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All divisions of the University are actively involved with improving equity and accessibility in higher education. Below is a snapshot of research in this field that has been carried out across numerous divisions, faculties and centres of the University of Newcastle under CEEHE's four Themes of Reseach.

Project CI/Project Lead Funding Theme Year
Fair Connection to Professional CareersDr Erica SouthgateNCSEHE Equity Fellowship 2016
Opportunity Through Online LearningDr Cathy Stone

NCSEHE Equity Fellowship

Building Statistical Literacy for Success in Higher EducationDr Peter HowleyHEPP NPP 2016
Enhancing University Retention & Success Through a Flipped Classroom Learning ModelDr Johanna Macneil


Equity & Medical EducationDr Robbert DuvivierHEPP NPP 2016
Guiding FuturesProf Jenny GoreHEPP NPP 2016
Indigenous Enabling: 'What Works'A/Prof Maree GruppettaHEPP NPP 2016
Live, Learn, GrowLouise RakHEPP NPP 2016
"Unlocking Capacity & Empowering Choices": Indigenous Students' AspirationsProf Max SmithHEPP NPP 2016
Yarning the WayA/Prof Maree Gruppetta and Dr Erica SouthgateHEPP NPP 2016
(Re)Claiming Social CapitalA/Prof Seamus Fagan OLTAccess & Student Experience2015
Capability, Belonging & Equity in Higher EducationProf Penny Jane BurkeNCSEHEAccess & Student Experience2015
Building Aspiration in the Creative and Performing Arts Helen EnglishDr Jocelyn McKinnon HEPP NPP Access & Student Experience 2015
Building STEM Students' Numeracy for Success in Higher Education Dr Elena Prieto-RodriguezHEPP NPP Access & Student Experience 2015
Critical Interventions Framework II Dr Anna Bennett  HEPP NPP Governance, Policy & Practice 2015
Equity & Digital Footprint ProjectDr Rachel Buchanan, Dr Jill Scevak, Dr Shamus Smith, Dr Erica SouthgateHEPP NPPAccess & Student Experience2015
Longitudinal Study Dr Mark RubinHEPP NPPAccess & Student Experience2015
IT SolutionsProf Liz BurdHEPP NPPAccess & Student Experience2015
The Literacy AppDr Shamus Smith, Dr Erica SouthgateHEPP NPPAccess & Student Experience2015
Who Seeks Access to What, When and WhyProf Jenny Gore, Prof Max Smith, Dr Kathryn HolmesHEPP NPPCulture & Agency2015
Becoming Wiser WomenProf Penny Jane BurkeLeslie Family Foundation & CEEHECulture & Agency2015
Aspirations of Aboriginal ChildrenDr Kath HolmesCEEHE Seed FundingCulture & Agency2015
Equity & Postgraduate Coursework ProgramsDr Liam PhelanCEEHE Seed FundingGovernance, Policy & Practice2015
Exploring Diversity & Student ExpectationsDr Kylie ShawCEEHE Seed FundingAccess & Student Experience2015
Exploring Experiences of AccessLauren MilesCEEHE Seed FundingAccess & Student Experience2015
Moments of ConnectionDr Tamara BlakemoreCEEHE Seed FundingCommunity Wellbeing2015
Mothers and AcademeDr Sara MottaCEEHE Seed FundingGovernance, Policy & Practice2015
Picturing Pathways to EducationDr Leanne SchubertCEEHE Seed FundingAccess & Student Experience2015
Resilience Narrative of Student TeachersDr Nisha ThapliyalCEEHE Seed FundingCulture & Agency2015
Supporting Student SuccessLyn EbertCEEHE Seed FundingAccess & Student Experience2015
Yarning the WayDr Erica Southgate, Dr Maree Gruppetta, Professor John FischettiCEEHE Seed FundingCulture & Agency2015