Researchers launching a drone with LiDAR remote sensing equipment

News • 26 Feb 2021

Drones to predict where water pipes are at risk of bursting

With leaking and burst water pipes costing water authorities and consumers time and money, as well as wasting a precious resource, researchers at the University of Newcastle are developing drone technology to help predict which areas, and even which specific pipes, are at risk of water loss through corrosion.

researcher with apple trees

News • 18 Feb 2021

Scientists unlock potential to yield “diet” fruit

A new study has demystified sugar distribution in plants, paving the way to create low sugar or ‘diet’ fruits.

picture of researcher by a water

News • 21 Jan 2021

University microplastics research in the United Nations spotlight

Recognised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as a world-leader in microplastics research, University of Newcastle’s Dr Thava Palanisami has been invited to speak at the Geneva Beat Plastic Pollution Dialogues and showcase University of Newcastle-based research on the world-stage.

The Gay’wu Group of Women

News • 18 Dec 2020

University of Newcastle author wins major literary award

Professor Sarah Wright, a human geographer from the University of Newcastle is part of a collective of women who were joint winners of the Prime Minister’s literary awards non-fiction category.

father, mother and daughters at graduation

News • 14 Dec 2020

A graduation like no other

There is light at the end of the tunnel for 550 students who will celebrate the culmination of their studies at the University of Newcastle Callaghan graduation ceremonies this week.

Alumni Excellence Awards

News • 17 Nov 2020

Trailblazers celebrated in 2020 Alumni Excellence Awards

A world-leading researcher and advocate for Indigenous health, a 'match-maker’ for species conservationists, a 'Power 50' in the Australian music industry and the co-host of Australia’s first all Indigenous breakfast show are among the 2020 University of Newcastle Alumni Excellence recipients.

ARC Discovery Projects and Linkage Projects schemes graphic

News • 13 Nov 2020

University of Newcastle secures over $6 million in ARC funding

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has awarded the University of Newcastle more than $6 million in competitive research funding through its Discovery Projects and Linkage Projects schemes.

Host people in need of emergency housing - Airbnb screenshot

Featured story • 12 May 2020

We’re innovative when housing bushfire victims. Why not all the homeless?

With more than 3,500 homes destroyed by disastrous bushfires, the willingness of government and community to find ways to house people has been heartwarming. But what about the many more people who were homeless before the bushfires?

News • 11 Mar 2020

Cyber Security in the Aerospace and Defence Industry

Increasingly, software has become critical to aerospace and defence systems. Here comes the fundamental role of security. In fact, security should be thought of as an enabler for such systems. Specific concerns in secure software for aerospace would include unauthorized access (and use) of on-board and off-board systems (not just be users but also by other software applications and services, given that aerospace systems are essentially “systems of systems”).

Dr Kim Maud (female, wearing glasses and brown hair in a pony tail), Associate Professor Thayaparan Gajendran (male wearing glasses and dark button-up University of Newcastle shirt)and Mark Maund (male with brown hair, beard wearing blue checkered shirt)smiling in front of bushes

Featured story • 11 Feb 2020

Putting homes in high-risk areas is asking too much of firefighters

The impacts of bushfires on emergency services in New South Wales and Queensland suggests houses are being built in high-risk areas. We rely heavily on emergency services to protect people and property, but strategic land-use planning can improve resilience and reduce risk in the first place.

Image of burnt down buildings, smoke in the air, at Cobargo, NSW

Featured story • 11 Feb 2020

Before we rush to rebuild after fires, we need to think about where and how

Public support for rebuilding in the same disaster affected places is often high. But as fire-fighting agencies are aware, our bushfires are increasing in size, intensity and duration, and a warming climate will continue to worsen these factors.

News • 20 Aug 2019

University launches healthy eating website for its students

Researchers from Electrical Engineering and Computing collaborated to create 'No Money No Time', aimed at improving young adults eating habits.