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The Conversation • 13 Jan 2021

Net-zero, carbon-neutral, carbon-negative ... confused by all the carbon jargon? Then read this

Zero emission? Carbon neutral? Carbon negative? What does it mean to achieve 'net-zero' emissions?

The Conversation • 8 Jan 2021

Cities could get more than 4°C hotter by 2100. To keep cool in Australia, we urgently need a national planning policy

Cities occupy just 3% of the Earth's surface, yet more than half the world's population live in urban environments. We need nation-wide plans to keep our cities cool so no one gets left behind.

The Conversation • 24 Dec 2020

Have yourself a merry COVID-safe Christmas: 5 tips for staying healthy this festive season

As we approach our first COVID-era Christmas, the way we celebrate this year might need a bit more thought. Here are some tips to keep the festivities with family and friends COVID-safe.

The Conversation • 17 Dec 2020

Taking China to the World Trade Organisation plants a seed. It won't be a quick or easy win

A formal resolution off Australia's complaint about Chinese barley tariffs will likely take years. But at least it starts a structured process for dialogue.

The Conversation • 9 Dec 2020

Looking to buy a gift for your child's teacher? Here's how to be ethical about it

Every state and territory has its own rules when it comes to the kinds of gifts teachers can receive. But there are general principles to consider that are the same everywhere.

The Conversation • 8 Dec 2020

Santa was a lady once — is it time to bring her back?

In Australia, between 1930 and 1950, women repeatedly stepped in to play the role of Santa. So the figure in the red suit could be gender neutral today.

The Conversation • 8 Dec 2020

Caring for 66,455 revellers at risk delivers $7.5m harm-reduction benefit for Sydney

Amid the controversy over Sydney's lockout laws, a program that looked out for people at risk of harm in the city's nightlife precincts more than proved its worth.

The Conversation • 4 Dec 2020

Human reproductive technologies like sperm freezing and IVF could be used to save threatened species

Breeding in captivity is expensive, and means the animal's gene pool will be sorely depleted. Using sperm and egg freezing and IVF techniques can reduce that.

The Conversation • 30 Nov 2020

Can governments mandate a COVID vaccination? Balancing public health with human rights – and what the law says

Governments can do much to ensure mass vaccination of their citizens, particularly in the name of public health. But there needs to be careful examination of where that might breach human rights.

The Conversation • 16 Nov 2020

What a Biden presidency means for world trade and allies like Australia

A Biden presidency promises a return to multilateral trade agreements. But it remains to be seen how it approaches the World Trade Organisation.

The Conversation • 12 Nov 2020

Getting people more active is key to better health: here are 8 areas for investment

Being physically active is largely not an individual choice, but a result of what funds, spaces, places and opportunities are available to the individual and communities.

The Conversation • 9 Nov 2020

Is learning more important than well-being? Teachers told us how COVID highlighted ethical dilemmas at school

An educational ethicist talked to teachers about what ethical issues were most pressing during COVID. Here are the three that featured most.

The Conversation • 6 Nov 2020

Bushfires, drought, COVID: why rural Australians' mental health is taking a battering

For rural people, these stresses are cumulative and contribute to higher levels of trauma, mental ill-health and in some cases, suicidal behaviour.

The Conversation • 5 Nov 2020

90% of buildings in bushfire-prone areas aren't built to survive fires. A national policy can start to fix this

The bushfire royal commission handed down its final report last week, but stopped short of recommending a national town planning policy.

The Conversation • 30 Oct 2020

Yes, Adele has sung its praises. But the Sirtfood diet may be just another fad

If you follow the Sirtfood diet, you'll probably lose some weight in a short period because you're consuming fewer calories. But the evidence behind the diet is lacking.

The Conversation • 28 Oct 2020

Meet Australia's new High Court judges: a legal scholar's take on the Morrison government's appointees

The Morrison government has announced Jacqueline Gleeson and Simon Steward will sit on the High Court bench.

The Conversation • 27 Oct 2020

Super-charged: how Australia's biggest renewables project will change the energy game

Many Asian nations are shunning fossil fuels, presenting a huge opportunity for Australia's renewables sector. And one massive project has stepped up to the plate.

The Conversation • 26 Oct 2020

Dobell Biennial showcases drawing today as we consider its future in the real world

Works by eight artists in the Dobell Drawing Biennial draw on dreams, history and reality. But drawing has escaped the gallery and will scribe on despite less government support for the arts.

The Conversation • 23 Oct 2020

Set ground rules and keep it intimate: 10 tips for hosting a COVID-safe wedding

No kissing, jumping up and down on the dance floor, or buffets. Sounds like a COVID wedding.

The Conversation • 21 Oct 2020

Despite more than 30 major inquiries, governments still haven't fixed aged care. Why are they getting away with it?

Thanks to review upon review, we have plenty of evidence about the problems in aged care. But federal governments have shown 'a lack of willingness to commit to change'.
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