Review of Academic Progress

To help our students succeed, the University regularly reviews students’ academic progress.

In particular, your faculty may determine that you are ‘at risk’ if you:

  • Failed or withdrawn from 50% or more of the units attempted in a term; or
  • Failed a course that has been identified as a compulsory program component.

If you are deemed to be at risk, you will be contacted and receive formal advice and a prompt for you to take steps to improve your academic performance.

Review of Academic Progress
If your academic progress does not improve and you have:

  • Failed or withdrawn from 50% or more of the units attempted in two consecutive terms; and/or
  • Failed for a second time a course identified as a compulsory program component;

you will be identified in the University’s formal Review of Progress process.

What happens next?
The University will ask you to explain the factors affecting your studies to allow us to recommend the best course of action for your individual circumstances. This is often referred to as a Notice to Show Cause.

For more information about the Review of Academic Progress process and who you can contact for more information, please visit the Academic Progress page.

To help keep you on track with your studies, seek help from our support services available for you:

For more details on academic progress, see the Program Management Procedure Manual - Coursework.

How we can help

There are a number of ways we can help you with your Academic Progress review. We can:

  • Help you connect with support. If you have received your first notification of Academic Performance Review, we can meet with you to review your situation and put you in touch with the right support services to help you maintain academic progress.
  • Review your statement to help you make your best case to the University.
  • Review your supporting documentation and check that it is all in order, relevant and in the correct format
  • In some situations you may be able to appeal an outcome of an Academic Progress Review. We can advise if you are eligible, and assist in the preparation of your appeal.

Get in touch with us as early as possible in the process so we have enough time to review your situation and provide the most suitable advice. Please note, getting in touch with us on the day your response is due may not give us enough time to support you!