Internal Audit

Strategic Audit Plan

We plan a series of audits to make sure we review the areas, processes, projects, and controls that are most important to UON. These are determined from UON’s Strategic Risk Profile and are detailed in the three-year Strategic Internal Audit Plan. We evaluate the risks and possible benefits to be realised from an audit and generally give priority to higher-risk and higher-benefit projects. This three-year plan is considered and approved by the Risk Committee.

We develop a detailed and prioritised audit plan for the immediate year ahead. We plan our audits to ensure consistency with UON’s objectives, that management is getting helpful, relevant and timely information from the audit, and that relevant policies, procedures and regulations are understood and are being followed.

  • You can learn more about the reviews for 2018 here
  • You can see the reviews planned for the next three years here

Other reviews and audits

In addition to our planned reviews, we can provide audit support and advisory services right across UON. We can assist with your concerns or questions regarding reviews of systems or processes, identification of internal control processes, review of compliance obligations, review of operational procedures and potential irregularities. We can also act as a liaison for external audit interactions. We encourage you to get in touch at any time if you would like to discuss or request audit support.

How we can help you and your area

Contact us early and we can help you improve the efficiency of your operations, assist you in ensuring that you are managing your risks and help you in providing an effective and compliant service. We can help you:

  • Identify irregularities or errors
  • Highlight areas of non-compliance with regulation or policy and suggest improvements in your controls
  • Prevent loss of funding due to non-compliance
  • Offer another perspective—looking from the outside in
  • Assist you to manage risks using the right internal controls and processes
  • Get good controls built in from the get-go for new systems, processes or projects
  • Promote effective internal controls that benefit your area

What to expect from an audit

Sometimes, people can get the wrong idea about audits. We are not trying to ‘catch you out’ or point fingers at anyone, instead, we follow a systematic process and standard methodology which means you know what to expect and what’s required of you at each stage of a review. You can learn more about each audit stage and we’ve also provided answers to the questions we’re often asked.

The Risk Committee

The Assurance Services team reports to each meeting of the Council’s Risk Committee on the status of all audit work and annual Audit Plan progress. Every six months, the Associate Director will give an update on how agreed management actions (identified to address any key issues raised in an audit) are being implemented. This reporting cycle helps satisfy the Council that appropriate governance is in place and UON is operating effectively, efficiently, sustainably and compliantly.