Dean of Students

At UoN, we will treat you fairly and equitably. If that is not your experience then please let us know.

If you have a problem, take one of these steps to solve an issue.

If this has not worked, or you are still unsure, you can ask the Dean of Students for advice and assistance. The Dean of Students provides an independent and balanced review of student issues.

We help you to

  • address problems of an academic nature through advice, information, referral, mediation, facilitation and advocacy
  • prepare formal appeals against an allegation of misconduct, a grade, or an unsatisfactory performance review (also known as 'show cause')
  • navigate University policies and procedures such as applications or appeals.


The Dean of Students may:

  • Bring your issue to the attention of the relevant staff member or help you make contact with another University service.
  • Help you negotiate in a difficult situation or perhaps talk to a lecturer or another university staff member on your behalf.
  • Act as a support person, an intermediary or negotiator in conflict situations.
  • Refer you to the Office of Student Advocacy where our professional advocates can work with you to resolve an issue

Ask for help

Drop in You can find us upstairs in the Hunter Hub Student Services building. The office is open Monday to Friday, 9am til 5pm.

Call us on 02 4921 7820

Email the Dean of Students:

  • A description of the problem and what you have done about it so far.
  • Your email and phone contact details.

Attach any related documentation (such as emails or completed forms).

The Dean of Students office will contact you to make an appointment or to provide advice.