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Quality Teaching Rounds

QTR professional development workshops are now available. Click on the link below to register.

There are 34 workshops on offer across NSW in our 2020 schedule. For further details or to arrange a workshop in your area, including outside NSW, contact QTRPD@newcastle.edu.au or phone 02 4055 3022.

Professor Jenny Gore
Laureate Professor Jenny Gore

Great teaching can change the world for the better. University of Newcastle Laureate Professor Jenny Gore believes that all teachers are capable of great teaching.

With the right support, they can make a profound and positive impact on the lives of their students. Working with colleague Julie Bowe, Jenny developed the landmark Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR) approach to teacher development. QTR focuses on teachers collaboratively refining their teaching in ways they experience as professionally rewarding and valuable for ongoing improvement. The celebrated approach is already being used in government, Catholic, and independent schools with excellent results. Over the next five years, QTR will be brought to more than 34,000 teachers across Australia, potentially improving outcomes for more than 1.5 million students.

Transforming teacher development and student achievement in Australian schools

In partnership with the Paul Ramsay Foundation, the University of Newcastle's Laureate Professor Jenny Gore and colleagues will expand their landmark Quality Teaching Rounds initiative - an innovative program that transforms teacher development to enhance student achievement. This partnership is a remarkable example of organisations with shared values coming together to test and scale solutions to important challenges.

This significant new initiative will build capacity for quality teaching and improve student outcomes in Australia. The program will embed the rigorously-tested QTR approach to teacher development in schools across the nation.

The objective is to support thousands of teachers across Australia to refine their teaching. The program will build on existing partnerships, which have seen more than 1,000 teachers in approximately 200 schools engage with QTR and demonstrably improve their teaching. A further 3,200 schools across at least four jurisdictions will be engaged over the next five years, transforming teacher development and student achievement in Australian schools.

This exciting initiative is being led by the University of Newcastle in partnership with the Paul Ramsay Foundation and is strongly supported by the NSW Department of Education. The largest of its kind in the University's research history, this significant philanthropic partnership will enable the University to make a lasting difference in the lives of teachers and school children across Australia.

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