Centre for
Water, Climate and Land-use Mangement

Water, Climate and Land (CWCL)

The Centre for Water, Climate and Land (CWCL) aims to conduct internationally relevant research in "the critical zone", and develop the scientific insights related to climate, water and soil, so that these can address industry needs and guide policy development in sustainable resource management.

The Centre focuses on quantifying and managing the impacts of extreme hydroclimatic events for the energy and water resources sectors and research into balanced land use.

The Centre's key areas of research include:

  • Hydrology, climatology and paleoclimatology
  • Soil and landscape modeling
  • Sediment transport
  • Water quality and salinity
  • Water-energy nexus
  • Mine site rehabilitation
  • Soil carbon and carbon accounting
  • Quantification and management of climate related risks

The Centre seeks to build research capacity in Earth Science and Environmental Science at the University of Newcastle through research collaborations with other research groups, industry and government. The Centre also has a focus on enhancing educational opportunities available in the field through professional development and undergraduate training.