The University of Newcastle, Australia

News • 14 Aug 2020

Recognising the hazardous effects of ‘pre-loading’ with alcohol

Data from the Australian Longitudinal Study of Women’s Health (ALSWH) has revealed the significant risks associated with pre-loading with alcohol.

Matt Dun in his lab

News • 12 Aug 2020

Newcastle cancer researcher recognised as Young Tall Poppy

Esteemed cancer researcher and charity advocate, Dr Matthew Dun, has been acknowledged for his dedication to improving cancer survival outcomes, with a 2020 ‘Young Tall Poppy’ science award.


News • 10 Aug 2020

Nanomaterials PhD student handpicked as global talent

A talented nanomaterials researcher, Ahmad Tabish, has been selected for the highly competitive Distinguished Talent Visa under the Government’s newly launched Global Talent Independent Program.

Historical encounters journal

News • 7 Aug 2020

Home grown Historical Encounters journal achieves Q1 ranking

The independent journal Historical Encounters, led by Acting Head of the School of Education, Associate Professor Robert Parkes (as Editor-in-Chief) and published by the University of Newcastle’s History Education Research Network (HERMES) has recently achieved an outstanding milestone with a Q1 ranking in the Scimago Journal Rankings.

MGA Thermal team

News • 7 Aug 2020

Materials scientist and founder shares his story of driving renewable energy uptake

Professor Erich Kisi shares his innovation journey as co-founder of renewable energy storage company MGA Thermal at I2N's Startup Stories

Margaret Alston

News • 5 Aug 2020

Solving social work student placement challenges during COVID-19

The Gender, Leadership and Social Sustainability research centre (GLASS) in the School of Humanities and Social Science has assisted in providing an innovative way for social work students to complete their work integrated learning (WIL) placements despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Image of Penny

News • 28 Jul 2020

Professor Penny Jane Burke joins new Australian Equity in Higher Education Panel

Last week Professor Penny Jane Burke (Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education) attended the first meeting of the new Federal government Equity in Higher Education Panel (EHEP) as one of two invited research experts in the field.

House in Fiji in cyclone

Featured story • 21 Jul 2020

New tropical cyclone outlook model has potential to save lives in the Pacific

People in Fiji, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and other island nations in the Southwest Pacific will have months more to prepare for tropical cyclones, thanks to a new outlook model published today in Scientific Reports.

News • 20 Jul 2020

Tests show potential for medicinal cannabis to kill cancer cells

Laboratory tests conducted at the University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute have shown that a modified form of medicinal cannabis can kill or inhibit cancer cells without impacting normal cells, revealing its potential as a treatment rather than simply a relief medication.

News • 20 Jul 2020

University of Newcastle’s cloud-first success improves work and learning experience for thousands during COVID-19 isolation

The University of Newcastle has become the first University in Australia to migrate its digital data to the cloud in what represents a significant milestone to improve services and boost cybersecurity for students and staff.

bushfire smoke

News • 14 Jul 2020

Will bushfire smoke exposure make people more vulnerable to COVID-19?

Environmental historian Associate Professor Nancy Cushing has long been interested in the history of air pollution, particularly in once heavily polluted Newcastle. So when the bushfires ravaged New South Wales in late 2019/early 2020 and many people were talking about this level of smoke and bushfire as unprecedented, she wanted to see if that was actually the case.

Light display

Featured story • 11 Jul 2020

Public Debut for Printed Solar

A futuristic demonstration of emerging renewable energy material – printed solar cells, is being trialled in a public setting for the first time as it nears commercial readiness.