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The Conversation • 30 Sep 2020

How to reduce COVID-19 risk at the beach or the pool

Australians are emerging from winter and, where possible, enjoying trips to beaches and public pools, beach-side picnics, barbecues and get-togethers. Here's how to reduce your COVID-risk.

The Conversation • 29 Sep 2020

Specialist referral rules haven’t changed much since the 70s, but Australia’s health needs sure have

Many more people need long-term specialist care, or are waiting a long time for elective surgery. These and other factors tell us we need to update how specialist referrals work.

The Conversation • 24 Sep 2020

Explainer: what is storyboarding for film?

The unsung heroes of screen production, storyboard artists are employed to create a shared visual script.

The Conversation • 23 Sep 2020

Our new model shows Australia can expect 11 tropical cyclones this season

A new statistical model predicts the number of tropical cyclones up to four months before the start of the season from November to April.

The Conversation • 22 Sep 2020

Phytonutrients can boost your health. Here are 4 and where to find them (including in your next cup of coffee)

Phytonutrients are chemical compounds found in plants. They appear to have a variety of benefits for human health, including possibly lowering the risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

The Conversation • 21 Sep 2020

Israeli court rules Malka Leifer should be extradited to Australia, but obstacles remain

After years of delay, an Israel court has ruled the former Melbourne headmistress can be extradited to Australia to face charges of child sexual abuse.

The Conversation • 20 Sep 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg forged a new place for women in the law and society

From her early career as an academic to a Supreme Court justice, 'RBG' was a trailblazer in all aspects of her work. Though not without controversy, she leaves behind a huge legacy.

The Conversation • 17 Sep 2020

Environment Minister Sussan Ley faces a critical test: will she let a mine destroy koala breeding grounds?

The Brandy Hill Quarry expansion was approved under the weak environment laws of NSW. Now, the federal government must decide if it will proceed. The fate of many koalas is in Sussan Ley's hands.

The Conversation • 15 Sep 2020

Scarabs, phalluses, evil eyes — how ancient amulets tried to ward off disease

Believed to possess magical qualities, amulets were once widely used. They range from amber pendants worn during Denmark's Mesolithic age to wind chimes found at Pompeii.

The Conversation • 11 Sep 2020

Does a face shield protect against COVID-19? We're not sure — so a mask is probably a safer bet for now

Many people in Victoria are opting to wear face shields instead of face masks. It's allowed – but are they as effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19?

The Conversation • 9 Sep 2020

South Korea's Green New Deal shows the world what a smart economic recovery looks like

With a bit of political vision, risk-taking and a national strategy led by government, Australia too can kickstart investment in the post-COVID recovery.

The Conversation • 8 Sep 2020

'Compassionate conservation': just because we love invasive animals, doesn't mean we should protect them

Compassionate conservationists believe no animal should be killed in the name of conservation. This idea is a death knell for Australia's native species.

The Conversation • 8 Sep 2020

Aussie invention could save old coal stations by running them on zero-emissions 'Lego' blocks

The blocks can be used to run steam turbines at power stations as a clean alternative to burning coal, and at a fraction of the price of storing energy in batteries.

The Conversation • 3 Sep 2020

The Israeli Supreme Court has cleared the way for Malka Leifer's extradition hearing. What happens now?

After years of delays, an Israeli court has found the former Melbourne headmistress fit to stand trial. But the extradition process may still be long and complex.

The Conversation • 28 Aug 2020

The Altar Boys: new questions about suicides of clergy abuse survivors should spark another inquiry

There are new calls for an inquiry into the suicide of whistleblower priest Glen Walsh. The Catholic church argues the events are 'historical' and have been addressed by previous inquiries.

The Conversation • 28 Aug 2020

Short exercise breaks during class improve concentration for senior students

A new study found a few sessions a week of high-intensity interval training helped students pay attention in class.

The Conversation • 26 Aug 2020

The NSW bushfire inquiry found property loss is ‘inevitable’. We must stop building homes in such fire-prone areas

We should stop developing into high-risk areas, as the associated land clearing is too significant to our ecosystems and may still result in houses being lost.

The Conversation • 24 Aug 2020

Media reporting on mental illness, violence and crime needs to change

Media reporting often unfairly stigmatises people with mental illness and promotes the stereotype that mental illness causes violent behaviour. New guidelines offer tips for more responsible reporting.

The Conversation • 17 Aug 2020

Curious Kids: are witches and wizards real?

They might not really fly on broomsticks or cast spells, but the witches and wizards of books and films are based on real people.

The Conversation • 11 Aug 2020

Explainer: who owns the copyright to your tattoo?

In an industry beset by appropriation, the licensing of an Indigenous artwork for use in a tattoo is a rare sign of respect for the intellectual property rights of artists.
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