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The Conversation • 10 Sep 2019

Trust Me, I'm An Expert: what science says about how to lose weight and whether you really need to

A professor in nutrition and dietetics explains.

The Conversation • 5 Sep 2019

Kids learn valuable life skills through rough-and-tumble play with their dads

When dads engage in active play with their kids they actually help them cope better with some of the challenges they'll face in life. And no reason why mums can't join in the fun as well.

The Conversation • 2 Sep 2019

How clean is your hospital room? To reduce the spread of infections, it could probably be cleaner

If hospitals are not thoroughly cleaned, patients may be at higher risk of infection. We tested a new approach to hospital cleaning, and found it could reduce infections and save money.

The Conversation • 29 Aug 2019

The government has released its draft religious discrimination bill. How will it work?

Given the unique aspects of the proposed bill, there should be a longer consultation period to examine why religious freedoms should be prioritised over other freedoms.

The Conversation • 28 Aug 2019

The science behind diet trends like mono, charcoal detox, Noom and Fast800

Diets like mono, charcoal detox, Noom, time-restricted feeding and Fast800 are growing in popularity. Here's what the evidence says about them.

The Conversation • 26 Aug 2019

A weight loss app may be a risky way to address obesity in children

Targeting kids with a weight loss app could perpetuate body image issues and lead to disordered eating. Yes, childhood obesity is a problem – but we must tread carefully when delivering solutions.

The Conversation • 22 Aug 2019

Why full-fat milk is now OK if you're healthy, but reduced-fat dairy is still best if you're not

Low-fat milk provides no extra benefit for your heart over full-fat milk, if you're healthy. But it's too soon to pour the low-fat options down the sink.

The Conversation • 16 Aug 2019

Glamorising violent offenders with 'true crime' shows and podcasts needs to stop

True crime podcasts, series, and books have fuelled our interest in violent and dangerous perpetrators. It's time victims and their families were remembered.

The Conversation • 13 Aug 2019

Red tape in aged care shouldn't force staff to prioritise ticking boxes over residents' outcomes

Bureaucratic 'red tape' has contributed to the current crisis in our aged care system. We need a system of accountability that focuses more on residents' outcomes, and less on processes.

The Conversation • 29 Jul 2019

Some good conservation news: India's tiger numbers are going up

An exhaustive search involving 44,000 field staff, 318,000 habitat surveys and nearly 35 million photos has revealed India's tiger population is on the rise.

The Conversation • 29 Jul 2019

Young crime is often a phase, and locking kids up is counterproductive

Australia should look to the New Zealand model, which has a strong focus on community, and recognises that the majority of young people grow-out of participating in crime.

The Conversation • 25 Jul 2019

Thrash not trash 🤘: why heavy metal is a valid and vital PhD subject

For most people, the idea of academia and heavy metal coming together under a single roof represents a paradox. It's a misplaced assumption built on ingrained ideas about these two cultural forms.

The Conversation • 23 Jul 2019

It's not just the building cracks or cladding – sometimes uncertainty does even more harm

The delay in adopting a national approach to building industry reform, based on a report received more than a year ago, typifies official neglect of the impacts of uncertainty on the affected people.

The Conversation • 22 Jul 2019

Media hype and increased testing: this year's flu numbers are high, but there's more to the story

The headlines paint a picture of a frightening flu season. While this season set in earlier than usual, it's not necessarily more severe than previous years.

The Conversation • 15 Jul 2019

1 in 10 patients are infected in hospital, and it's not always with what you think

A surprising number of people are catching pneumonia or urinary tract infections in hospital, a new Australian study shows for the first time.

The Conversation • 12 Jul 2019

Looking after loved ones with mental illness puts carers at risk themselves. They need more support

People suffering from mental illness face many challenges, but we don't always notice the loved ones who do much of the caring behind the scenes.

The Conversation • 6 Jul 2019

Kadar kolesterol daging putih setara dengan daging merah. Benarkah?

Peneliti mengukur apakah lebih baik makan daging merah, unggas, atau sumber protein nabati untuk kesehatan jantung. Diet nabati pemenangnya, disusul daging merah dan daging putih yang ternyata setara.

The Conversation • 2 Jul 2019

Had gestational diabetes? Here are 5 things to help lower your future risk of type 2 diabetes

Women who have had gestational diabetes during pregnancy are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. But regular checks, a healthy diet and exercise are can help to manage this risk.

The Conversation • 20 Jun 2019

MH17 charges: who the suspects are, what they're charged with, and what happens next

Families of the 298 victims may, at last, see justice after five years.

The Conversation • 19 Jun 2019

The three things universities must do to survive disruption

Technology has disrupted the way universities offer courses, the types of skills we will need, and the duration for which we will need them. Here are three things universities must do to survive.
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