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About us

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Built Environment Research (CIBER) was formed in 2003 to address important social, cultural and technical challenges involving architecture, building and design.

We investigate design and construction practice, spatial analysis and optimisation, industry policy and process, project development, and heritage and conservation issues. Our research is applicable to property and construction, civil infrastructure, asset and facilities management, mining, aerospace, shipping, interior and industrial design.

Our research investigations are complex and require multi disciplinary solutions – we focus on the nature of the problem and seek out appropriate disciplinary knowledge to develop innovative solutions.

At various levels we are all actively engaged in policy, process or practice issues through a nexus of research, teaching and community engagement and are able to respond to current pressure points and identify future trends.

Our research strengths in creative endeavour (research by design) are also significant and our academics have both curated and had their works featured in state, national and international exhibitions.

Over the past decade, members of CIBER have been awarded more than $7,000,000 in research funding.