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The Conversation • 17 Jan 2022

Waves from the Tonga tsunami are still being felt in Australia – and even a 50cm surge could knock you off your feet

Australians tend to be fairly relaxed about the tsunami risk. But warnings from authorities to stay away from foreshore areas should not be ignored.

The Conversation • 17 Jan 2022

3 local solutions to replace coal jobs and ensure a just transition for mining communities

Three ‘just transition’ priorities identified by the coal-mining communities of the Hunter Valley in NSW hold lessons for the rest of Australia, and the world.

The Conversation • 5 Jan 2022

4 plant-based foods to eat every week (and why science suggests they're good for you)

As a laureate professor in nutrition and dietetics, people often ask me what I eat. Here are four plant-based foods I have on my weekly grocery list.

The Conversation • 5 Jan 2022

Noah : « Pourquoi on a le hoquet et comment s’en débarrasser ? »

Après les repas de fêtes, un peu trop copieux, tu as peut-être eu le hoquet, mais au fait, comment ça marche ?

The Conversation • 29 Dec 2021

Explainer: what is corporate social responsibility or CSR – and what do investors need to know?

Investors play an important role in pushing firms toward becoming better corporate citizens. So, what do investors need to know about corporate social responsibility?

The Conversation • 23 Dec 2021

From enormous tides to millions of shells, here are 6 unique beaches for your summer road trip

Australia has thousands of beaches which differ greatly, from huge tides to high energy to recurring sinkholes.

The Conversation • 14 Dec 2021

It's legal to buy over-the-counter cannabis in Australia – but it's still a long way from your local chemist

The TGA gave low-dose cannabis sales without prescription the green light in February. But no product has jumped through all the regulatory hoops to market yet.

The Conversation • 13 Dec 2021

Doctors are trained to be kind and empathetic – but a 'hidden curriculum' makes them forget on the job

It’s time to make caring doctors the norm, not the exception.

The Conversation • 9 Dec 2021

Can Prozac treat COVID? Perhaps, but a related drug may be better

It’s early days yet. But here’s what we know so far.

The Conversation • 29 Nov 2021

Does AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine give longer-lasting protection than mRNA shots?

There’s not enough evidence yet to support the AstraZeneca CEO’s statement. But it is theoretically plausible.

The Conversation • 26 Nov 2021

Belvoir’s The Boomkak Panto is a joyous, subversive and Australian twist on the classic Christmas tradition

Belvoir’s outrageously fun new pantomime is a celebration of modern Australia.

The Conversation • 25 Nov 2021

Concerned about overeating? Here's what you need to know about food addiction

Around one in six people report addictive patterns of eating, or addictive behaviours around food.

The Conversation • 19 Nov 2021

We can expect more COVID drugs next year. But we've wasted so much time getting here

We’ve made a few mistakes in the past two years, when it comes to developing COVID drugs. Some were obvious and could have easily been avoided.

The Conversation • 17 Nov 2021

Fair access to university depends on much more than making students 'job-ready'

Students matching the ‘traditional’ applicant’s profile see university as a stepping stone to a good job. Those from less-well-represented groups care more about higher education’s intrinsic value.

The Conversation • 16 Nov 2021

Making Australian research free for everyone to read sounds ideal. But the Chief Scientist's open-access plan isn't risk-free

The idea is publicly funded Australian research should be free for the public to read when published. But if it means taking money from universities struggling for research funding, that poses risks.

The Conversation • 8 Nov 2021

Astroworld tragedy: here's how concert organisers can prevent big crowds turning deadly

Investigations are being conducted to figure out what led to the death of eight people during a crowd surge at Travis Scott’s show.

The Conversation • 5 Nov 2021

Big Mouth, an animated series about periods, masturbation and anxiety. What's not to like?

Growing up is never easy, but visualising complex ideas can help. Animation and character design allow us to put a metaphorical mirror up to society.

The Conversation • 2 Nov 2021

'Similar to ordering a pizza': how buy now, pay later apps influence young people's spending

Instead of blaming young people for eating too many avocado toast breakfasts, we need a better understanding of the economy and society they are growing up in.

The Conversation • 27 Oct 2021

The first bisexual Bachelorette and the messy history of bisexual representation on reality TV

The new season of The Bachelorette Australia is making some historic firsts in the franchise when it comes to on-screen bisexual representation.

The Conversation • 25 Oct 2021

The US and China must find a way to cooperate at COP26 and beyond. Otherwise, global climate action is impossible

China and the US could supercharge global climate action. But if they fail to cooperate, there will be dire consequences for all.
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