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HF Radar

The Tasman International Geospace Environment Radar (TIGER) consists of two HF (9-20 MHz) radars that are part of the International Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN).

The two Australian radars were constructed and are maintained by LaTrobe University with funds from joint Australian Research Council grants to the Space Physics groups at Newcastle and LaTrobe, TIGER consortium partners and the US Air Force.

One TIGER (Tasmania) radar is located on Bruny Island, south of Hobart, Tasmania, with radar beams directed south towards Antarctica. The second TIGER radar (Unwin) is located near Invercargill in New Zealand with beams directed westward toward Macquarie Island overlapping the Bruny Island radar beams.

These instruments are over-the-horizon-radars which allow investigations of fundamental physical processes occurring in geospace and the behaviour of space weather systems. TIGER extends radar coverage to lower latitudes, enabling it to make unique contributions to the international radar network.