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The Conversation • 20 Apr 2021

3 doses, then 1 each year: why Pfizer, not AstraZeneca, is the best bet for the long haul

Our best long-term strategy is to rely on the mRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna.

The Conversation • 16 Apr 2021

A 'deep clean' has been ordered for a Brisbane hospital ward. What does that actually involve?

A deep clean involves cleaning objects or surfaces that may not be routinely cleaned, such as walls, ventilation ducts, curtains, carpets, and hard-to-reach places.

The Conversation • 8 Apr 2021

AstraZeneca's blood clot risk is incredibly small. Australia shouldn't follow the UK's lead of offering under 30s another vaccine

All vaccines and medications come with risks. But the risks of delaying vaccination are far higher.

The Conversation • 23 Mar 2021

'Cultural misogyny' and why men's aggression to women is so often expressed through sex

When some men feel challenged or inadequate, they feel the need to express themselves sexually - and often the target of that aggression is a woman.

The Conversation • 23 Mar 2021

Curious Kids: when I stop spinning, why do I feel dizzy and the world looks like it’s tilting?

Blame your ears, your eyes and your brain. But mainly your ears!

The Conversation • 23 Mar 2021

Thousands of flood-stricken people are sheltering in schools, clubs and halls – but we can do better

Evacuation and relief centres are often the first place disaster-affected people go, and should provide a minimum standard of living and care. But this standard is not always met.

The Conversation • 17 Mar 2021

What is seitan? The vegan protein alternative going viral online

A dietitian breaks down everything you need to know about this viral meat substitute.

The Conversation • 5 Mar 2021

Thinking about trying collagen supplements for your skin? A healthy diet is better value for money

Some studies reported skin improvements from collagen supplements. But many of these studies were sponsored, fully or in part, by cosmetic or supplement companies.

The Conversation • 4 Mar 2021

Why the competitive spirit can take over in auctions — and how you can stay in control

To see just how far people were willing to go to win, we studied people's behaviour in one of the most competitive bidding environments possible: a Dutch auction.

The Conversation • 3 Mar 2021

We can see the gender bias of all-boys' schools by the books they study in English

All-boys' schools often choose texts for English study written by men. But the sexism goes beyond that. They are more likely to shy away from any exploration of gender in literature.

The Conversation • 2 Mar 2021

Australian media is failing to cover domestic violence in the right way: new research

We looked at newspaper coverage over 20 years and found 78% of articles portrayed domestic violence as isolated incidents in relationships, rather than a systemic issue.

The Conversation • 1 Mar 2021

Renewables need land – and lots of it. That poses tricky questions for regional Australia

The transition to 100% renewable energy will require a lot of land – mostly in regional Australia. This presents big challenges, and opportunities, for the farming sector.

The Conversation • 26 Feb 2021

Odds are against ‘first in family’ uni students but equity policies are blind to them

Children of parents with degrees are 60% more likely than 'first in family' students to want to go to university. The aspiration gap exists throughout school, but equity policies neglect its impacts.

The Conversation • 22 Feb 2021

Book review: The Husband Poisoner is about lethal ladies and dangerously tasty recipes

A new book, about the suburban women who poisoned their husbands in post-war Sydney, explores their cold-blooded modus operandi and the hot dinners they prepared.

The Conversation • 19 Feb 2021

How patent laws get in the way of the global coronavirus vaccine rollout

A transcript of The Conversation Weekly podcast episode #3.

The Conversation • 18 Feb 2021

Coronavirus vaccine: what's getting in the way of the global rollout? – The Conversation Weekly podcast

Plus new research on why China is closing down coal-fired power stations. Listen to episode 3 of The Conversation Weekly.

The Conversation • 18 Feb 2021

Firestarter review — Bangarra's story is a film of national and personal tragedies, with light in the dark

A new film about Bangarra Dance Theatre carries the deep Indigenous knowledge and personal trauma behind its 30-year history.

The Conversation • 8 Feb 2021

South Africa has paused AstraZeneca COVID vaccine rollout but it's too early to say Australia should follow suit

Yes, this news is disappointing - but it's also no great surprise given how quickly this virus mutates. And it doesn't yet mean Australia should bin its plan to use the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The Conversation • 5 Feb 2021

Friday essay: why Rosaleen Norton, 'the witch of Kings Cross', was a groundbreaking bohemian

An artist and self-proclaimed witch, Rosaleen Norton defied cultural norms in Menzies-era Australia. Reviled by the media, she was a powerfully unconventional woman.

The Conversation • 1 Feb 2021

Remote learning didn't affect most NSW primary students in our study academically. But well-being suffered

We compared the educational progress in years 3 and 4 in 2019 with 2020 – the year normal schooling was disrupted by the pandemic. Overall, students progressed at the same rate in both years.
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