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About us

The International Centre for Balanced Land Use addresses the challenges faced by NSW and globally with food and energy security, and economic, environment and social balance.

Decisions around land use frame every aspect of our society - from the way we live, to our economies, to the way we interact with the environment. The International Centre for Balanced Land Use (ICBLU) provides integrated research solutions and educational services to address complex land use issues. Through an inter-disciplinary approach, the Centre draws on expertise from academia, industry and government to deliver research on land systems science, regional development and land governance. This collaborative approach offers new insights and leadership to better understand, support and drive systemic change towards sustainable and balanced land use.

A joint initiative between the NSW Government (NSW Department of Primary Industries and Division of Resources and Energy) and the University of Newcastle’s flagship research institute NIER, the Centre harnesses research from disciplines such as engineering, environmental science, law, agriculture and sociology across the University to provide independent, evidence based research to address the global challenges concerning economic planning, energy, water and food security, optimal land use and social balance.

Under the strategic leadership of Global Innovation Chair Professor Richard Bush, the Centre works closely with key industry, government and community stakeholders to develop translational research that will drive innovation, impact critical policy formation, promote the long-term and continued growth of key sectors and support the emergence of new technologies and industrial transformation. Our partnerships translate research knowledge into policy outcomes and generate new knowledge that encourages investment consistent with the highest community expectations.