Priority Research Centre for Reproductive Science

Reproductive Science Group

The Reproductive Science Group conducts research that assists in the molecular understanding of key cellular processes that underpin germ cell differentiation and growth.

The University of Newcastle is internationally recognised for its contribution to studies of human pregnancy. The Centre for Reproductive Science will target the future health of all Australians by improving the health of pregnant women and providing key information on the determinants of a healthy start to life.

As a part of this Centre, the Reproductive Science Group comprises four Academic Staff, postdoctoral fellows, research assistants, and higher degree students. Research outputs of the Group contribute to molecular understanding of key cellular processes that underpin germ cell differentiation and growth. Applied aspects of our work include development of novel contraceptive agents and improved technologies for assisted conception.

Image by Dr Catherine Itman

This is a low-power image depicting different cells in the immature mouse testis in different colours.