Adelaide Style Handbook

The University Council

Council Membership 
Council Charter (Statement of Governance including the Role of Council)

Responsibility and Liability of Council Members

Principal Dates and Meetings Schedule
Matters reserved for Council 
Urgent Business Delegations 
Deed of Indemnity and Access
Conflict of Interest Policy
Professional Development Program for Council Member Guideline 

Legislation and University Policies

University of Newcastle Act (1989) (NSW)
University of Newcastle By-law 2005
Code of Conduct
Compliance Register
Travel Policy
Guideline for Co-opted Members of Council Committees
University Computing and Communications Facilities Conditions of Use
Reimbursement of expenses for members of Council and University Advisory Bodies policy 

Council Standing Committees

Committee Memberships and Terms of Reference

Strategic Matters

Annual Report
Organisational Chart
Strategic Plan

UON Items - don't yet have a home

  • Previous meeting papers and minutes 
  • Annual Cycle of Business
  • Controlled Entities
  • Executive Membership
  • Corp Plan
  • GPP
  • Council Skills and Experience Matrix
  • Risk and Compliance Matters
  • Major Capital Projects

UniAdelaide items - not on out list of docs

  • Duties and Liabilities of Council Members
  • Policy Framework
  • TEQSA Act
  • ICAC Act
  • Voluntary Code of Best Practice for the Governance of Australian Universities
  • Protocols of appointments by the University of Adelaide to the Governing Bodies of Entities Affiliated with, or Operating to the Benefit of, the University (not including Controlled Entities)
  • Chancellors Honorarium
  • Standing orders
  • Protocol for Council Members