OSA support for Remission of Fees

If you withdraw from a course, you may not have to pay course fees or you may be eligible for a remission of fees. This depends on your circumstances. You can find out more about the eligibility criteria, time limits and application process by clicking here.

How we can help

We can help you determine if you have sufficient grounds for appeal
If you’re unsure as to whether your circumstances apply, we’re happy to discuss your case with you to determine whether you have met the grounds for appeal.

We can help you co-ordinate your case
It might be appropriate to apply for a change of grade before you submit an application for remission of fees. Your application for remission of fees may be more likely to be successful if you have already had a successful change of grade. Both applications require almost identical documentation.

Help preparing your application
We can review your application and supporting material to make sure it meets all requirements and help give you the best chance for success.

Please email Office of Student Advocacy if you would like our support. Get in touch with us as early as possible in the process so we have enough time to review it, provide feedback and get it back to you. Please note: Getting in touch with us on the day it’s due may not give us enough time to support you!