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As a Research Centre of Excellence, CEEHE is committed to making significant research contributions to the field of equity and social justice in higher education—working to position UON as a global leader in the field (NeW Directions 2025 Strategy). This commitment extends to building research capacity outside of the Centre (across the institution, Australia and internationally) through networks, collaborations, research development programs and higher degrees.

CEEHE draws on a distinctive Praxis-based framework to provide spaces for critical reflection (reflexivity) in order to generate the highest quality research.The dialogic relationship between critical reflection and critical action (praxis) is reflected in the collaborative and participatory ways of doing research that CEEHE develops and encourages.

Pedagogical Methodologies developed by CEEHE Global Innovation Equity Chair and Director Penny Jane Burke (2012) provide a process of ongoing exchange that helps engage participants with the multiple layers, contexts and challenges that characterise the field of equity in higher education. These methods are informed by theoretically grounded research—in power, gender, social class, activism and social justice—and help us to question and disrupt entrenched and historical inequalities that are often sustained by taken-for-granted assumptions.

All divisions of the University are actively involved with improving equity and accessibility in higher education and CEEHE supports the distribution of Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program funding to build the research base for equitable access and success in higher education. The research projects funded under the HEPP National Priorities Pool can be viewed on the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education site.

Our highly collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to research will have a significant impact on how universities attract, retain and nurture students from diverse backgrounds. The outcome will be the creation of systems and practices that will provide new ways of working with students and communities from historically under-represented backgrounds to support access to and participation in higher education and lifelong learning.

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