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What's new in Health and Safety?

Friday, 31 July 2015

Ever wondered about your health and safety (H&S) responsibilities? Want to help create a safe and healthy workplace by being able to recognise and manage hazards? Want to know what H&S training you need to do your job?

The Health and Safety team recently launched the UON Health and Safety Framework.Health and Safety

The 10 Elements (similar to the NSW Work Health and Safety Act) tell you what is required to meet legal responsibilities.

For in-depth information about what you have to do, you simply go to the H&S procedures that support the Elements. The procedure documents provide easy to follow information to step you through the necessary actions to meet the requirements of the Element. (We liken them to the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulations which support the Act by giving more detailed information.)

Please contact the Health & Safety team if you have any questions about how to apply the documents to your own responsibilities and work location. The H&S team can also come and talk to your Faculty, School or Division to share more information.

Watch this space!! There is more to come! We are updating the current guidance documents for managing specific workplace risks and adding to the list to ensure we have all the major risks covered. We will let you know when the website has been updated.

Stay safe and don't forget to report hazards and near misses so we can stop people from being hurt!! Log hazards or incidents online.

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