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The Conversation • 17 Jan 2020

Before we rush to rebuild after fires, we need to think about where and how

While the bushfire crisis might provoke a sense of urgency to rebuild, we need to stop and properly plan where and how we construct buildings and open spaces.

The Conversation • 13 Jan 2020

Even for an air pollution historian like me, these past weeks have been a shock

This is not the first time Australia's major cities have been shrouded in bushfire smoke. But this time, the culprits must held to account.

The Conversation • 6 Jan 2020

Incendies en Australie : la cryogénie pour sauver les koalas

Les incendies hors normes qui ravagent la côte Est de l’Australie menacent tout particulièrement les koalas. Comment sauver cette espèce emblématique ?

The Conversation • 3 Jan 2020

The Voice to Parliament isn't a new idea - Indigenous activists called for it nearly a century ago

The Australian Aboriginal Progressive Association, founded in 1924, made several demands to protect Indigenous rights, including installing an Aboriginal board to sit beneath the federal government.

The Conversation • 30 Dec 2019

What causes hangovers, blackouts and 'hangxiety'? Everything you need to know about alcohol these holidays

Most of us wake up with a hangover after a big night. But some people also wake up with awful anxiety ('hangxiety') and can't remember much of the night before because of memory blackouts. Here's why.

The Conversation • 13 Dec 2019

Private health insurance premiums should be based on age and health status

Young people should pay less for private health insurance. So should people who are healthy, as they're less likely to access private health care.

The Conversation • 10 Dec 2019

To save koalas from fire, we need to start putting their genetic material on ice

Unprecedented fires are devastating koalas along Australia's east coast. These sudden drops in population put the survivors at risk of inbreeding.

The Conversation • 10 Dec 2019

Key trade rules will become unenforceable from midnight. Australia should be worried

The World Trade Organization will lose its teeth from midnight. We are entering a world with unenforceable rules.

The Conversation • 4 Dec 2019

Hidden women of history: Neaera, the Athenian child slave raised to be a courtesan

From a young age, Neaera was trained for the life of a hetaira, or courtesan. Her tragic story comes to us only through court documents, but she deserves to be remembered.

The Conversation • 22 Nov 2019

Five ways parents can help their kids take risks – and why it’s good for them

Taking risks helps children test new ideas and find personal capabilities and limits. Here are five lessons from early childhood educators to help parents encourage their kids to take risks, safely.

The Conversation • 20 Nov 2019

Putting homes in high-risk areas is asking too much of firefighters

Land-use planning should give more weight to the increasing risks of natural hazards like bushfires as the first step in reducing the impacts.

The Conversation • 30 Oct 2019

As the 9-to-5 work day disappears, our lives are growing more out of sync

New research shows Australians are working non-standard hours, and the job of scheduling a social life around them falls disproportionately to women.

The Conversation • 29 Oct 2019

Does eating dairy foods increase your risk of prostate cancer?

A recent study reported a high consumption of dairy products was associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. But breaking down the results shows there's no reason for men to give up dairy.

The Conversation • 23 Oct 2019

Water may soon lap at the door, but still some homeowners don't want to rock the boat

A particular brand of climate denial among coastal property owners presents a conundrum for councils and governments trying to plan for sea-level rise.

The Conversation • 23 Oct 2019

Is coconut water good for you? We asked five experts

We asked five experts if coconut water is good for you. Four out of five experts said no.

The Conversation • 17 Oct 2019

Who takes care of the elderly? Findings from rural South Africa

Care facilities are often considered a last resort in South Africa. Personal care is assumed to be provided by family and household members.

The Conversation • 9 Oct 2019

No, serving sizes on food labels don't tell us how much we should eat

When a manufacturer lists a serving size on their food label, it's based on their expectations of what you'll eat, not what the dietary guidelines recommend.

The Conversation • 8 Oct 2019

The Real Dirty Dancing reduces a political film to little more than coy dance numbers

Dirty Dancing's dance sequences are stand-alone properties, famous in their own right. But when they're considered in isolation, the film's messy class, race and gender politics are sidelined.

The Conversation • 4 Oct 2019

Explainer: what is extradition between countries and how does it work?

Extradition laws are based on the idea that offenders, or alleged offenders, should not be able to evade justice by fleeing to another country. But the case of Malka Leifer shows just how difficult that can be.

The Conversation • 3 Oct 2019

Yes, we still need to cut down on red and processed meat

The advice is still to limit your red meat intake to a maximum of 500g a week. So why did some headlines tell us otherwise this week?
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