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The Conversation • 14 Jul 2020

Is aggressive hotel isolation worth the cost to fight COVID-19? The answer depends on family size

The spread of the virus through households creates costs higher than for isolation in hotels when families are large and living at close quarters as in Melbourne's public housing towers.

The Conversation • 8 Jul 2020

Lidia Thorpe wants to shift course on Indigenous recognition. Here's why we must respect the Uluru Statement

The Greens senator-elect believes a treaty should be prioritised over a Voice to Parliament. But we believe a Voice can be a pragmatic first step toward deeper reform.

The Conversation • 7 Jul 2020

Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire return to lockdown: this is just how vigilant we have to be until a COVID-19 vaccine is found

It's time to accept that moving in and out of various levels of restriction may just be a part of life as we know it in 2020, and likely 2021.

The Conversation • 7 Jul 2020

Heat-detecting drones are a cheaper, more efficient way to find koalas

Koalas are notoriously difficult to detect. Traditional methods are costly and labour intensive. So we found a more efficient way to locate koalas in eastern NSW, using drones.

The Conversation • 26 Jun 2020

No selection criteria, no transparency. Australia must reform the way it appoints judges

In the wake of the allegations about Dyson Heydon, a key outstanding question is reforming Australia's opaque judicial appointments system.

The Conversation • 23 Jun 2020

The government's funding changes are meddling with the purpose of universities

The implications of the government's announcement are about more than incentivising the career trajectories of students. They are a direct assault on the premise of universities.

The Conversation • 22 Jun 2020

Dyson Heydon finding may spark a #MeToo moment for the legal profession

Sexual harassment is endemic within the law. This inquiry's finding must be the catalyst for genuine and long overdue change in the profession.

The Conversation • 22 Jun 2020

Pauline Hanson built a political career on white victimhood and brought far-right rhetoric to the mainstream

Hanson has been largely unsuccessful in seeing her signature policies realised. But she has helped normalise xenophobia and racism and thus had a disproportionate influence on the national debate.

The Conversation • 18 Jun 2020

Getting back on the beers after lockdown? Here's what you should know

Be careful when returning to the pub. Your alcohol tolerance might've changed during lockdown, meaning you could do greater harm to your body.

The Conversation • 17 Jun 2020

Think slavery in Australia was all in the past? Think again

Slavery in Australia is not an issue confined to the past. It needs urgent action, and a key step is to embrace the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

The Conversation • 11 Jun 2020

Heading back to the gym? Here's how to avoid injury after coronavirus isolation

Keen to get back to the gym? Be careful. It's easy to get injured if you've been inactive.

The Conversation • 9 Jun 2020

20% of pregnant Australian women don't receive the recommended mental health screening

The percentage of women receiving the recommended perinatal mental health screening has tripled since 2000 – but one in five women are still missing out.

The Conversation • 5 Jun 2020

Let's fix Australia's environment with any pandemic recovery aid – the Kiwis are doing it

New Zealand is pumping millions of dollars into environment projects as part of its COVID-19 recovery. Australia's recovery plan seems more destructive than reconstructive.

The Conversation • 5 Jun 2020

Maths, lecture et nutrition : tout ce que la cuisine apprend aux enfants

Cuisiner incite les enfants à se nourrir plus sainement, montre la recherche. Mais c’est aussi l’occasion pour eux de remobiliser des notions de maths et de sciences.

The Conversation • 4 Jun 2020

Heading back to the gym? Here's how you can protect yourself and others from coronavirus infection

If you're itching to get back to the gym when it re-opens, here's what you can do to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

The Conversation • 2 Jun 2020

Life in lockdown has shown us our houses need to work harder for us

How many of us have recently wished we could partition parts of our home, even to have a small second house? Being able to do this on existing blocks would help meet the many needs of families today.

The Conversation • 27 May 2020

Review: Warwick Thornton’s The Beach is a delicate conversation with Country

This new NITV documentary captures the power of Country.

The Conversation • 27 May 2020

Is it OK to drink coffee while pregnant? We asked 5 experts

We asked five experts if it's OK to drink coffee while pregnant. Four out of five experts said yes.

The Conversation • 27 May 2020

Malka Leifer has been ruled fit to stand trial. Will extradition to Australia follow?

The former head of Melbourne's Adass Israel School has been ruled fit stand trial on charges of child sexual abuse. After many delays, she will now face an extradition hearing.

The Conversation • 22 May 2020

From spit to scrums. How can sports players minimise their coronavirus risk?

Don't spit, change out of your kit at home and clean match balls. These are just some of the ways sport is changing as restrictions ease.
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