27-38
Full text paper

Teachers' opinions of interdisciplinary reports: The Children's Assessment Team
Rachel Roberts, Kathy Moar & Rhys Scott
Pages 39-59
Full text paper

Attachment across the life span: Factors that contribute to stability and change
Megan McConnell & Ellen Moss
Pages 60-77
Full text paper

Teachers' recognition and referral of anxiety disorders in primary school children
Clea Headley & Marilyn Campbell
Pages 78-90
Full text paper

The relationship among achievement motivation orientations, achievement goals, and academic achievement and interest: A multiple mediation analysis
Sabry Abd-El-Fattah & Rosan Patrick
Pages 91-110
Full text paper

Making the transition to primary school: An evaluation of a transition program for parents
Rebecca Giallo, Karli Treyvaud, Jan Matthews & Mandy Kienhuis
Pages 1-17
Full text paper

Anxiety among high school students in India: Comparisons across gender, school type, social strata and perceptions of quality time with parents
Sibnath Deb, Pooja Chatterjee & Kerryann Walsh
Pages 18-31
Full text paper

Internet use and child development: The techno-microsystem
Genevieve Marie Johnson
Pages 32-43
Full text paper

Motivating adolescents: Goals for Australian students in secondary schools
Caroline F. Mansfield
Pages 44-55
Full text paper

Evidence based-practice and Affect: The impact of Physician attitudes on outcomes associated with clinical reasoning and decision-making
Bruce Dunphy,Stacey Dunphy, Robert Cantwell, Sid Bourke & Mark Flemming
Pages 56-64
Full text paper

The use of Functional Behavioural Assessment for students with challenging behaviours: Current patterns and experience of Australian practitioners
Sue O'Neill & Jennifer Stephenson
Pages 65-82
Full text paper

Statistical literacy in the middle school: The relationship between interest, self-efficacy and prior mathematics achievement
Colin Carmichael, Rosemary Callingham, Ian Hay, &Jan Watson
Pages 83-93
Full text paper

Lucky to be happy: A study of happiness in Australian primary students
John O'Rourke & Martin Cooper
Pages 94-107
Full text paper

Australian adolescents' extracurricular activity participation and positive development: Is the relationship mediated by peer attributes?
Corey Blomfield & Bonnie Barber
Pages 114-128
Full text paper

Self-perceptions of self-regulatory skills in children aged eight to 10 Years: Development and evaluation of a new Self-rating Scale
Patricia Rizzo, Hans-Christoph Steinhausen & Renate Dreschler
Pages 123-143
Full text paper

Review of C. Kezelman (2010), Innocence revisited: A tale in parts,Victoria Australia: JoJo Publishing
Melissa Monfries
Page 144
Full text paper

Praise and feedback in the primary classroom: Teachers' and students' perspectives
Paul Burnett & Valerie Mandel
Pages 145-154

Full text paper

Review of A. Feinstein (2010), A history of  Autism: Conversations with the pioneers
Melissa Monfries
Page 155
Full text paper

Review of S. Hall (2008), Raising kids in the 21st century, UK: Wiley-Blackwell
Melissa M. Monfries
Page 1
Full text paper

Indirect bullying: Predictors of teacher intervention, and outcome of a pilot educational presentation about impact on adolescent mental health
Anna Dedousis-Wallace & Rosalyn H. Shute
Pages 2-17
Full text paper

Partitioning the variance in scores on classroom environment instruments
Jeffrey P. Dorman
Pages 18-31
Full text paper

Review of R. Niemiec & D. Wedding, (2008), Positive Psychology at the movies: Using films to build virtues and character strengths, Hogrefe: Gottingen, Germany
Melissa M. Monfries
Pages 32-33
Full text paper

Reckless behaviour and sexual practices of emerging adult women
Ronald M. Mullis, Lucy, H. Byno, Michael Shriner & Ann K. Mullis
Pages 34-46
Full text paper

Critique of K. Amon & A. Campbell (2008), Can children with AD/HD learn relaxation and breathing techniques through biofeedback video games?
Craig Wright & Elizabeth Conlon
Pages 47-52
Full text paper

Associations between Chinese Language classroom environments and students' motivation to learn the language
Siew Lian Chua, Angela F. L. Wong & Der-Thanq Chen
Pages 53-64
Full text paper

New Zealand and Queensland teachers' conceptions of learning: Transforming more than reproducing
Gavin T. L. Brown, Robert Lake & Gabrielle Matters 
Pages 1-14
Full text paper

Self-rated estimates of multiple intelligences based on approaches to learning
Terry Bowles
Pages 15-26
Full text paper

Attachment disorder, basic trust and educational psychology
Michael, G. King. & Karyn Newnham
Pages 27-35
Full text paper

A psychometric evaluation of the Parent Self-efficacy in Managing the Transition to School Scale
Rebecca Giallo,  Mandy Kienhuis, Karli Treyvaud & Jan Matthews 
Pages 36-48
Full text paper

"You are getting too old, find a man and marry": Social aspects of motivation to choose Teacher Education
Susan Beltman & Marold Wosnitza
Pages 49-63
Full text paper

Adolescent students' beliefs about aggression and the association between beliefs and reported level of aggression: A study of senior high school students in Ghana
Nana Opoku Owusu-Banahene & Francis K. Amedahe
Pages 64-71
Full text paper

Can children with AD/HD learn relaxation and breathing techniques through biofeedback video games?
Krestina L. Amon & Andrew Campbell
Pages 72-84.
Full text paper

The Learning and Development Survey: Further evaluation of its psychometric properties
Megan Tones & Hitendra Pillay
Pages 85-97
Full text paper

Effect of violating the indicated age window for a parent-completed child development screening questionnaire
Harald Janson, Jane Squires & Jörg Richter
Pages 98-102
Full text paper

Affective Anomia: An interventional focus for Attachment Disorder
Michael, G. King, M & Karyn Newnham
Pages 103-113
Full text paper

Long-term memory and school performance following cognitive transition at five to seven years
Ming Wai Wan
Full text paper

Hong Kong student teachers' beliefs about children's learning: Influences of a cross-cultural early childhood teaching experience
Joanne Brownlee & Amy Chak
Pages 11-21
Full text paper

Factors associated with physical activity in a sample of British secondary school students
David Lubans, Kathy Sylva & Philip J. Morgan
Full text paper

College students' metacognitive awareness of difficulties in learning the class content does not automatically lead to adjustment of study strategies
Li Cao, & John L. Nietfeld
Pages 31-46
Full text paper

Review of  I. Hay, D. Bochner & C. Dungey (2006) Making the Grade: A guide to successful communication and study, Oxford University Press
Jill Scevak
Full text paper

Pathways theory of progression through higher education
Rosalie A. Robinson & Laurel J. Bornholt
Pages 49-62
Full text paper

Students' conceptions of assessment and mathematics: Self-regulation raises achievement
Gavin T. L. Brown & Gerrit H. F. Hirschfeld
Pages 63-74
Full text paper

Review of J. Scevak & R. Cantwell (Eds) (2006) Stepping Stones: A guide for mature-aged students at University, Melbourne: ACER
Ralph Robinson
Pages 75-76
Full text paper

Review of N. Haslam (2006), Introduction to personality and intelligence, London: Sage Publications
Melissa M. Monfries
Pages 77-78
Full text paper

Exploring the gender effect on EFL learners' beliefs about language learning.
Eva Bernat & Rosemarie Lloyd
Pages 79-91
Full text paper

Extending the classroom Vineland
Michael G. King
Pages 92-97
Full text paper

Do young children get the message? The effects of repeated video viewing on explicit and implicit information
Helen Skouteris, Leanne Kelly, Dominica E. Dorning, Kristina Calgaro, Ben Corns, Emily L. Feehan, Fiona Hamilton, Jessica Mahoney, Zoe J.  Macdonald, Sarah Tamburrini & Christopher Wood
Pages 98 - 107
Full text paper

The paradox of teacher professional development programs for behaviour management: Comparing program satisfaction alongside changes in behaviour management practices
Rebecca Giallo & Louise Hayes
Pages 108-119
Full text paper

Information-processing and perceptions of control: How attribution style affects task-relevant processing
Tony Yeigh
Pages 120-138
Full text paper

An error analysis of elementary school children's number production abilities
Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk & Paul Betts
Pages 1-11
Full text paper

Vygotskian inner speech and the reading process
John F. Ehrich
Pages 12-25
Full text paper

Relationships between attributional style and trait anxiety for preadolescent Australian boys and girls
Mohammad Khodayarifard, Mark H. Anshel & Thomas M. Brinthaupt
Pages 26-38
Full text paper

Computer-based phonological skills training for primary students with mild to moderate dyslexia - a pilot study
John M. Blythe
Pages 39-49
Full text paper

Young children's representations of photo self-representations
Helen Skouteris & Natalie Robson
Pages 50-59
Full text paper

Adolescent autonomy: Desire, achievement and disobeying parents between early and late adolescence
Manuela Fleming
Pages 1-16
Full text paper

The development of a scale to measure empathy in 8- and 9-year old children
Alison F. Garton & Eyal Gringart
Pages 17-25
Full text paper

Development of a measure of humour appreciation
Maria P. Y. Chik,  C. S. Benjamin Leung & Geoffrey N. Molloy
Pages 26-31
Full text paper

Concurrent validity of selected movement skill items in the New Zealand Ministry of Education's Health and Physical Education Assessment
Motohide Miyahara & Jenny Clarkson
Pages 32-39
Full text paper

Incongruity as a universal component of humor appreciation: Some Hong Kong data
Maria P. Y. Chik,  Geoffrey N. Molloy & C. S. Benjamin Leung
Pages 40-54
Full text paper

Empirical evidence for multiple goals: A gender-based, senior high school student perspective
Lorraine Smith & Kenneth E. Sinclair
Pages 55-70
Full text paper

The Child Anxiety Scale as a potential screening device for bullying in young children
John S. Gillis, Natalie Nadeau & Marvin Claybourne
Pages 71-76
Full text paper

Behaviour problems scross home and kindergarten in an Australian sample
Maite Herrera & Emma Little 
Pages 77-90
Full text paper

Investigating moderators of test-retest reliability in screening children's cognitive functioning
Fiona H. Spencer & Laurel J. Bornholt
pages 91-106
Full text paper

Exploring adolescent motivations for pursuing maths-related careers
Helen M. G. Watt
Pages 107-116
Full text paper

Analysis of asynchronous online discussion using the SOLO Taxonomy
Kathryn Holmes
Pages 117-127
Full text paper

Promoting positive interactions between mothers and their at-risk young children
Jennifer Stephenson, Andrew J. Martin & Ken W. Linfoot
Pages 128-137
Full text paper

Review of Y. Carter (2005) Beginning reading: A balanced approach to literacy instruction during the first three years, Allen & Unwin
Christine Weckert
Full text paper

Review of J. Bennet-Ley, G. Butler, M. Fennell, A. Hackmann, M. Mueller and D. Westbrook (Eds.) (2004).  Oxford guide to behavioural experiments in Cognitive Therapy, Oxford University Press
Jill Scevak
Pages 140-141
Full text paper

Adult approaches to learning and associated talents
Terry Bowles
Pages 1-12
Full text paper

Issues related to the construction of a purpose-built domain-specific word corpus
Lisa Thomas,  H. Peter Pfister & Peter Peterson
Pages 13-28
Full text paper

Application of Markov Models for analysis of development of psychological characteristics
Lev S Kuravsky & Sergey Malykh 
Pages 29-40
Full text paper

A quantitative analysis of the effectiveness of contiguous, graphemic and phonological interventions on measures of reading and spelling acquisition
Roger J. Bourne & Peter R. Whiting
Pages 41-58
Full text paper

Teachers' perceptions and management of disruptive classroom behaviour during the middle years (years five to nine)
Christie Arbuckle & Emma Little
Pages 59-70
Full text paper

Evidence of authentic achievement: The extent of disciplined enquiry in student teachers' essay scripts
Effie Maclellan
Pages 71-85
Full text paper

Reading in one's ethnic language: A study of Greek-Australian high school students
James A. Athanasou & Iasonas Lamprianou
Pages 86-96
Full text paper

The Game Factory: Using cooperative games to promote pro-social behaviour among children
Helen Street, David Hoppe, David Kingsbury & Tony Ma
Pages 97-109
Full text paper

Use of Multitrait-Multimethod Modelling to validate actual and preferred forms of the Technology-Rich Outcomes-Focused Learning Environment Inventory (Troflei)
Jill  M. Aldridge, Jeffrey P. Dorman & FBarry J. Fraser
Pages 110-125
Full text paper

Qualities and characteristics in the written reports of doctoral thesis examiners
Allyson Holbrook, Sid Bourke, Terence  Lovat, T. & Kerry Dally
Pages 126-145
Full text paper

'Ways of Knowing' in doctoral examination: How examiners position themselves in relation to the doctoral candidate
Terence Lovat
Full text paper

An Investigation of PhD examination outcome in Australia using a mixed method approach
Allyson Holbrook & Sid Bourke
Pages 153-169
Full text paper

Paradigm shifts in pre-service teacher education students: Case studies of changes in epistemological beliefs
Joanne Brownlee
Pages 1-6
Full text paper

Dialogic retrospection as a metacognitive research tool
Ann I. Nevin & Maria Cardelle-Elawar
Pages 7-20
Full text paper

Classroom behaviour problems: The relationship between preparedness, classroom experiences, and self efficacy in graduate and student teachers
Rebecca Giallo &  Emma Little
Pages 21-34
Full text paper

Testing a model for teacher burnout
Jeffrey Dorman
Pages 35-47
Full text paper

Assisted Performance and the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD): A potential framework for providing surgical education
Bruce C. Dunphy & Stacey L. Dunphy
Pages 48-58
Full text paper

Core beliefs about knowing and peripheral beliefs about learning: Developing an holistic conceptualisation of epistemological beliefs
Joanne Brownlee, Gillian Boulton-Lewis & Nola Purdie
Pages 1-16
Full text paper

Assessing students' conceptions of learning
Nola Purdie & John Hattie
Pages 17-32
Full text paper

Self-efficacy issues in learning to teach composition: A case study of instruction
Neryl Jeanneret  & Robert Cantwell
Page 33-41
Full text paper

Brief report: Confirmatory factor analysis of the social anxiety scale for children
Elaine Chapman
Pages 42-48
Full text paper

A comparison of WAIS-III profiles of Australian and American adolescents with special educational needs: A preliminary report from an ongoing study
Kerri McCarthy, Stella Dyer & Mick Hunter 
Pages 49-58
Full text paper

Developmental differences in attitudes towards women's roles in Australian society: Critical periods for "feminist" socialisation
Melissa M. Monfries & Jill J. Scevak
Pages 1-9
Full text paper

Prior knowledge in student and experienced nurses' clinical problem solving
Krystyna M. Cholowski & Lorna K. S. Chan
Pages 10-21
Full text paper

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