Centre for
Water, Climate and Land-use Mangement

Water, Climate and Land (CWCL)

The Centre for Water, Climate and Land (CWCL) focuses on understanding and dealing with the impacts of climate variability and change in the Asia-Pacific region. Of particular  interest are hydrological extremes and how these may change in the future. Other areas of expertise include characterising impacts of climate variability and change, seasonal/interannual forecasting, extreme event (e.g. flood, drought, bushfire etc.) risk analysis, hydrological modelling, stochastic modelling, and water resources management.

CWCL has also been involved in a wide range of consulting projects where insights into the impacts of climate variability and change are used to enable stakeholders from a range of public and private sector organisations to better assess their climate related risk and to develop more informed climate adaptation and mitigation strategies.

CWCL's key areas of research include:

  • Hydrology, climatology and palaeoclimatology;
  • Using instrumental data, pre-instrumental (palaeo) data, and climate models to establish what is “normal” and what is “extreme”;
  • Quantify current and future risk of climate-related extremes (e.g. flood, drought, bushfire, storms, cyclones, East Coast Lows etc.);
  • Understand/quantify uncertainties (and how to deal with them in practice);
  • Quantification and management of climate related risks;
  • Decision making under uncertainty;
  • Physical and statistical/stochastic hydrological and climate modelling;
  • Hydroclimate forecasting and scenarios (seasonal to multi-decadal);
  • Climate change impacts, adaptation and communication;
  • Water isotopes and tracers - water origin, age, and interaction with rocks, soils, sediment, contaminants;
  • Water-energy-food security;
  • Using climate insights to ensure sustainable and thriving agriculture;
  • GIS and Remote Sensing.

The CWCL seeks to build research capacity in Earth Sciences and Environmental Engineering at the University of Newcastle through research collaborations with other research groups, industry and government.

The CWCL also has a focus on enhancing educational opportunities available in the fields of water, climate and land/soil through professional development, undergraduate training and PhD/Masters research supervision.

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